Sunday 15 June 2014


Tannadice Park
I just got a message from Andy Clark, a Facebook friend in Dundee.

It's a worthwhile cause and I'm absolutely delighted to see that this Joint Billboard campaign is just that... it a joint effort with Dundee Fans for Yes and Dundee United Supporters for Independence Group.

I've said to Andy that I'll put the invitation up on the blog. It would be great to get a big turnout and get the message across that for all the rivalry between our two teams in Dundee, we can work together when something is this important.
Dens Park
If anyone finds themselves with a few quid spare... well, that's up to you. The aim is to take up Billboard space outside Dens and Tannadice in Dundee just before the referendum, in the first few weeks of the new season. It's a brilliant idea and is bound to turn a few heads, particularly when they see two rival teams working together with one serious aim in mind.

Here's the message:

As a member of the Dundee United Supporters for Independence Group, I would like to invite you to the launch of our Joint Billboard Campaign with Dundee Fans for Yes, on Sun 29th June, at 1pm, City Square, Dundee. For more details, click on the link and join the page to confirm your attendance: 

You can also support our campaign by contributing atP: 

We've already raised almost half of our £2200 target in 2 weeks. With your help we can reach our goal, engage the fans and make the final push for a Yes vote in September.

I would be delighted to have your support in what we're sure will be a very successful campaign in getting the Independence message across to, not just our own fans but those all over Scotland.

Here's to the first derby in an Independent Scotland.

The two parks...within a few meters of each other
Promise I'll be at the first Derby in iScotland, Andy... you can count on it.


  1. niko the hospitallerJune 15, 2014 8:25 pm


    Yeah well I am a member of The Dog & Duck darts team
    Supporters against Independence Group

    If anyone finds themselves with a few quid spare... well, that's up to you. The aim is to take up Billboard space across Aex Salmonds erse before the referendum, in the first few weeks of the new season. It's a brilliant idea and is bound to turn a few heads,


    c yor mate Tony Blair want to launch another crusade against the muslims
    bit of a fixation going on there methinks.

    anyways on reflection me and Taz are willing to go and fight and die
    fighting the muslims in the holy land (Cyrpus being a well know stop off on the way ) as long as Tonys son being old enough now Join us and we can all die
    or get hideously disfigured together.
    reckons thats fair dont you ???

    1. If you're going for covering Eck's backside you'll need a fair size billboard so I'd get out there and campaign for more money if I were you. :)

      You cheeky sod!

      Yes... the wee worm seems to be totally obsessed with killing Muslims, which is odd for a guy who got the job as Middle East peace envoy. I think if he wants to go to war he should be leading from the front. Never mind Ewan, I think HE should go, and take Cherry with him too.

      But I'm not too keen on Taz going. We need him to be here to vote YES, and to make you vote YES too!!! And he's so handsome I don't think it would be right for him to come back disfigured.

      You'd never notice with Tony, or Cherry for that matter...but Taz...

      Anyway, talking of football, are you a Hearts or a Hibs man?

    2. I watched the broadcast before that 'Shock and Awe' campaign of Bush/Blair treating it as a Christian crusade and thought the world is mad to allow these two bigots room at the top and they both need sectioned, take that how the knife cuts.

    3. I remember the dick said "crusade", and then got all upset when they said "holy war".

      I think he forgot the origin of the word crusade.

      These two are responsible for so much hate.. which of course is what you get when you go to someone's country killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and then leave the place in a much worse state than when you went in, congratulating yourself on a job well done.

      May they know no peace.

    4. You have more chance of being called up for the next crusade than getting any where near Al Iqsammin's derrière.
      I would gladly pay you to leave the country, but lack the where withal, the dug has a date with the Dentist this week and in case you do not know there is no National Health Service of any kind for dugs.

    5. LOL yes... I would hope so too.

      When Labour was in government there was hardly a dental service for humans...

  2. tris

    Costa Rica for me in the draw that is.......some chance !

    He is a worry out Tone goes to meetings with Muslim leaders and then afterwards
    try to get the Christian world to attack them all in the name of justifying the Iraqi slaughter in 2013.

    Mind when they started economic sanctions against Putins cronies some said why not putin himself to whit the reply was heads of state do not attack heads of state.
    reminds me of saladin during the third crusade saying "A king does not kill a king."

    one rule for them who rule over us and another for us pleb scum bottom feeders

    1. Nothing wrong with Costa Rica Niko. The do a very nice coffee.

      I have a feeling our Tone will come to a bad end. In the meantime he's a very comfortably off man who goes around the world spouting off and talking rubbish. He should be in the Hague in my opinion... if not in a nut house.

      Viva la Costa Rica....

    2. He does indeed Tris, him and his (not) buddy Broon, nae relation I may add. I wonder if Alistair just feels unloved and left out of the speaking circuit never having been even a failed PM. Though I believe he does make some money telling folk how to fail.

    3. He makes a fortune Helena. Don't waste you sympathy on Flipper. He might have been a bit useless with OUR money, but he's not so bad with his own.

  3. Meant to add good luck to both the Dundee teams in their Billboard campaign.

    1. they are gonna need it

    2. Thanks Helena...

      You're a miserable old git, Niko. :) As it goers, we're more than half way there now.

  4. Tris

    Dens Theatre of Dreams Park below Tannadump, thats not very nice :)


    1. Nah, Bruce . This is a time when we are all pulling together. Rivalry set aside while we take on a far more formidable foe. The british Empire. One had to go on top, one underneath... it's not important for this cause.


    2. As long as Scotland comes out on top.

  5. Good luck to the Dundee teams,their fans are already winners.

  6. Replies
    1. yeah right... guaranteed by that lot...