Sunday, 1 June 2014


If we choose dependence in September our NHS will continue to be, as it has always been, completely independent of and separate from the other systems in the UK. 

However, what happens in the not too distant future may be a little different.

The most likely scenario is that the Conservatives will return to power, possibly in coalition with the few Liberals that remain, possibly with Nigel Farage, and a new leader, (Theresa May or Boris Johnson?); privatisation will continue apace and of course a smaller proportion of money will be spent on NHS England, meaning that a smaller amount will be given to the governments of the Celtic countries to pay for their NHS.

In the event of a Labour government in England controlling the NHS, the Health spokesman, Andy Burnham, has already said that it would be best of health services were uniform across the UK countries. 

Now seriously, given that as a policy, does anyone think that the entire NHS England will be able to, or have a will to, get out of contracts with Virgin and all these American and South African companies who are now buying up the English system? Or would you think it more likely that the small Celtic countries' systems will be obliged to come into line with England's system?

The Scottish government would resist this at all costs, you may say. And that would be true if that Scottish government were guaranteed forever to be run by a centre left party with a belief in universality. But the SNP cannot realistically be in government forever. And certainly not as a majority government in a system which was designed to produce coalitions. 

No other party believe in universality.

A Labour government in Scotland would hardly be likely to refuse to do the bidding of the Labour government in England. Even with a reasonably strong Liberal partner they tended to fold their tents to Tony Blair... With no noticeable Liberal party left in Scotland, what would happen?

Do we want a privatised health service? Do we want homeless people to be excluded from the service? Do we want people with chronic conditions to be marginalised? Do we want the elderly to be left to die without treatment?

We need to think seriously about what the future holds. The vote in September is more than idiotic arguments about barbed wire fences across borders or petty officials making life difficult in the EU or Nato. 

It's also about whether you end your life with an NHS looking after you, or left to die in misery because you can't afford the drugs or the care you need...and have paid for all your life.


  1. Tris

    I have mentioned this in a few blogs and tried to get people ti understand how barnett works and why Labour in Scotland never ever discuss this when it comes up. We will see cuts in health spending if we vote no, England will have back door private health insurance wether they like it or not it is coming. Of course Labour know perfectly well it will cut the scottish budget and don't mention it, Lamont is probably all for it as she wants Scottish services to be as poor as English ones, she has said it. People would have this information if the msm were honest.


    1. What I thought was the most frightening thing was that despite taking taxes from everyone to pay for this, the government in the form of the Secretary of State for Health, no longer has any repsonsibility to ensure that people are treated.

      The government can simply wash its hands of it and say... Not our fault. By law it is nothing to do with us.

      What kind of a country is that?

  2. We must get away from this union. The whole political system is goosed thanks to the idiots who run this country. Thank god for the referendum and a way out.

    It was sad to watch that video. It still rankles me that the English can allow this to go on. Why don't they get off their arses and do something . When Scotland leaves the rUK they are in for a big shock losing over 10% of their income and the safety net of North Sea Oil.

    As for Lamont and the labour party in Scotland. They have dug a hole which they will never get out of . The Scots are waking up and see the SLAB for what it is. As for J. Lamont . she is fast becoming the most hated face in Scottish politics. Her days are getting shorter and after Sept she will have no where to go. A nasty despicable liar and puppet for a tory govt.


    1. "Goosed" is a bit mild, Yesguy. But given that souls of a delicate nature may be reading this, we will go with "goosed", with the added rider of apologies to geese everywhere.

      I'm trying to work out which one of the m I dislike most. It's hard work.

      Alexander D and Alexander D are pretty near the top of the list. The there's Curran and her vinegar face, Baillie and her shaking head, Darling and his...well, I usually fall asleep before I found out what it is that annoys me about him, Murphy and his rent deal over his house, Lamont and her vacant stare (and the new super blonde look that makes her look like a ghost. Gordon Brown pretending that he was ever any kind of politician, and not responsible for the biggest mess in 80 years+

      They are probably all Tories but of all of them Danny Alexander is the worst.

      A little man who never expected to be anything, suddenly in government because the Tories couldnt make it on their own; then propelled into the treasury to be George Osborne's sock puppet. An absolute no mark promoted way above his level of competence. And a liar to boot.

  3. Commendable comment.

    It is vital matters like this that need to be brought to the fore for the next 4 months to allow our fellow countrymen and women to consider the serious consequences of voting against Scotland

    1. Thanks Ian.

      We need to make people understand that our whole way of life is being changed by Cameron and Miliband wont do anything to change it.

      It's not about borders or visiting your aunt in Newcastle.

      It's about our whole lives being Americanised.

  4. If we don't take this opportunity for the future of our children, we will only have ourselves to blame. Just stop and think why the No camp dread us going it on our own, the whisky factor alone is worth a small fortune to them. They have nothing to compare.

    1. YOur'e right we MUST do it... otherwise we are screwed.