Wednesday, 4 June 2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS... which Lamont can't remember her name, or Eck's but does recall how much she hates him, Ed Milly gives us all a V sign,  Maggie and Anas's smile gets stuck on their faces as the wind changes, Dave and Ed are over the hill Danny Alexander is found to be the sorcerer's apprentice... and the Orange Order organise a dance in a pen (funny lot)...
Would you just look at these two...?
Well Jo, that's all you appear to say. If someone asked you directions to
Waverley Station you'd manage to get in something negative about AS.
You tell the English, dear. Just try to remember that in the days of internet
there's a relatively good chance that we'll hear about it too.
Nothing nasty or evil about that, is there?
Beezer: You have to love the " cymbals", and they appear
to be having some sort of Pen Dance. Something in happening
 'In de pen dance'. Weird.
But hey, I'm cheered that we will be losing their queen if
Alex Salmond gets in de pen dance. If he gets back out of it,
will we get their queen back?
And what's all this about no more parades?
Serious stuff. Looks like the future is not Orange!
We certainly are, Davie boy.  Stab stab!
Fancy the Tories being dishonest.
Surely some mistake.

As George Bush very nearly managed to say: Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Sometimes you forget that the Liberals exist.
Then, like a bad dream, you realise that Danny Alexander is still around
Still he's not really a Liberal, is he. More GIdiot's batman.
Erm.... Northern Ireland anyone?
Better than your usual efforts Dave. The words
you are looking for are "Yes Frau Merkel, Ma'am".
Oh, let's get the Jelly Fish. He's much more interesting.

There'll be a blue Rolls over
The white cliffs of Dover
Tomorrow (push lads)
Then we will be free.


  1. I am fairly sure I am for independence, not independance.

    1. Yes, I thought that I could agree with them about the In de pen dance.

      If I'm going to a dance anywhere its not going to be in de pen.

      And I'm not that worried about cymbals either. I'm more of a heavy beat person. cymbals don;t cut it for me.

      Still, if you're marching with a bowler hat, towards the pen for a dance...I suppose they may have their uses.

      Who knows?


    2. Just noticed (having read Marcia's comment over on Wings) that they haven't spelled Salmond correctly either...

      And when I come to think about it. I don't think that we are expecting Alex Salmond to get independence or even dance... We were hoping for the whole of Scotland to get it.

      Boom Boom...

  2. The first picture must be Curran and Sarwar's graduation photo from the Jim Murphy School of Sincerity. Looks like they got First Class Honours.

    1. LOL Iain.

      Honours graduation for learning sharp elbowedness. How to rent out the property you known in London, and rent another property to live in, to maximise your earnings!

  3. I have been feeling decidedly grumpy today, just had too much of the BBC and considering I am normally in either the kitchen or out in the garden with his Royal Highness that is a wonder. Just thoroughly fed up with having what intelligence I have been left with insulted but never fear came on here, and got my usual laugh at the world, so between you, Paul and Stu, things are a wee bit brighter.

    1. I'm glad you've been cheered up Helena. Flattered to be in the same company as Paul and Stuart.

      I particularly like the one from the "Oragne Orerd" with Salmon and his cymbals in de Pen dance.

      And their photy of the Queen seems to be 50 years out of date.

    2. I would say her grace has definitely aged. Have you noticed that the BT types are all rude, cannot spell or use a spell checker worth a damn. I was lurking on WOS twitter page this morning and someone from the dark side posted and all I can say is why did he, and he was apparently male, even bother. Rude disgustingly so.

    3. Oh !Helena how cud yew say such a ting

    4. Say Wot Noki?

      The queen has aged?

      Or that you guys from the black side can't spell?


  4. Wales'own Ukipper, first to be rumbled.

    Much more to come, by the way.

    It has emerged that Mr Gill, who lives in Anglesey, was a director of a number of family businesses that owned property and provided care services on contract to Hull City Council in Yorkshire.
    He yesterday confirmed he had employed “dozens” of immigrants from new EU countries like Poland and others from the Phillipines. He also said he had provided “bunkhouse” accommodation for employees and others who had migrated from eastern Europe.
    One of Ukip’s major campaign policies at the recent election was its opposition to unlimited migration from other EU countries.
    Mr Gill said: “We employed people from overseas because we could not find local workers to do the jobs. We had a care home of our own, but mostly our workers were employed on home care contracts we had with Hull City Council and other organisations. The workers were paid more than the minimum wage, but not massively more.
    “The amount we could afford to pay was determined by the amount of money we received from the council.
    “Working in care is quite tough and we had a big turnover of staff. The bunkhouses were temporary accommodation we offered to people coming from overseas until they could get something more permanent. We charged £50 a week inclusive of electricity to people who would be earning between £200 and £300 a week. I wish I had that proportion of spending money left after paying my mortgage.”

    1. So, I suspect that dozens is probably hundreds, if not thousands.

      Largely, in my experience, Eastern European workers will put up with harsh working conditions and horrible jobs, becasue they HAVE to be working.

      So people were being paid minimum wage (or just above) which of course they complain keeps wages for decent British workers down). And they paid tax on their £200-£300. And NI. and then they paid £50 a week for bunkhouse accommodation.

      His salary twill now be £80,000+ a year. I wonder what kind of mortgage he has?

      Still, at least he does live in Wales. Our kipper lives in Kensington, from where obviously he manages to have a keen insight into the lives of the average punter in Easterhouse.

    2. Pleased to be able to tell you that we have one lady from St Petersburg working as a manager in our local Aldi along with at least a couple of young girls from Poland. They at least get more than minimum wage. They probably have to do what most of the folk in retail have to do and rent here.

    3. Aldi pay a bit better than most of the supermarkets, but you have to be prepared to work REALLY hard. No slacking; no down time at all. Deliveries now; till now; fill shelves now; mop up spills now; stocktake now; deal with returns now; sort shoplifters now...

      No difference whether you are the manager or the new person. No matter whether you are male or female.

      German system of doing things.

    4. Bought my Kitchen from a German Kitchen Manufacturer, Schuler I think, would have to check with my Kitchen Guy. They do work hard but they do not work all the hours god sends as they do here. Nobody within this company whether you simply sell from them is allowed to work Sundays and they get paid generous pensions at the end unlike here, where the modus operandi is to diddle people out of the miserable pensions they get.
      Actually they employ an elderly gentleman in my store to do the cleaning up. I would agree with you they are and do work very hard, but then we Scots were also known the world over for the same.

  5. He does live in Wales, but has moved there from guess where. I wonder if he is learning the language of the Island's indigenous inhabitants? I also wonder how being a Mormon (Gill) stands with Farage's public consumption of booze and fags.

  6. Gill lives on Anglesey.

    1. I'd not imagine that he's learning the language. I believe there have been problems in some parts of Wales where Welsh is compulsory at school and where sometimes the education is partly delivered in Welsh.

      Incomers sending children to school have complained that they don;t want their children to waste their time learning the local language.


      I wonder about the drink and fags. I suppose people weigh up what is important to them, and being a mormon maybe part of his life, but getting foreigners out of the UK and the UK out of Europe is more important to him than accepting his boss is a boozy ashtray!

      I see the Mirror caught Nigel with a strange lady at 3 in the morning and splashed it all over their front page. with "U Kip alone Nigel?"

      Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke!

  7. First Minister announces judge-led inquiry into Edinburgh tram project

    yeah he needs too seeing as its all the snp maladministration which is
    and will be found at fault, still Alex hopes ??? this will close down any
    deserved criticism of the snp .......hard luck there nats

    1. Well it wasn't, was it.

      The government in 2007 decided that it would scrap the plans for trams. Parliament voted against them and they were forced to allocate the money that Labour had set aside for the project.

      Edinburgh council were warned that the government would provide that money and no more. After all, it really wasn't a high priority to put trams in Edinburgh to replace buses.

      From what I can see Edinburgh council and the company they employed to sort it out made the most almighty mess of running it.

      It has cost Edinburgh a fortune because of incompetent management.

      Don't know exactly why it was the government's maladministration, Niko.

    2. Crikey Niko do you need a history lesson yet again. Edinburgh Trams were pushed through by your friendly Unionist Parties when the money was wanted to dual the A9 by the then minority SNP administration. Just think how much more use 500million might have done, but then this was not the concern of Labour, they already had got their pockle (loot) out of it in the usual form of brown envelopes.
      I would reckon that once the Judge is done with this enquiry it should turn it's sights on the our very own Tammany Hall in Glasgow.

    3. Bless him. In Niko's world the SNP is to blame for everything from the deluge to Charlie's big ears.

  8. It seems that the Better Together group are endorsing UKIP, the OO, BNP or any oyher organisation to fight the Yes campaign methinks they really are getting desperately worried that they are losing this big time.

    1. Imagine being in bed with UKIP, BNP and the Orange Order.

      The shame of it. Nutters all.

      I doubt if that's the way to recruit new members... come along and join us... hear our speakers Messrs Griffin, Farage and some nut job in a bowler hat.

  9. It looks like Niko's English teacher was the Great Educator, Johann Lamont, but there's always time to learn. Most council have courses in basic literacy.

    1. Hi Shona... The odd thing about Niko is that he's rather quick to pick me up on the occasions when I refer to Mrs Tahtcher. Of course maybe he has a feeling of brotherhood with her. Him being a new Labour man.

  10. “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”
    ― Lewis Carroll, AKA Alex jong eck

    shona c

    ho ho ho so funnee ! not

    1. You see Shona...even he admits he is batshit mad!

      Fortunately his dog is quite sensible, and Mr Brownlie tells me Mrs Niko is a delight.