Friday 6 June 2014



So, according to this letter on Labour for Independence Facebook page, North Briton, Gordon was wheeled out to make a speech for Better Together Alone, and apparently refused to take any questions, not because of lack of time in his busy schedule, but because he wanted to sell books.

It seems to me that speaking on the referendum is a commercial opportunity for Gordon. Grubby New Labour Neolib moneymaker with no time for the concerns of plebs and frightened to have to justify his right wing agenda to proper Labour people.

Hope no one bought it.


  1. "Hope no one bought it."

    It's a weak argument based on misrepresented statistics, inaccurate assertions and meaningless rhetoric like "punching above our weight". Course no-one bought it. Oh, you mean the book :-)

    Does Munguin have any views on LegoGate?

    1. LOL.

      Munguin doesn't know anything about LegoGate. He instructed me to Google it, but all I could come up with was how to build a gate using Lego. Munguin was not amused.

    2. How many hot dogs would a Lego gate cost?

    3. I'll take a stab at 4 billion. + or - 10

    4. Well Conan if you were asking how many Hot Dogs could a hot dog eat, I would say around twenty then he would get sick, he unfortunately broke a tooth so is not available for mauling presently.

  2. Tris

    Not surprised by this at all given that Bitter Together have done everything possible to shut down debate and avoid presenting honest facts. They are only interested in lies, more lies, and spin such as how they have milked Obamas comment today, aided by the BBC as usual and no mention of the european comments as they might just be uncomfortable.

    Brown is finished, Labour haven't accepted it yet but like the Liberals they are on the way out now. Last nights by-election shows how much people trust them and everyone in Scotland should be taking note. It is a Tory / UKip Government next year.


    1. I've managed to miss all BBC today... indeed all news today, as I imagine it would all be about that fool Cameron strutting around like a bloody peahen pretending he's the equal of Mr Obama, and more important than everyone else,

      I think it was a bit of a mistake for a president of a country that broke away from an unfair, unreasonable Britain by violent means to express any kind of discouragement to a country trying to do the same thing by peaceful means.

      I shouldn't think, with respect to Mr Obama that it will make the slightest odds to the average Scot... I simply cannot imagine anyone saying... Oh, mustn't vote for independence; Mr Obama wouldn't like it.

      What it has done among some hitherto Obama admirers is make them disappointed with him.

      At the end of the day Mr O, you don't have to live under the moronic governments that Westminster produces. Until you do...butt out.

      Gordon Brown is a loser. He was a crap chancellor; he was an abysmal politician. He oversaw a complete melt down in our economy despite having told us that he had ended boom and bust. Only a person with a degree in history would be likely do do that.

      I can't think of one redeeming feature of that man.

      Why Labour seem to hold him in any esteem at all is beyond me. He's failed at everything he's ever done. And he's permanently been in the shadow of Blair, who for all his multitude of faults, was a far cleverer politician than him.

    2. I wrote a big answer to you Bruce, and the computer lost it. Blogger sucks.

      I’ve avoided all news today. I can’t bear to see that half witted peahen strutting around pretending he matters. Sucking up to everyone. The only thing that was interesting was that the Liberals came last again!

      Obama has a bit of a cheek as the leader of a country that broke away from overbearing, overtaxing unfair unreliable warmongering nut case Britain, by violent means, criticising a country that may wish to do the same by peaceful means.

      I imagine this will have made little difference to the outcome. I mean how many people are voting with a mind to what President Obama wants? Who cares? By the same measure, I imagine that Mr Obama doesn’t give a stuff that there are a lot of people who used to respect him, who feel just a little disappointed that he got involved. It’s not his business.

      Why is it that people keep telling us it’s nothing to do with them, but then putting their 2p worth in?

      As for Brown. You can tell that as an economist he has a degree in history. Although you would have thought that even an historian would have known that you cannot end boom and bust. It’s a bit like turning a base metal into gold.

      Gordon Brown was a failure as a chancellor. He created a massive boom. He can blame it on the world economy and, as he tried to, on America, but Canada is far more connected economically with America than Britain is, and yet, they managed to avoid the mess that Britain got into. He was a complete joke as a prime minister. There simply hasn’t been a worse one. He isn’t even very good at making money after being a PM, mainly because he’s a boring old git. And he clearly doesn’t want to be bothered answering any queries about what he says at these lectures and would rather sell his boring book.

      He’s a joke.

    3. Oh... it turned up anyway... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    4. I had a bit of bother adding this, so I think you are overworking blogger, or I should say we are.
      I cannot understand how the better than average person still supports Labour, I can understand the not so bright, I have got Cara Hilton to tolerate because of them. Brown has an ego the size of his big clunking fist, so I don't think you could make a mark on him, but he won't even let anyone try.

  3. Should the ex-politician not stand down, as he never represents his constituency and, I believe, is a useless self aggrandising, self seeking twat. Not to mention, ineffectual ex-primeminister and Chancellor, robber of pensions, aider of war criminals and pedellar of lies and shite books.


    1. Sums him up.

      Yes he should step down and let a politician get his job, but he's a greedy bastard so he won't.

  4. Both Brown and Darling are corrupt Labour con men and should both be in court for their fraudulent actions over what they did.

    Darling’s reputation shredded over lost £50bn – revelations in new book


    Ian Fraser a leading business journalist and broadcaster has clearly produced an in-depth investigative body of work that lays bare the plethora of mistakes made by the Brown / Darling Government in the lead up to the banking collapse. A theme running through the book is that, not only was the rescue package flawed, but the current Westminster Government seems unable to manage the situation in a way that looks likely to provide a return for the UK taxpayers.

    Over-reliance on the volatile financial sector and a blind belief in trickle-down economics took our country to the brink and saddled it with a massive debt burden for generations to come. When the architects of this horrendously flawed “City of London” economic policy ask you to trust that they and not the people of Scotland are best placed to manage Scotland’s finances, just remember it was Brown and Darling who promised you that they had ended the cycle of boom and bust.

    Darling and Brown were wrong then and they are wrong now.

    1. They have no record to stand on. They were both utterly out of their depth and they cost us billions.

      BBC ain't gonna report that though, are they?

  5. how on earth does that man get away with just turning up and pissing on everyone with his bullshit. He's a liability for the NO team , they have no idea what a plonker the rest of us think of him.
    If this is all the BT mob have then roll on the 18th sept . We can put the old bugger on a plinth and thank him for helping the independence movement.
    Every time he opens his mouth , another YES vote sorted.

    Pa Broon . We the people of Scotland salute you , doddering old sh*t



    1. Plinth?

      I'd sooner put him on a plank.. and make him walk it.

      He cost us billions with his half wittedness.

      End to boom and bust? Moron.

    2. Me too, I would have a cutlass at his back to ensure he did so speedily.

  6. Why buy his book? It will be in the discount bookshops for 50 pence soon. Even then it is overpriced.

    1. I love political biographies Marcia. All sorts from Alan Clark to Peter Mandelson.

      I drew the line at Maggie Thatcher after reaching page 75 of her first book. I had worked out that for the rest of the trilogy she would be right about everything, and everyone else would be wrong (apart perhaps from dear Ronnie).

      I would have Brown in the same category. At 50p it would be a tad on the expensive side for me.

      I may get it, unread, for 10p in a second hand shop one day.

  7. There's a devastating account of Alastair Darling and Gordon Brown's incompetent handling of the British economy by Journalist Ian Fraser in a new book out today.

    Business for Scotland have done an excellent review of Ian Fraser's book at

    1. Thanks M...

      I expect that won't get the usual publicity that an explosive book like that deserves.

      The BBC and the unionist papers can be guaranteed to hush it up.

  8. niko batshit madJune 06, 2014 9:32 pm


    Another hate fest against pro union Scottish Labour politicians
    and of course a President of the USA. My how the hated enemy's
    of the snp/nats multiply by the day .Err! outside of the snp clan do
    have any friends ??? or like acquaintances that you dont despise.

    1. Niko... if they didn;t blether such a lot of crap I wouldn';t criticise them.

      Gordon refused to answer any questions even from Labour supporters.

      He did however sell copies of his book.

      Sounds like he's a greedy grubby little man who is scared stiff of having his lecture put under any kind of analysis .

    2. Dearest Niko, we have you to ensure we know we are in the right camp. Not camping it up with some fool like Broon who I unfortunately share a surname. Thankfully we are not related though my Husband and Broon's brother have the same name.
      For someone so smart he was not smart enough to ask for help when he should have realised he was well out of swimming depth.

  9. I can't let you dismiss Gordon's claim to have ended boom and bust in such an offhand way.

    Of course he did. And ever since we've had bust all the way.

    1. Well, OK, he got it half right Weegie... He abolished BOOM... unless of coursed we are talking the BOOM that might happen if the nukes go off.... hmmmm.