Wednesday 25 June 2014


Scottish Government

Alistair Darling, MP, PC
The Labour Party
House of Commons

June, 2014

Dear Alistair,

I am writing to ask if we can change the date of our debate.

As I am sure you will understand, the period of the Commonwealth Games will be extremely busy for members of the Scottish government.

There will be many Commonwealth guests in Glasgow and Edinburgh during this time including High Commissioners, heads of government, heads of state and many businessmen. As you can imagine I am hoping to have as many meetings as possible with these dignitaries in order to promote Scotland and Scottish products to them hopefully to the benefit of Scotland regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

I would be happy to rearrange the debate for after the Games. 

As your organisation, Better Together and the most senior serving UK minister in Scotland have pointed out, you have indicated that you are available at any time, in any place to debate this important matter with me, I am sure that you will be able to fit a debate, after the Games, into your busy parliamentary and constituency schedules.

I look forward to your positive reply.

Kind regards



  1. Sounds about as unreasonable as being called the daughter-in-law of Pat Lally was "deeply, horribly offensive"

    So I suppose we can expect another week of the MSM hounding the author and calling for his resignation.

    It's so nice having an impartial press, isn't it?

    1. Yep. Thank god for a fair and reasonable press.

      And thank god from a decent and flexible head of BT, NoT, Ukok, etc, who is prepared to debate anytime anyplace...

  2. According to STV, the First Minister's office indicated his preference was for a debate with Prime Minister David Cameron. However, Mr Salmond accepted that, should Mr Cameron decline to participate, he would agree to a debate with Mr Darling after the Commonwealth Games, which concludes on August 3rd.

  3. How dare Alex Salmond change the date of his debate, surely this is a flogging offence, or at the very least an he should serve six months in HMP Barlinnie, how dare he upset poor wee Alistair Darling, who had all his lying questions ready on the back of his hand, INTERPOL should be called in to get to the bottom of this very very very serious matter.

  4. What's changed? Mr Darling's pants of course, skidmarks are one thing but, non- controllable eye brows and lids are another.

    1. Poor Alistair.

      You really just feel slightly sorry for him

  5. Ah, good old Alistair Darling, or as we all know him now A.A. Darling. (that's Any time Any Where Darling!)

    The man with NO clout.
    The man with NO clue.
    The man with NO credibility.
    The man with NO common sense.
    The man with NO answers.
    The man with NO hope.
    The man with NO power.
    The man with NO chance.
    The man with NO friends.

    HE demands the First Minister debates with him on July 6th. Hmm what part of " You do NOT make any demands on the F.M. it's the OTHER way round FOOL!"

    1. Oh is that the latest, Arbroath.

      Last time I looked it was the 16th or nothing; now it's the 6th.

      Alex does have a country to run, of course, while Alistair only has loads of books to sell.

    2. My mistake Tris it is the 16th, I just got so confused by the NO NO NO man from the NO thanks party. LOL

    3. Oh right Arbroath. I thought maybe Ali had changed his mind.

      Apparently, although the press is making much of it, the date was never agreed by either side.

      Fuss about nothing.

  6. no doubt if Alistair had asked for a date change and Alex refused
    you lot would be screaming from the roof tops how frit Alistair
    was.....etc etc

    what bloody two faced hypocrites you nats really are !!!
    and the people can see it

    1. Niko...he went on and on about anytime, anywhere.

      But it seems that unless its at the exact time that he wants it it isn't anytime at all.

      Seriously the FM can't just drop everything for Alistair Darling.

      He's not the Queen.

    2. Niko A.A. Darling is a nobody.

      He is NOT the P.M.
      He has NO power over anything
      He is NOT in the ruling Tory coalition
      He can NOT say what will happen after a NO vote
      He has NO say in agreeing anything with F.M.
      He can NOT make any promises
      He can NOT stop the bedroom tax
      He can NOT stop ATOS, or its replacement, from killing thousands
      He can NOT stop the increasing use of foodbanks
      He can NOT stop increasing numbers of people ending up in poverty
      He can NOT stop bonkers bankers and their bonuses
      He can NOT stop the threats to our SCOTTISH NHS from W.M.
      He can NOT stop the threats to our SCOTTISH education system from W.M.
      He can NOT stop the threats to our SCOTTISH legal system from W.M.
      He can NOT stop the cuts imposed by W.M. to the Brussels supplied ‘convergence uplift for OUR farmers
      He can NOT stop the denial to OUR West Coast oil by W.M.
      He can NOT remove Trident from the Clyde

      Mind you I am open to any suggestion that you might have Niko as to what A.A. Darling CAN actually do...except flip his house of course.

      The only thing A.A. Darling can say is we are better together but is totally incapable of actually giving any evidence of this.

    3. Pot, Kettle and Black rearrange into well know phrase or saying Niko.
      Still here I see, do you need help packing, I will consider it as a pleasure to assist you, Very good at it, moved 10 times so far in my life not including the once I did with my parents.

  7. Alex does have a country to run,

    More a God than a mere mortal..what a weird lot you are turning into

  8. Well... that's his job Niko.

    Dave Cameron's is running the UK.

    Alistair Darling's is being a Labour MP (and selling books and doing after dinner speaking engagements).

  9. The indyref debate between Salmond & Darling close to collapse as both sides tantrums short-change electorate.

    All I can say is, can't both parties not see how they are showing total contempt for the electorate?
    Grow up the pair of you. The public deserve this debate. Stop the posturing. No more games.

    1. Dean, Politics is all about games and getting the better of each other. Most politicians lack ability to do much else. Mr Darling is hoping that Mr Salmond will now go away or that he can get his pals in the BBC to fix it so he has no embarrassing questions, like why Mr Darling did you resign for the Faculty of Advocates just before they examined your behaviour, if you had nothing to hide?

    2. I'm not sure now what is the right story about this.

      Frankly it's a bit of a wast e of time a debate between Darling and Salmond, but it is better than nothing, and I agree that they should sort out a date, and remember who pays their bloody enormous salaries.

      Some respect from politicians is well overdue.