Monday 9 June 2014



  1. Bravo that man, did not miss and hit the wall. I would say that Mr Smith has a brass neck and a head to match.

    1. They looked at the mess they were in, banker crooks, thieving Mps, corrupts lords and lying royals... and they said: We can't blame any of these people. They are our people.

      So they blamed the people that are the easiest to blame. The unemployed, the sick and disabled, the elderly and the immigrants.

      They don;t care how many of them die. If they did they would revise their policies. They don;t care how many children are born into grinding poverty. Their children are born to ponies and skiing trips in Switzerland.

      They tell us we can;t afford benefits for all... including people who have paid all their lives for them,. They tell us we can't afford a health service.

      But what we can't afford is bankers; what we can't afford is thieving politicians and royals who seem to think they need 5 places to live in.

      What we can;t afford are nuclear weapons and a seat on the security council.

      Our debt is enormous. It is unpayable and every second it goes up by more than some people earn in a year.

      The estimated liabilities are close to £5 trillion... and they blame everyone and anyone except the people who are responsible for it.

      They are beneath contempt. I despise them.

    2. Which words you use to describe something has power, and the Tories have tried to harness that by renaming Social Security as Unemployment Benefit.

      Please don't let them control the terms of the debate. This example is part of their demonisation of the unemployed.

    3. niko batshit madJune 09, 2014 5:19 pm


      It is called capitalism no matter what political party is in power
      the result will aways be the same...the poor get poor the rich get rich

      you can run but you cant hide from capitalism not even in
      a Independent Scotland especially in a independent Scotland.

      “Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!”

      vote snp and in the end slowly but surely you end up
      with a Scottish Iain Duncan Smith.

      after all Alex has said he will sign up to Osborne's agenda
      to keep the English pound.

    4. I can't think of anyone in Scottish politics in Labour or the SNP who is even vaguely as awful as that cretin, Niko.

      Not even Jim Murphy, or Michael Martin.

    5. It's difficuot to find words to describe them or him.

      Mind you, for a bit of a laugh they had the House Elf and kinky Tessy in the House of Commons this afternoon, and to keep them for tearing each others hair out, they put Pickles between them.

      They could see each other round him, never mind get their hands on each other.

      By way of another laugh I see that Gove wants to teach British values in Eng;lish schools... so that's Greed, Xenophobia, Superiority, Class consciousness, Sucking up to America... Hatred of the poor, the sick and the old, Detestation of the unemployed and the foreigners, EUrophobia.... any others anyone can think of?


    The unionist Daily Record won't be happy about this. What's the betting there will be a sudden rush of no votes all coming from the same place?

  3. I see Sky News are doing their utmost to push the NO vote out bunch of Muppets.

    Jeez, I've just heard that useless Kay Burley say that a 60% - 65% vote for YES would leave the country divided. Aye that's right Kay spread the FEAR you're doing a grand job for Project Fear!

    Oh Oh she has just noticed the Clansman arriving in Oban. Gosh it's a FERRY! well I never those too wee, too poor too stupid Scots actually have FERRIES!

    1. We've got electricity too... and roads... :)

      So... they are expecting a 60-65% vote for yes?


      The country is divided, and it will be divided after the vote, as it always was into those who want independence and those who don;t.

      The UK divided into those who vote Labour and those who vote Tory.

      It's divided into those who those who like and those who hate Europe

      It's divided into those who like going to war for America adn those who don't.

      Oh and a thousand other things

      It's a divided country.Like those who can afford to eat and those who can't; those who have homes and those who don't...

      The UK has managed this all by itself.

  4. I loved the embarrassed silence of the audience listening to how it REALLY is and not one of them attempted to silence that man because they all knew he spoke the truth.

    1. Yes, followed by polite titter, as posh people don;t quite know how to handle a breach of protocol.

      I'm surprised one of dracula's heavies didn't strong arm the man from the room.

      You're not allowed to disagree with british Cabinet Ministers.

      Jack Straw anyone?


    Can't for the life of me believe he's allowed to speak here. This shameful sod abuses the weak and infirm. Takes a system costing 25 billion and after countless hundreds of folk saying it won't work , drops it for a new idea.
    Ian Duncan Smith is a leech , in my book the very worst mp ever. Thatcher is preferable, at least you know what to expect from that old cow (rip) (that ROT)

    Well done to the speaker for shouting the baldy twat down . Your not on your own sir. We'll only have to put up with this for another 100 days then IDS and the whole westmidden can see how well they manage the rUK without Scottish oil and Scottish whisky .

    Absolutly hate the man.

    1. Agree with all that. They are a repugnant rapacious lot, but the very worst of them is this lazy lying failure of a man.

      He's never succeeded at anything, but he must have powerful friends somewhere, because with his intellect and abilities he should have been flushed down the toilet years ago.

      Must be his wife's father.

      I'd take pleasure in refusing him entry to Scotland.

      Unwanted alien.

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    1. Fits him like a glove, doncha think?