Thursday 26 June 2014

I was wondering....


  1. Question 1: Where the police right to pursue Rebecca Brooks to trial, given it has cost the taxpayers millions only to see her totally acquitted?

    Question 2: Is Call-me-Dave apology for employing a now-convicted criminal in No10 enough to bail him out?

    All I know is both the metropolitan police and call-me-Dave are further discredited. If I had thought either party could sink any lower, I'd never have believed it.

    Just how many scandalous revelations of either Met corruption allegations, or Cameronian misjudgements can we tolerate?

    1. What, you expected the system to apply to friends of the PM?


    2. Hello Dean. Not seen you for a long time. I hope you are well.

      The whole trial has cost the English taxpayer (I assume, as it was pursued by English law) over £100 million.

      Of course people have to try to have faith that the system is fair, but frankly I have always doubted it.

      For a start, if you can afford the legal team you can get away with a great deal that would be impossible for ordinary people. Mr Murdoch was paying for the Brooks' defense.

      My question would be...Mrs Brooks was for, some of the time, the editor, and for some of the time the managing editor, of the organisation that printed these stories.

      For a relatively young woman, that is quite a senior job, with a very efficient and ruthless organisation. She must be a ruthless smooth operator.

      The notion that she didn't realise that these scoops that they were getting on a weekly basis, from inside the palace, from phones of dead girls, and from the telephone messages of what passes for celebrities and "stars", were just falling into their hands... like teardrops from heaven is as believable and Noddy Goes to Toytown.

      But not once did she investigate?

      She just asked...where did you get that story; and they said, don't worry Becky, it is all ok. Just go buy yourself another pair of shoes.

      And the legal teams never suggested to her that she investigate, and the Murdochs just accepted these fantastic strokes of luck that they had every week...

      Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Yeah. That would take a real dim sort.

      But she is a ruthless businesswoman. To get where she got she must be made of steel, and not in the least bit stupid.

      I image that Coulson was set up to take the fall. I'm sure after he does 6 months to a year in an open prison, with privileges, Mr M will see him very contentedly secure for the rest of his life.

      And it all made a lot of taxpayer money for some people's legal chambers.

      Win win.

      As you point out, everything is corrupt. The press, the police, the palace, the lords, the commons.... why not the courts?

    3. Dean you will be delighted, as you will realise I was to hear that Mr Cameron got a row from the Judge for his words on Andy Coulson whilst Mr Coulson was STILL on trial. He was still awaiting verdicts on two other charges when our chief lawmaker rushed to defend himself. I just love those we elect to Parliament, sometimes it would be nice to have one here. Oh that's right, that is why we are having a Referendum. Then we can scrutinise them.

    4. Cameron compromised due process vis-a-vis Coulson sentencing 'cos his party political standing was more important to him.

      Another reason for independence?

    5. Yes Cameron was so quick to "apologise", advised I heard, by the attorney general, who m you would have thought would have had a basic understanding of English law.

      Well done to the judge, who clearly has no wish to receive any further embellishments to his name, and who clearly has no wish to appointed to run any inquiries once he retires!

    6. The cost of this trial is half of what it would cost to set up an Independent Scottish State.

    7. Rebekha Brooks and Mr Coulson were having an affaire.

      So we are to believe that there was no pillow talk?

      Why did AC poison the well of the second part of the prosecution of Mr Coulson, by apologising for employing him, now that he has been convicted on the first of a series of prosecutions?

      Does that render a fair trial on the next set of charges unsafe?

      The Barrister defending Rebeks is David Cameron's brother, FFS.

      What will happen with Mr Coulson and his perjury charges in Scotland regarding Tommy Sherriden? I hope these will not be swept under the carpet.

  2. Tris, Rebekah Brooks is quite a ruthless piece of work also known for alleged husband bashing. Previously married Ross Kemp from East Enders they divorced and it would appear she has been cheating on Charlie Brooks now.

    1. Absolutely Helena. She is no wilting violet that one.

      She was having an affair with Coulson. She was his boss. She knew NOTHING?

      Oh look... there's a pig in that tree over there...

    2. As that switched on Mr Cameron would say...

      LOL Lots of love!

    3. Appears

      She admitted under oath to have been so.

  3. I have one question for the jury over Mrs Brooks husband.

    Clear evidence is shown to them (we know this cause it was also shown all over the news channels) of Mr Brooks taking computer equipment out into the underground parking at their home address and hiding it BEFORE the police arrived. This, to me at least, is something called perverting the course of justice. How on earth did you, the jury, find him NOT GUILTY of perverting the course of justice, the evidence is clear and unambiguous!

    1. Didn't he say it was because he had [porn on his computer.

      But I ask myself, what kind of porn did he have on the computer if he was terrified of the police seeing it?

  4. Tris

    I just don't accept that RB never knew what was going on, she didn't have an affair with AC for six years and he never told her. I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist but I think the whole thing stinks. Given the links to the last two Governments and all of the political parties I suspect we will never ever know what was going on. AC will never talk and is taking the fall, he won't serve a long prison sentance in any shape or form, he might get two years which will mean around 6 months in an open prison where he gets to go home everyday.

    I'm afraid it is all a whitewash, Cameron and Blair are right in it and I have no doubt they have all helped RB for fear of what will stick to them and of the Murdoch press. They might talk tough on the Murdoch press but have they actually done about it, nothing, the same people are still going to the same parties at Cheqers we just get to know whom now because it's covered by being excluded from FOI.

    Hate the UK and the different law for us and them.


    1. True.

      I've just read the link Niko put up.

      It is all about them having the money to employ a team of the best people from barristers, solicitors, legal clerks etc...

      You can't fight against that when you only have one bloke and an assistant.

      Murdoch is important. None of the parties want to fall out with him, the SNP included.

      It just doesn't pay to have Murdoch as an enemy.

    2. Murdoch isn't important, Murdoch is rich.

      There's a difference.

  5. niko,

    Thanks for the link. It is indeed a good article.

    What happened to you?

  6. The News agenda has moved on to Jimmy'll fix it.

    Are we surprised, given the money behind RB.

    Move it on babe, make it about someone else....

    1. Ah how convenient that the Savile reports are out today...

      That's going to make some more utterly sickening reading.

      I frankly can't bring myself to read about that. It's too depraved and disgusting.

  7. Thanks Niko. Great article.

    And all of this nonsense only cost the taxpayer £100 million.

    Just as well the country has pots of money.

  8. £100 million is only half the cost of setting up a new Scotland and is about the same of the Manchester City wage bill.


    1. Yes, and they say we can't afford to start up ... but they can waste it on a trial with a foregone conclusion...?

    2. BtP, they spent a considerable amount of money refurbishing the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, took them 18 years and it was unveiled in 1997. I am probably not efficient in looking up things on the Web but I remember hearing how much at the time and it was considerable. I also found out that Wee Willie Hague has spent £10,000 recently stuffing and refurbishing a snake (how appropriate). I have also found the cost of refurbishing some of the other bits of grandeur that the Establishment loves and once you start adding it up it would keep some small foreign country in their GDP. We have to contribute to this, something we could be rid off.

    3. Fancy stuffing Iain Duncan Smith. How rude.

    4. Now why did I not think of that, what a good idea.

  9. After reading your blog I hit on this:

    Apologies if it's been linked already, but it shows a different side of our First Minister.

    1. Thanks Douglas ... I'll listen to that tonight

    2. Douglas, the one thing that came over was how normal our First Minister is, he does not talk down to anyone, he doesn't have some of those annoying language tics that some others have. I thoroughly enjoyed listening and thought if only some of those who say they "Hate Him" would actually listen to this how much their opinion would change.

    3. Hear hear.

  10. tris and others

    Brooks says ' I feel vindicated ' Oh well back to the old ways then

    Did anyone watch Bannockburn

    All the Scots kneeled towards the English on the morning of the Battle
    they the English thought the Scots were going to surrender......
    Boy did they get that wrong.

    schiltron to right of them,
    schiltron to left of them,
    schiltron in front of them
    Volley'd and thunder'd;
    Storm'd at with axe and spear
    Boldly they rode and well,
    Into the jaws of Death,
    Into the mouth of Hell
    Rode the English heavy horse.

    chop ! chop ! chop !
    they went home in pieces

    1. Dunno why she feels vindicated. I bet 95% of the British public think she's guilty as hell.

      Because frankly, you can buy justice. Not just in the UK. probably most places, if you have enough money. it, as your article points out, it was Rupert the Kangaroo's money.

      Outclassed the poor old prosecution.

      By the same token, as they have removed the right to legal aid for so many things, including industrial tribunals, the state can always afford more than Joe Bloggs or Jock McBloggs...

      Ah, Bannockburn... nope.

      Hopefully chop chop chop, Mr Cameron and Mr Darling will go home again...

      I hope it won't be their horses that get the chop though. I like horses.

    2. Just looked at the trailer there Niko. I kinda wish I had seen it.

      I think the days when the leaders led the men into battle were infinitely better than when they sit on Downing Street or Buck House, smoking top level cigars and drinking the best brandy.

      I mean imagine Tone leading the men into Baghdad with wee Gordon behind him, and Mandelson bringing up the rear.

      I'd love to see Eric Pickles on a horse leading the charge... Hell, he'd fair make them flee...

    3. Got the wrong poem there Niko, Charge of the Light Brigade, with the usual incompetent sons of sons of the Aristocrats.

  11. Hello all.

    I found this press statement on line.

    "From the office of David Cameron PM.

    With the conclusion of the phone hacking trial and after liaising with members of the cabinet, it was decided that the judicial process - specifically the section which took into consideration Rebekah Brooks' part in the scandal - was of benefit to the entire UK.

    With that in mind, the Scottish people will be billed for a per capita share of the costs of this trial.

    You're welcome.

    David Cameron."

    I swear its true.


    1. LOL...

      Why don't we pay for the sewers in London, incase any of us ever needs to use the lavatory while we are there...

      Oh wait a minute...

  12. I would never call into question the honesty of Pa Broon, I may old Crooked Mouth. We will get stuck with that bill regardless, after all his brother must be paid.

    1. His word is his bond, Helena.

      Not so much 007 as 0h 0h 0h...

  13. Rebekah Brooks wasn't found guilty,because Rupert Murdoch, didn't want her to be found guilty its as simple as that. No mystery or confusion Rupert Murdoch said no and no it was. Andy Coulson, is the patsy or scapegoat or what ever you want to call him and he'll probably get well paid for taking the fall.

    1. Yes, because Andy will know where some other bodies are buried.

      I suspect that employing him in the first place was a favour to Mr Murdoch.

      When he gets out of the Hilton Prison for Members of the Upper Crust, he will doubtless be found a suitable employment, or the remuneration for one.

      Is there anything in the UK that isn't fraudulent?