Sunday, 8 June 2014



Welcome to Yes, Anum

Anum Qaisar said UK Labour had turned "toxic" and abandoned its values in order to win power at Westminster, and that their plans for further powers for Scotland were uninspired and inadequate.

She worked in Anas Sarwar's  office in his Glasgow Central constituency as an intern for nine months between 2011 and 2012.

In February, she was reported as saying  she would be voting No because countries should be building bridges and not borders. However, Yes Scotland announced yesterday that the Glasgow University law student had said she had changed her mind.

She had originally been attracted to Labour by their vision of a social justice and equality. However, with time she had seen that these values had been abandoned for the goal of electoral gain in Westminster.

Like many other Labour voters she had come to the conclusion that the only way to revive the party was to remove it from the malign influence of London. She claimed "extreme" right-wing policies would be forced on Scots by Westminster regardless of who was in power after the 2015 election.

A Scottish Labour spokesman said: "We respect everyone's view in this debate but we know that the vast majority of our supporters agree with Barack Obama that we are better together as part of the UK." Jeez. It didn't take them long to latch on to that little beauty.
Craig Murray knows a thing or two about the
duplicitousness of international relations

Within the period of the referendum for the BBC to undertake to do this is, of course, against the law, but that doesn’t matter to the BBC who have constantly given us their one-sided approach and have only charged us £145 a year for lying to us. Incidentally, the BBC seemed not to have reported that Obama also said that he wanted the UK to stay in the EU… Wonder why. 

Craig Murray, who knows a thing or two about international shenanigans, having been on the receiving end of them as a high ranking diplomat with the British Foreign office, has looked at Obama’s statement and has concluded that if, as the President says, the US has a “deep interest” in Scotland remaining in the UK, we can expect hidden interference.

Lord knows what he means by that. But we are certainly up against it. 

And can you imagine what Cameron has had to promise him for this service?
That fond kiss...
Anyway, back to Labour’s Scottish branch deputy leader, he of the truth team that tells only lies. It seems that the poor wee soul's been pushed out of the way as no less a personage than JoLo herself takes the helm at the Labour Party’s life raft for Scottish dependence, with Gordon Big Clunking Fist Brown and seller of books, as her first mate. This leaves Sarwar to organise the windowless bus! 

Now Anas isn't up to much, but, for heaven’s sake, surely the hapless, stumbling, stuttering, blethering, fish wife Lamont doesn’t think that she is any better. 

Oh vanity.


  1. If the BBC has committed a criminal offence then someone should ask the police to investigate.
    They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

    1. Yes I agree.

      But I doubt it will happen.

      Conspiring with the Westminster government is probably the easiest crime to get away with.

  2. With JoLo running the s(t)inking ship, it's got to be a YES win.

    1. She must have an inflated sense of her own effectiveness.

      I know they exist but I've yet to meet one single person who rates her. And quite rightly.

      Someone commented the other day about how useless the leaders of BT are. Not liked and not trusted. Boring and uninspired.

      And yet they are ahead in the polls, so they must be doing something right.

    2. The only thing they have is a compliant media, telling lies day in, day out.

    3. It's certainly lucky for them that the MSM lets them away with it. Having the BBC on their side is a definite plus for them.

      The Herald is only one paper.

  3. If you have any doubts as to whether you have chosen the right side all you need to do is look at the opposition, yes I do mean you Niko. They are as you say dire, They are reliant on their friends in the media and that includes dear old Auntie BBC. They are I am sure fiddling the figures in the polls, one way or another, you need to ask who runs these organisations and it isn't for us the punters. They want to convince those who are undecided that they are the winners and so many people want to back a winner, mind they got it wrong for a long time in 2011. Watching Sky this morning, well sort of. Eamon was in Oban, managed to find the daft old Biddy who was undecided, no information out there. What she meant was nobody had told her what to think and she was not interested in finding information. Let us hope that these people do not even bother voting.

    1. A lot of them won't vote I suspect.

      Don't know what to do; can't be bothered reading up on it; don;t trust anyone..

      Never mind Coronation Street is on....

  4. Tris

    I'm not sure about giving a law student who did nine months of internship such a prominant bit of coverage to be honest. Lawyers and internships are the things we want further away from politics as they do not resonate with joe bloggs on the estate. We cannot lose sight that this debate can only be won if local ' ordinary ' people buy into the narrative. If this was a Labour member from Dundee who worked on the bins or a social worker we would not hear anything about it even though the journey to yes would maybe be far more interesting and worth learning about.

    We all want a YES vote to end the poilitical union but that is just the start. All of the parties are infected with the same disease of privileged education or middle to upper class family leads to political office, this has to stop and this is an opportunity to put forward ' ordinary ' people and encourage them to take part or to take control of the political movements. I appreciate it's one step at a time but we still need to be careful that we don't fall into the same old traps of the established way of things.

    Independence for myself is partly about ripping everything up and starting again to ensure that the days of privileged elitism come to an end.

    If I am reading too much into it forgive me.


    1. No, the thing is that she was making some sort of a career out of being in Labour. She is actually also the chairwoman of the Scottish branch of Asians in Labour or somesuch organisation. So in a couple of ways a Labour official...Now she has said that Labour isn't Labour any more, but rather a right wing organisation.

      And she is right. I see that they are backing Cameron's view that the Luxembourg guy Junkers is a nomark, and they would rather have someone that they have never heard of from the Czech republic. Whatever Cameron says to keep Ukip at bay...

      Perhaps you're right. Maybe we are overstating it, but it seemed that she was a significant voice in labour's youth wing. And she might take some people with her.

      If they can see that people who are dedicated to Labour are now calling them right wing....

  5. You can bet your last Dollar NoBama, has an interest, not in Scotlands's welfare but in making sure, the 51st state of America (AKA the UK) keeps housing their WMD's, Scotland is an important part of the USA's first defence approach. Never mind that the UK is an unequal nations, nor the fact Scottish children are hungry, or the fact the poor and disabled are systematically being punished.

    NoBama couldn't care less, just look at the homeless towns across the USA,known as Obamavilles, where thousands of American's struggle just to eat, now think to yourself if No Bama can do that to his own, what does he think of Scots forcing his hand on WMD's, now you get the picture.

    As for Cameron and the BBC, both will say and do anything and I mean anything, to secure a no vote, because Westminster is utterly skint, and over £1.3 trillion in debt, Scots taxes and resources income, ie oil, gas, are desperately required to keep, Westminster's corrupt scheme alive and kicking. A no vote will see Scotland go into reverse, and into decline, as Westminster will never willingly give USEFUL powers to Holyrood, and anyone who thinks they will,is fooling themselves.

    A no vote will tell the world, that we are too wee, too small, and too cowardly to,decide our own fate,the same message will see Westminster covertly strangle Scotland for god knows how long.

    1. Yes true. The thing was that the USA broke away from britain... and after the 2nd War, it was America to insisted that Britain get rid of its empire.

      So what is different about Scotland...apart from the fact that it has a mind of its own and doesn't want America's WMDs...

  6. I am for anyone regardless of who or what they are , coming out in favor of independence. The more the merrier i say.

    As regards the young lassies career , we're going to need a lot more like her when they divy up the assets and we can be sure the rUk will drag their heels about giving up anything , She 's seen the light and i for one welcome her . Good on you Anum.

    As regards Obama , most No voters are pretty pissed off with him for giving his opinion. Seems to me we all are aware of the UK's roll regarding US policy . Lapdogs that we have become and now the Prezz sticking his oar in our referendum . Don't think it's gonna help BT , but i welcome them using his name every day as it bugs the hell out of everyone and i don't think we've heard the last of him either.

    Roll on Sept 18th

    Party on

    1. Hi Richy.

      You could be right that they are so out of touch that they think this impresses us.

      It's abit like what David Bowie, or sean Connery thinks... whatever it is it has sod all to do with what is good for Scots.

      What with us ending the world order and bring financial chaos to the markets...and taking the attention of the president AND David Bowie we are one very important little country.