Saturday, 28 June 2014


Even if you are not a fan of Jean-Claude Juncker or even the EU
 it is always refreshing to see pomposity and superiority
get its own rewards
You'd think that the best education that loads of money can buy
would have equipped Mr C with the knowledge of the constituent 

members of the kingdom
of which he is supposedly the senior minister.
What a week... humiliated, right, right and centre
What an exciting future on offer.
What a good use for a waste of card.
From the arch unionist...
I doubt if they do... Put education in the hands of the UK
and it becomes the most expensive in Europe
You have been warned...
And again...
while the Westminster crowd continue to indulge themselves
Like this flipping person...
And this beauty....
Stables no less...
Slim Jim too
Oh well, that's it. We can't have America upset.
But don't worry John. You're not prime minister any more.
It won't be you that get's the spanking.
It will be the Eton Toff. They are used to that.
I bet Selfridges sacked him for being useless.
Pimp my non existent Perugia university degree...
Cabinet Meeting
It's this pig again. (Apologies to pigs everywhere).
Safe as houses now.
And he still won't debate with people. He prefers to sell his boring book.
Yes, it's true ...I am fixated with him...
or at least with his wickedness.
The cheering thing, I suppose it, that there are kids who care enough to help
their starving friends in this third world oil rich nation.
If it's the people versus the government, then at least we will stick together
At long last, a partial acceptance that it's HIS fault
and the fault of his clique
True Tommy...
And maybe it's getting through around the country
Odd that...
Odd that too...
Odd that we never heard the truth...
From the old (even if he was attacked by some mad banshee of a woman)... the younger... the even younger.
And I'm not into celebrity endorsements.
"Sir" Sean can think what he likes; David Bowie too.
They are as entitled to an opinion as I am.
But Ucock keep force feeding us on their celebrities like Susan Boyle
and Jimmy Crankie who
are going to, or if they had a vote would, vote no.
It doesn't hurt to point out that Elijah, Paolo Nutini, Irving Welch,
Brian Cox, Annie Lennox and even Noel Gallagher are among those for YES.


  1. I see all the underhanded skullduggery by Cameron and his best mates in Better together and Stirling council has worked out well then Tris, or rather it hasn't LOL

    Stirling council spent, I believe, £500,000 on this *ahem* fantastic celebration in Stirling PLUS another additional £160,000, I understand, for a grand total of 1,800 visitors to go to Stirling and look at some natty tanks and stuff and see the odd aircraft fly over.

    Meanwhile 1 mile down the road the 700th anniversary of some other non descript event was taking place and apparently 20,000 people turned up to see it! Not only that but they were forced, by Stirling council, to cut their usual 40,000 attendee numbers down to 20,000 because of the anticipated mass numbers attending the wee soiree in Stirling, only the *ahem* masses did NOT turn up in Stirling! LOL

  2. Read Craig Murray's piece Arbroath.

    The usual first class job that Craig does.

    You wonder how low these people will sink, and how much money they will spend.

    £660,000 for 1800 people?

    They should have bought the lads some boots, or decent food...

  3. Ha ha... your link was Craig... LOL

  4. Oops! LOL

    Sorry about that I should have said. It's a bad habbit I have of tiny URLing everything, I always forget to say what I've URLed! LOL

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