Friday 12 August 2016


Oh yeah, it's Owen.

A few pieces of advice if you are serious about wanting to be leader, Owen.

Not everyone is vapid. Don't make the assumption that they are. 

Remember there is an internet. Everything is out there somewhere. it never goes away.

It is, without doubt, important to take your MPs with you. Without them you will struggle to succeed. 

It is even more important to take your membership and the voters with you. Without them you will undoubtedly fail.

Jeremy may not wear the right clothes, do his hair the right way, trim his beard properly, or wear hipster glasses. He may not have gone to the right university or indeed any university at all. He may not stand up straight and sing God Save the Queen, but he's considerably sharper than the proverbial tack. 

You walked right into the trap above. 

Why would you offer a cabinet job to someone in whom you had no confidence?


  1. Have they never heard the saying:
    "Don't do your laundry in public."

    The self imposed ritual suicide is beyond parody, they have a leader, popular with the membership, if not the PLP.
    The PLP need to remember that, the members select whom they wish to represent them at election, it is not within the PLP's gift to go against the members.
    Niko, you're the expert, what do you think?

    1. It's conceit of monumental proportion to think that they know better than the members.

      Labour was the party of the working man. If they want to represent the working bankers they should move on.

      Would be interested in Niko's take.

  2. Black is white.
    In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  3. I have absolutely no idea what meds Smith is taking but I think I know one thing for certain ... right meds ... WRONG dose!

  4. Tris

    Owen Smith is a pointless waste of time and a Blairite who will say anything to anybody, I dread to think that the sham that is Labour will rig it enough for this prat to win. But anyway, the decision by the Court of Appeal today that rules don't matter should wake us all up. The Court basically said that the politicians can make it up as they go along no matter what their party rules say, very scary for our so called democracy. If that were a trades Union the shit would really have hit the fan, but as it's the Red Tories the blue and yellow ones will be celebrating tonight in the same bars as the RED Bastard Ones.

    Sad Day for democracy in this shitty country.


    1. You can't help but wonder at the People's Party using their membership's money to ensure that the membership can't vote for the leader.

      Whichever way it works out the party is split. And it's all very well people saying that they will all pull together once this is over. But once you have used every underhand way there is to get your way, I think that unity is hardly likely.

      The Blairite wing of the party bears little resemblance to the Corbyn wing. I wonder what the use of power is, if all you are going to do is implement the other party's policies.

      And here at home, if Corbyn wins in England, where does that leave Dugdale?

  5. It would appear that there might not actually be much of a Labour left for either Corbyn or Smith to lead Tris. Certainly now that this has happened.

    I hear that the funeral is to be held next Thursday. They have not said where it is to be held because it is to be a private "family" affair. Apparently the local police have been put on high alert and the riot police are on stand by because fractious feuding and in fighting of a high level is expected to result after the service!

    1. It sounds like Thatcher's funeral to me.

      I hope they got a priest in time!

  6. IndyRef2: Vote No for decades of Tory rule from Westminster.

    1. It's an horrific thought that another 2 terms of Tessy await us.

      But I see no alternative except independence.

      I see that the Tories were rejoicing at the fluke seat win for Labour in a local by-election (down to the vagaries of the STV system). Still if people like Curran could cheer the election of David Coburn, anything is possible.