Saturday, 13 August 2016



We wonder if  Kieran Bailey is doing anything important at the moment.If not maybe he would like to be Secretary of State for Exiting Europe? If you're reading Kieran, give May a call!

Excerpt from Private Eye, from Frank (who went to great pains so that we could get this in a form which we could easily import to the blog, for which our sincere thanks.)


  1. tris

    Yeah the Brexit voters have spoken .

    Err ! but what they actually mean no one knows
    least of all them well apart from goodbye johnny
    foreigner( apparently not ) and hello to the 1950s.

    Liam Fox Dr he insists is put before his name a man
    who himself admitted to being unfit to be a Minster of
    the Crown.

    said he is scoping for international trade agreements
    give you confidence.....NON

    1. It's incredible to me that they had no plan.

      They didn't expect it and when it happened (and the queen did her cat act down the phone again), Dave was like "Oh crap, I'm outta here".

      No plan, no nothing. Brexit means Brexit but what does Brexit actually mean?

      No idea.

      Foxy, as far as i can see isn't entitled to be called Dr. He's a medical man but hasn't practised for years, and unless he's been moonlighting on the quiet, his right to practise will have lapsed. You'd think that if he has been keeping his hand n it would be all over the press (just like it was with Philippa Whitford, when she helped out over Christmas when some surgeons were off sick).

      So the title Dr is an honorary one, given to people who have worked incredibly hard for many years to deserve it. They aren't PhDs or D.Phils or whatever.

      Technically he may be entitled to still use it; actually I don't think he should, becasue it's misleading. He'd surely be in trouble if he treated anyone. He'll be light years out of date.

      I know he has very close connections with Israel and the USA. I dare say he will be using his connections there, and those of his friend, Mr W, to drum up trade deals. (It seems they may have upset the Chinese though.)

      It's just that even with your close friends trade deals take a very long time to set up. If you rush them someone gets stuffed. Bet it will be the UK!

      I see Hammond has said he will make up some of the losses to farmers (lots of Tories there, including the queen) and other projects, up to 2020. The Financial Times wonders how he will pay for it. I thought that we would save 350 million a month. Why not use that? or was that more lies?

      Can you give us your take on the court shenanigans of the Labour Party, and on how Kezia could ever work with Corbyn now if he does wind espite their best efforts?

  2. tris

    The Labour Party wots to say apart from shoddy shoddy shoddy
    it about power the neo conservatives/Labour MPs are trying by
    whatever means they can to gain power and then purge the party
    of the enemy within you know the trots from the 70s.
    how to identify easy peasy their zimmer frames are covered
    in CND badges

    Owen Smith Id sooner vote for Alex Salmond

  3. Although its fascinating to watch Democracy in action
    (as Mr Spock might say )

    all of its flaws and none of its strengths unless at the end the
    good guys and girls win that wouldnt be the Smith faction.

    1. They seem to be doing their damnedest, avoiding democracy.

      What the hell do they think they are doing, do the seriously think there are that many "entryists" in the party?

      Though I would argue the Blairites are the entryists, Tories in disguise, though the mask has slipped somewhat.

    2. They seem hellbent on destruction, and you might thing that an SNP person would see that as a good thing, but I don't. For a start while we are still attached to the empire whoever is in government in England is going to have HUGE influence over our lives. With Labour treating chunks out of themselves, it will be the Tories in government for 10 years.

      Owen Smith isn't just a right winger. He's a prat too. They'd have been better with Eagle (not much but a bit) He really is the pits. Corbyn is miles superior to him.

      They seem to be excluding people who joined even before they pulled their coup.

      Man these people are the Tories very best friends. Mrs May must be thanking whichever god will have her.

  4. Davis and colleagues are going to have to get the finger out.
    They have to come up with sufficient bilateral trade deals to replace the loss of EU trade before they trigger article 50.
    Hence the current overtures to Russia etc and May's visit to Berlin.
    The EU are definitely going to play hardball with England's open trade access without freedom of movement of people,so they must be counting on no trade deal.
    With China's economy on the verge,Osborne's cunning plans ain't looking so clever now.
    England is going to have to accept an economy based on a much lower level of trade if they follow through on EU exit and,unfortunately Scotland as well if we don't separate from their Kamikaze economic policies.
    Where is Hammond going to get the £ billions from to replace the loss of EU trade?
    Borrow more???
    What a mess.

    1. We were told that the UK was a net contributor tot eh EU, even with the rebate they got for being poor.

      So what's the problem? Stop giving the EU any more and there will be whatever we USED to get back PLUS the surplus that we paid.

      Of course we tended to do well in Scotland and NI for the social funding, virtually the whole of the country being eligible (unlike England which was not).

      I imagine that the Brits will redistribute the money rather less regionally. In other words they will use a lot of it in the South East, otherwise it would seem that the fringes were getting a better deal out of the UK government.

      Hammond seems to think he can do it. The Financial Times seems to think that he cannot. I guess I know who knows more about money!

      Remember though, these promises only go up to 2020.

      And although they cover the research grants from the EU (16% of research money comes to one of the home nations or another), what will they do about particularly Scottish universities which have vast numbers of EU students, spending money in our towns and keeping lecturers in work.

      Not any thought in it at all, and now it's all in the hands of people like Hammond, whom I wouldn't trust to run a bath!

    2. To get the market access the UK will still have to pay in. But they will have no say in the rules, how their cash is spent and I suspect that rebate will be binned too. I have been seeking to no avail, to discover if Norway and Switzerland get any of their contributions back. If anyone knows for sure please point me to the link.

      I have a strong feeling this brexit is a clusterfuck on a gigantic scale.


    3. I've no evidence SA, but I've never heard of them getting rebates.

      I read somewhere on Twitter than it looks like they won't really start negotiations until 2019, becasue there are just no staff trained to do the negotiation. It might have been an idea for Cameron to check on that before he started all this to save his miserable backside.

      So the promise to keep funding till 2020 is rather an empty one.

      This has been a lesson in incompetence.

  5. Despite Hammond's move, the universities will still be in stook. A lot of the research projects last longer than the available time before Brexit, so colleagues in Europe are still writing Old Blighty out of bilateral and multi-lateral working. It is indeed a disaster.

    1. Hammond seems moderately worse at this job than he was at the last one, or indeed the one before.

      The research losses surely mean that good scientists (or indeed other academics) will be looking for overseas universities to go work in. That means the brightest will leave. That's bound to have an impact on the teaching, although I accept that the brightest innovators are not always the best teachers.

      If we lose European students in our universities (and Scotland will lose vast numbers, starting right away... because of the length of courses) some of our smaller universities may be forced to close.

      I'm wondering if Abertay in Dundee will be able to exist without EU students.

      Still, they have placated the right wing of the Tory party.