Saturday 13 August 2016


1. Morning. I didn't sleep too well; now where's that comb?
2. Hungarian Caterpillar.
3. I'm training for those there Olympic games.
4. And you think Labour's on a Slippery slope?
5. Autumn is just around the corner.
6. I guess I could just sleep here?
7. You called? Can't you see I'm wet all over?
8. Where's my grub?
9. Lake Gosausee.
10.  Why is your neck so short?
11. If I stay here they'll never see me.
12. Likewise!
13. Wildflower meadow.
14. Texas.
15.  Where's Fluffy?
16. Gerry's old garden (complete with magpie) as seen through the kitchen window.
17. Well, I don't have a napkin! 
18. Poppies at sunset.

19. Northern Lights of old Aberdeen...erm Iceland.
20. Chad.
21. Sunset.
22. Well, that's it for another week. Looks like rain here, and if you're in Scotland it probably looks like rain there too! Next week Munguin will be in Hungary, so there won't be a Soppy Sunday. Will you cope?


  1. Apologies to Issy for being late...

    1. No apology required. I was running around like a mad thing all day, so instead of smiling with my first cuppa, I'm now smiling with a nice wee malt. :). Enjoy your holiday.

    2. He he... thanks. :)

  2. Going to Hungary on holiday? Sounds great! (Or have you run afoul of Scottish law and are being deported?) How will you travel? Plane or train? How long is your holiday?

    1. To continue the questioning, are you going to get a new picture of the caterpillar, as a butterfly?

    2. Ha ha ha ha...

      Munguin? Deported?

      The very thought!

      No, just off to Budapest to see a friend who did his bachelors degree here in Dundee. We fly out on Friday for a week. Edinburgh to Budapest. Naturally Munguin will travel in the First Class section, and I will go with the luggage!

      It's not long and there is much to see, but we hope to make a day trip to Austria and see some of the splendour that is Vienna too.

      We'll take some photographs (and who knows the butterfly may consent to pose for one!

      Munguin on the Danube!

    3. Sounds wonderful! Have a great time. Bring back Soppy Sunday pics of Munguin on the Danube.

    4. Yes indeed... and in places various and sundry along the way.

  3. All superb, the chick and the wee dug are especially well caught photo's.

    Enjoy the holiday, hope Munguin's bags are not too heavy cos I know who'll be carrying them.

    1. Always a hard job to chose a favourite, Gerry.

      I can't do it, but certainly the chick waiting for its grub is a great photograph, not to mention that (s)he is all kinds of cute.

      I've tried to retrain the little one in his enthusiasm for packing, but you know what he's like. He seems to have packed half the short bread in Scotland!!

  4. what do you mean no Soppy Sunday next week! Do they not have the internet is Hungary? Can you not do some time delay thingie? Or post SS on Friday? See there is a solution for everything!

    As ever some crackers - the giraffe, the fawn and Chimp Phelps. I loved the first and last pictures too.

    Enjoy the holiday and bring back some lovely photos. Vienna is cool if you get the chance to go.

    1. Panda Paws,
      You have done a guest post or two, why not a guest soppy Sunday?
      I commend the idea to Munguin,and to a lesser extent; obviously, Tris.

    2. Hmmmm...

      Am I never to get a break? It's bad enough being the furry one's bag carrier without having to write posts over there too.

      I tried the time delay thing once before and it didn't work... however, to please you guys I will make an attempt again... OK?


      Jim: you can't post direct as a guest writer. Munguin has to employ you on his staff. God knows the recruitment process is lomng as he checks with the CIA, KGB, MIwhatsit and the Directions générales de la sécurité extérieure et de l'intérieure.

      I will experiment a little this week and see what we can come up with.

      Alternatively we shall have Floppy Friday!

    3. Floppy Friday! Who have you been talking to? Hahahaha, sorry couldn't help it.

    4. Munguin says you are to stand in the corner for 24 hours!!!!

    5. Flora and Fauna Friday!

    6. You are brilliant PP!

  5. Brilliant photos - looking forward to the butter-fly. Nature is a wonderful artist! Enjoy your hols, Tris!

  6. Thanks, John. ha h ah ha ha. it's amazing what you can make with a nice bit of Scottish butter!

    It's a few days yet, John, but I'm looking forward to it. I've never been to Hungary or Austria! New experiences.

  7. Loved 3, that looks like a crawl! And I am a huge fan of 19.


    Now that's an aurora!