Tuesday, 16 August 2016



  1. tris

    After all these years of snpBAD misrule they are the establishment .
    they have enriched themselves massively and achieved not a lot.
    A FACT

    1. Have they, Niko?

      Maybe you'd like to elaborate?

    2. Misrule eh? Free prescriptions, new hospitals, shorter waiting times, more schools (built better than under lab/lib pact), more police, more nurses, lower crime, higher educational standards...
      Oh the chaos.

      And who is feathering their own nest, at public expense? Proof?
      Or are you just throwing mud hoping some will stick, of is it mere deflection from "Labour's" failures, or just the BLis ingrained hatred of the SNP?

      Cheer up Niko, "Labour" will soon be over; after committing a very public suicide, after becoming Tory (no so) lite.

    3. Lowest crime levels for 30 years, I'd add!!

    4. yeah yeah what did the snp ever do for us
      schools Scottish futures trust aka snp
      version of PFI....one police force disaster
      mind in fairness all Nationalist (extremist)
      Government realise the need for one central
      police force to control the population .
      More Schools from which children emerge less educated
      then previously..although suits the Nationalist
      to rule over uneducated unthinking proles as the snp call us.

      Hatred Moi nah ! thats an ingrained Nat trait if it aint snp
      attack it crush it but most of all silence it....

    5. You're transposing "Labour" failure to do, well anything really, on to the SNP.
      And where is it written that educational standards have slipped, since "Labour" were pretending to be in charge at Holyrood?

      The only thing I hate, Niko dear boy, is the unrelenting negativity of unionist; that take great pleasure in demeaning their own country, in favour of a mythical land that never was, the greatest union since Adam mounted Eve, I don't think so.

    6. tranposing.....I dont even like travelling on trains let alone
      transposing anyway me off to early bed.

      took me grandsons to see petes dragon and whist watching
      film and Elliot the dragon being tied up the wee one being
      3 1/2 years old says...when I grow up and become a super hero
      Im going to save Elliot..

      now thats not negative thinking

    7. Ask him, Niko, if he couldn't save the rest of us while he's saving Elliot.

      Heaven knows we need it.

    8. Have you read this:


    9. Scary stuff Tris, scary stuff.

      Niko, that's a wonderful wee story, brought a smile to my face. My granddaughter, Alice, is eightvweeks old, I'm looking forward to taking her to the pictures; in a few years.

  2. And let's not forget,the poor had no lawyers.

    1. In many things they still don't, bringiton.

      Even in Scotland, if you can't afford someone to advise you on a wide range of matters, you are stuffed. On the other hand if you do, you can stuff them!

  3. Fat cat and Isis cartoon is pertintent. Sycophantic britnats in Scotland love being diverted by such furile bread and circues; they love it because they are feart. They love it because they hate Scotland.

    1. Furile is the same as futile, honest.

    2. I knew that!

      It's an old tactic. When there is something you don't want the public to be talking about, get something else on the front page.

      And there are only so many time members of the royal family can a) have babies, b) get married, c) get divorced, d) die.

      So they have to haul out the threat of terror.

      Of course the threat is a real one, no one should deny that. From Paris to Ouagadougou; from Lebanon to Germany to Belgium, we have seen it and because the UK has poked its nose into every possible conflict, supplied arms to one or both sides and generally made a mess of all of them, it has to be high on the list for an attack.

      But boy do they overplay it to divert from their failings.

  4. The £20 charity bet is looking good, Tris.
    My Hibiscus are budding up nicely, as i sit in the sun with a beer admiring them. :-)

    1. Ouch Jutie...

      Looks like I may have to borrow £20 from Munguin!

      God knows that won't be easy!

  5. Good on Corbyn, he will never get to be PM but he is PM material in my book.

    The SNP (and the grand long term strategist Alex Salmond), have made Scotland a different country. Because before we can be a new nation, we have to FEEL like one and they have readied us for it.

    Long term thinkers will win over short term fear mongers.

    1. I looked at what Corbyn was doing there and I thought...yes, that's what I'd do. If they sold me a ticket for a seat on a train that they didn't have, I wouldn't pay for an upgrade. I think to have a PM who is like an ordinary person wouldn't be a bad thing.

      It reminds me of the photographs of Nicola, as first minister, arriving back in Edinburgh and getting on the airport bus with her suitcase, just like everyone else. No limousine. To me it suggests that she might be able to understand what things are like for ordinary people.

      It's a nice change from having people who think that the world smells of new paint.

      As for the second part of your post, I agree completely.