Saturday, 20 August 2016

Flora and Fauna on Friday II

1 Morning. Tris and Munguin are away, but I'll be your host.
I think this is my sister. We're great pals anyway.
2. What's that you say?
Nigel Farage is thinking of making ANOTHER comeback?
3 In that case, I'm outa here.
4 Glenfinnan.

5 Awwwwwwww
6 Greenland Shark.
7 Scotland from space (thanks Gerry).
8 What do you mean I'm staring at your girlfriend?
9 Come and have a go if you think you're big enough.
10 Le coucher du soleil.
11 White Tigers.
12. Blackbird singing in the ...well, ok. He's just singing.
13 Just a wee reminder of what's around the corner.
14 Aye Ricky, or anything as ugly and black-hearted
as the dentist that killed him.
15 Our beautiful capital.
16 Indian elephant.
17 I might be little but you really wouldn't
like these teeth in your toes!
18 Duck billed platypus.
19 This is our cat. 
20 And this is us playing a game.
The boss and his sidekick will be back next week!
See you then.


  1. Ah brilliant! Just loved the last one with the "sisters" mimicking each other. Some lovely cats and an elephant plus giraffe - you are spoiling us.

    Gerry's pictures re always great but going into space to take one, that's just showing off :-)

    Hope Tris and the furry one had a great holiday.

    1. Yes, that last one was a corker PP.

      Thanks we all had a great time and we'll put up some snaps later.

      As you know (personally) Munguin reporters go to the ends of the Earth for his blog and in Gerry's case... well, a little farther!

  2. Where about is 15?


  3. Welcome back Tris!

    #2 and #3 : But just where is Nigel coming back TO? Last seen campaigning with Donald Trump in Mississippi (thanks to a new Trump campaign chairman who runs a far right racist website that loves Farage and UKIP.)

    Clearly, the Mississippi audience wasn't sure whether they were supposed to cheer or boo when Farage trumpeted the name "Brussels".

    1. Thanks Danny.

      As for le Farage.... wow.

      Where to start.

      Unelected old men?

      Is he aware of the royal family and the house of lords? Nearly 1000 old men and women. Not an elected one anywhere.

      Economy falling off a cliff?

      A bit early to say that it's not, but I've just been changing money into Forints and Euros and the pound isn't worth much! And companies are looking around at Dublin, for example...

      Obama treated us as if we were nothing?

      So? American presidents always to that to Britain, because it has prostituted itself at their feet for the price of a photo in the Rose Garden.

      He wouldn't vote for Hillary if you paid him?

      Well, I'd guess it might depend on how much!

      So that's where he buggered off too... instead of being there to help sort out the mess. Trump surrounds himself with nut jobs. First sister Sarah, now Dopey Donald!

      But I see his ridiculous moustache has disappeared!