Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Wherever it was, they should put him back, don't you think?


  1. I think they found him on Strictly Come Dancing.

    1. Hmmm... That's probably it. No, wait...was he not on the Jeremy Kyle show?

  2. There'll be tribes in the Amazon jungle, that new Labour weren't going to win any election any time soon; and that Labour talk pish, vow included.

    1. He didn't think it through.

      Mind I think it might have been an idea, seeing as the whole thing was promised to us by Old Father Broon, that he might have mentioned that these promises (which he assured us had the backing of David, Ed and whatsit from the Liberal Democrats) would only be brought to fruition if we then went on to vote Labour. It might also have occurred that a lot of England would have had to vote Labour too, because every seat in Scotland wouldn't have provided a Labour majority.

  3. Yes or No dont seem to make any difference the road ahead is
    decided by the needs and wants of the business/Capitalist

    and the rest can go and have a silly irrelevant vote

    1. It's always been thus, especially if your big neighbour holds all the cards.

    2. Well, we have to change it somehow.

      I've heard people say that if Corbyn wins he will never win an election.

      Well, seriously, can anyone see Smith winning an election?

      No charm, no charisma and very little in the way of brain.

      Jeez even The Eagle was more charismatic... and brighter!

    3. Nobody on the blairite wing seems to ask win wot
      Ed Balls was saying how to win they needed to hold
      the centre (and that ed miliband was a wank'r)

      When wuz ed balls ever going to say to the ever rightwards drifting
      of Labour enough and no more were was his much talked about little seen Labour Values..he amongst the other time server Labour MPS
      Had no intention of fighting for a different society he didnt know

      He and others could not would not create the nhs it would of been private medicine all the way but he will still praise it for a ew votes.
      Protesting is pointless he and the Blairites say yet the Labour party was born of protests and riots and strikes people fighting
      for a decent life for all.
      they would of in them days been quite happy to talk to the masters
      and sold us out without a second glance..
      Im glad he is gone just wish many other Blairites join him asap

    4. I hope Corbyn wins by the kind of margin that YouGov are predicting and that Smith crawls into a corner humiliated.

      Corbyn's not perfect and I dunno...maybe they are right, maybe he can never win, but I'm equally certain that Smith will never win. He makes Kinnock look appealing. Even Brown was better than him.

      Maybe Britain will never again elect a party that cares a damn about people with less than £500,000 in the bank.

      Maybe it's Tessy and her ilk forever.

      That's one of the main reasons I want out. I'm fed up of having to live in the middle of this misery.

      Balls by name, balls by nature.

      Utter prat!

  4. I imagine that after the 'leadership' vote that Mr Smith will return too obscurity and that someone else will appear to challenge Corby as it is difficult to see the Blairites giving up which will mean further chaos in the party. Difficult to see how Fifi will regain any credibility if that iss the case.

    1. She'll have to go when Corbyn wins, I suspect. I mean before he was elected she said he would be bad for the party; then when he won she said he was good for the party and they were working together; then when he was challenged she said he was bad for the party.

      Now, I realise that consistency has hardly been her watchword, but... jeeeeez.

      So who will number 9 be?

  5. Building society: Congratulations on your house purchase, Mr Smith. Your first mortgage payment is £1420, due on the 14th of the month

    Owen Smith: I don't think so. I think all of those mortgage repayments were contingent on me winning the Labour leadership election.

    1. LOL If they lent money contingent on a Labour win, most of them would need baled out by the tax payer... oh wait.