Saturday, 6 August 2016


1. Ah, yes, it's nearly Sunday. I was having a snooze, so sorry about the hair sticking up. Enjoy Soppy Sunday!
2. This is Conan's egg supplier. Complete with goat! No smart remarks!!
3. Dinner, dinner, dinner.
4. The Northern Lights of Old Aber...well, Norway, actually.
5. Corry Vreckan whirlpool
6. Et oui. Bon Appétit!
7. Alaska, Mount Drum.
8. Baby bison and mum.
9. Get outa here...
10. Oregon.
11. Yes, can I help you?
12. Staffa.
13. Don't gulp it all down at once.
14. Welsh country cottage masquerading as a forest!
15. Sunset.
16. No royalties, no photo! Got it?
17. Sutherland... strangely in the north of Scotland.
18. Je suis un âne français.
19. Killer whale.
20. Winter.

21. Well then... that's it for this week. This is my mum, by the way, she's here to keep an eye on things and make sure I behave.


  1. What a welcome relief after a busy week.
    Thanks Tris :)

    1. Hi Issy. Glad to brighten your morning

  2. My hair looks a bit like no 1 at the moment though I'm fat less cute. Mind you I'm just up! Perhaps Gerry can let us know if it's common for baby bison to be a different colour to mum.

    That Welsh house is crazy. I really liked no11 but can't make up my mind whether it's a straight haired lamb or another creature entirely.

    1. Ah well, at 7.49 am on a Sunday, we wouldn't expect your hair to be perfect. My hair looks like that all the time. I've been meaning to buy a comb since 1997.

      I imagine that the colour of the bison might depend on the father's colour too, so I'd not be surprised if they can be different.

      No 11 is supposed to be a lamb... Munguin said.

  3. Cute little bison! And a nice view of (I'm pretty sure) the upper cascade of Multnomah Falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge east of Portland.

    Traveling 70 mph on modern Interstate Highway 84 (cut and bridged down at river level) through the great gorge of the Columbia, you can look up at the walls of the gorge and see old US Route 30, winding its way with two lane bridges and high overlooks. From what is now designated a National Historic Landmark (the old highway which was built 1913-1922) you get views of the gorge that high speed travelers on I-84 never get to see. (The bridge at the falls is a foot bridge built during the same time period.)

    1. Indeed it is, Danny. Your photograph is quite spectacular. I'd love to stand on that bridge.

  4. Good selection as usual. In number 14 don't wear green when visiting.

    1. I'd not thought of that. Would be handy if you were a burglar though!!!

  5. Panda Paws got there first but my hair Baby manages that look most of the time, well until I get a shower, except for some reason this morning. It looks better on the baby Orang I have to say. I just did a jigsaw of a herd of Bison (Buffalo?) Do not remember if there were any calves of a different colour, too busy finding the pieces. Loved the Welsh Cottage, they better never take all the vegetation off though, it makes a lot of mess. Hoping next year to have more birds in the garden though to HEktor's umbrage some are making off with insects (not enough) right now. Loved the Lamb and the Donkey, remarked the other day going past a field of sheep that there were still a lot of really young ones for this time of the year, maybe someone can tell me if this is normal? Helena

    1. I'm not sure Helena. I know lambs are born at different times of the year. Some even in January, so I guess it could be stepped for a reason, and there could be really young ones about now.