Monday 1 February 2016


Not much news to comment on, but there are always Tories to talk about.


  1. tris

    Seems like a recurring theme Tory ministers called to account
    send their minions to have buckets of shite all over them/
    meanwhile the guilty ministers watch on TV whilst quaffing
    pink champagne and laughing at the whipping boys.

    Listened to john tosser redwood on migrants on wireless
    basically sad as it is (he couldn't give a toss ) if
    20 migrants drown so you help them this will encourage
    more to attempt to cross the water.
    hence 40 more will drown so best to help migrants by not
    helping them............

    You have to wonder the mind which can formulate a theory
    such as that...........

    I mean if people drive fast and get mangled dont get an ambulance
    cos that will just get others driving fast

    1. Bang on, Niko.

      Couldn't have said it better myself!

      Redwood must have come out top of the Rotten Bastard Class at Tory Central, along with IDS. He's always been a hopeless prat, but he's always had a lot to say (except of course when he was Welsh Secretary and they got him to sing their National Anthem...) He was probably pretty near the top in the Xenophobia class too.

      His argument appears to be that getting to Europe safely only encourages people to do it, so the more die, the better it is.

      It's a bit like IDS's attitude to social security, the more die the fewer will be a burden to the state, leaving more for Google.

    2. They really couldn't give two f***s, Niko. They are there for five years, guaranteed, to do whatever the hell they want. And with the state of the PLP, I'll wager they'll get another five years, to shaft us all over again.
      If only we had a way of escape, from constant Tory governments...

    3. What the fuck are you complaining about, Niko?
      YOU voted for this shower of shite to rule over us!
      I hope you are fuckin delighted!

    4. jutemon

      Thank you for kind words and advice it is much
      appreciated if i can keep your undivided attention then we know others less able are safe from your er ! um !
      verbal dexterity.

    5. He does have a point, Niko. If you want to remain in the union with Westminster, you will suffer Tory governments, more often than not; as history shows.

  2. But what way of escape could that possibly be?

    1. Well, Thorpie, they way I'm thinking about starts with I and ends with E, and although it might not give us Utopia, we'd not have a Tory government, killing off our sick and old. :)

    2. Problem Tris, was that we were promised either utopia or a living hell by both camps.


    3. We were threatened with hell on earth, by project fear (their own description). The Scottish Government, the SNP via the White Paper, did not promise "utopia", just the chance to do things for ourselves, and maybe do it better.

    4. Jim, the BT mob certainly promised the ninth level of hell. But the Yes side, at times, were overly positive. I cringed when some speakers, when challenged on a valid point, basically replied "everything will be ok".

      Truth is that most people wouldn't have seen anything change. But that was rarely if ever heard. Campaigns have to be positive, but not overly so.

      Hopefully second time around some crucial lessons will have been learned.


    5. I think the "grass roots" campaign sometimes over played the everything will be OK, or indeed a form of an utopian society, but the Scottish government never did. But that's what happens when peoples believe in a better tomorrow, and it was Bl***y brilliant.

      Starting so low in the polls, and coming within 6% of freedom from the Westminster mobsters was a fantastic result. As thou say next time, a more polished and vocal lead from the independence supporting parties and a more enlightened grass roots, will, I think seize the day.

  3. So, I say there's nothing much going on... and Kezia decides to take that opportunity to announce "a pound for Scotland".

    I thought it was a good idea when the SNP suggested it a few years ago, but Labour told me that it was ruinous and stupid. Ho Hum!

    Then, if you please, Hillary and Bernie drew, and Donald lost!

    Oh and Dave found away to save the EU.

    Still nothing happening Tris... idiot!

  4. The game Monopoly was actually designed to demonstrate the flaws in our economic system. It originally had two sets of rules.
    One was Monopoly as we know it where everyone except the eventual winner ends up bankrupt.
    The other was called 'Prosperity' where everyone who owned a squar was taxed on it and the proceeds distributed to all players.
    That version of the game goes on for ever, everybody keeps getting richer, nobody goes bankrupt and more and more houses are built. It's a bad idea for a board game, but a great idea for an economy.

  5. Few points:

    Expenses - some SNP figures did rather well out of second home expenses up here. You want to work in Edinburgh or London? Be like everyone else and pay out of your own wages. We'll pay for your travel, and perhaps a wee hotel, but that is it.

    Tax avoidance is morally wrong. But can you really see any government changing things? I can't.

    IDS - I'll do him a portrait, using similar techniques used by rebellious prisoners when they decide to decorate their cells.

    Google - to put it simply - a fucking joke.

    Bernard Ingham - arrogant bastard so far up Thatcher's arse he almost fell out of her mouth. He lived in the 19th century.

    National debt is a joke as well. Where IS all the money going? Oh yes, I forgot: management consultancies, military contracts that spiral out of control, wage rises for MPs, tax rebates to rich bastards who don't need them, minimal tax levels for their friends (anything to guarantee a directorship once bored dealing with the serfs), banking bastards who play electronic roulette and win even when the ball falls out of the wheel, state funerals for the undeserving, portraits for egotistical bastards (what's wrong with a selfie?), treating the NHS, education and local government as commercial enterprises, expensive minor royals who do fuck all for the country.

    That's for starters, but I won't bother with the main course!


    1. "Expenses - some SNP figures did rather well out of second home expenses up here."
      Evidence, post a link perhaps, then we can all decide.

      As for the rest of the post, I agree with it, but please be aware. Tris has stated before, younger eyes than ours scan these pages, so please refrain from the more guttural language, or do as I do, modify the spelling or use characters, such as *"'#.

    2. Alex Neil. John Swinney.

      I don't agree with subsidised housing for any politician except the First / Prime Ministers.


    3. Evidential Link?
      I know Alex Neil, personally, and I can assure you, he ain't in it for the money.

    4. Just realized, I've known Alex for 25 years, where does the time go?