Saturday 20 February 2016


1: Hi. Welcome to Soppy Sunday.
2: This  was sent in by Gerry, being all artsy!!!
3: This is Lake Wanaka in New Zealand.
4: Some amazing work going on trying to help animals who have been wounded, or hurt by poachers. Unfortunately Shannon dies not long after this photo was taken. Peacefully of a heart attack. But her last days were far happier than they would have been otherwise had it not been for  Saving the Survivors.
5: Sometimes you just need 40 winks...
and this is one of them times.
6: Frank sent us this. Cygnets on a Scottish beach!
7: When the shower is already in use you have to make do
 with what you've got.
8: Laos.
9: Why can't I be the kind of tiger that lives in Jungles?
10: That must have been taken on Valentine's Day
11: Best mates.
12: It's nearly Spring.
13 A burd. I've no idea what sort!
`14: Good use for coke bottles...
15: This is my Orangutan: This is my dog!
16: It's definitely Spring.
17: Fenghuang, China.
18: Fenghuang. World Heritage Site.
19: Claypotts Castle, Dundee. (Munguin's potting shed.)
20: You going already?
Oh well, thanks for looking in. See you next week.
Don't let the EU referendum get you down (too much).


  1. Come on Tris. Number 13: The beak, the body, the legs...

    It's a Flamingo.


    1. A beak,a body, legs? Is that no a description of Jackie?

      Saor Alba

    2. Anon, the beak's too small for it to be Jackie.

    3. Thanks John. I was gonna say that, but I wasn't sure... and it doesn't pay to be wrong about these parts. Munguin is an unforgiving animal!


      Now guys... be nice to Jackie. She must have a good side. Somewhere!?

    4. "She must have a good side. Somewhere!?"

      Well, it certainly isn't her backside!

      (Mieawo Hisssss. scratch scratch)

  2. Those flowers were lovely and aren't Gerry and Frank talented. Loved the tiger but he should be careful what he wishes for. A jungle might be too warm with that fur coat on :-)

    Castle Claypotts looks nice but I don't fancy that heritage village in China. Water and hooses that close together...

    1. Yeah PP, I love that they send in pics ... So much more personal that the ones you find on the net.

      I'll maybe do some more of the garden when things start to grow again, and it doesn't look like a wilderness.

      I thought the Chinese town looked like a more exotic Venice ...

  3. Thanks Tris, another great collection. Love the chick and cat. With spring coming on it will be a great time for photo's.
    Munguin's potting she'd looks like a great place for a party, puts Panda's bamboo den at the bottom of the garden to shame.

    1. Thanks Gerry, and for your contribution too.

      I love the chic and the cat too.

      Poor old Panda... You really should buy him a castle somewhere...

  4. Your photographs prove there is beauty in the world if we only look.

    I remember visiting Claypotts Castle in the 1960's when is was 6d to get in. Pity it is now only open about once a year.

    1. I seem to remember that a one stage you could collect a key from someone and go visit yourself. But it was rather a disappointment inside. Nothing to see really.

      The thing I remember from childhood was that there was 'Claypotts' castle and 'Claypots' garage across the road. I wonder if that was on purpose, or the sign writer left out a "t".

  5. I thought no 17 was Dundee......... but the buildings are too modern....


  6. Well so many lovely pictures, the one of the chick and the Ginger Tom is quite delightful, the lab puppies whose mum is never satisfied with their cleanliness made me remember the day my Dad brought home a couple of Pups one for my Aunt and one for her next door neighbour, well we had an Alsation (German Shepherd) who was a born Mum, those pups were so well washed that they must have sparkled the only trouble was they got into her dinner before my Mum came home and there were two wee fat pups under the sofa. That looks ike a Siberian Tiger to me though I will admit to not knowing difference from a Bengal truly.

    1. LOL.

      Oh yes, I'm sure that tiger is where he is supposed to be, and in reality would hate the jungle!

  7. Okay I know Sunday is non politics day but this is funny and has an organ utan!

    1. you may need to scroll down unless Tris can work out how to extract the relevant bit!


      How's about that?

      Well, I know who I'd rather spend the day with.

    3. and remember

      "One is a primitive primate with stupid hair who is full of his own self importance, the other is an Orang-outang." LOL!!!

    4. Lovely... and true!