Thursday 18 February 2016


And now the passport office in Dundee is to close. And our future in Europe is looking ever more unlikely, in the hands, as it is, of the hapless Cameron. Not to mention our "no detriment" deal being of massive detriment.

What happened to all the fine promises of Better Together?

Where is Gordon Brown?

Where is Alistair Darling?


  1. Not so much promises, as bare faced lies.

    1. True.

      You can't imagine that they didn't know they would break their promises.

      Probably should remember that Brussels may well treat them the same way.

    2. "Probably should remember that Brussels may well treat them the same way." If by 'Brussels' you mean the EU Commission, the negotiations on potential opt-outs from existing EU law are nothing to do with 'Brussels'. Cameron has to convince the 27 other EU countries that what he's proposing are good ideas. The governments of those countries will take the decision as to whether or not they accept or reject Cameron's plan, not the EU Commission. The EU Commission will try to work out a compromise if one is possible, but it doesn't have the power to make any decisions. In any case, I don't think anyone's so desperate for the UK to remain in the EU that they're going to promise the earth to Cameron - he'll be lucky to get a watered-down version of what he's proposed, and might even fail to get that, because very few other EU members are willing to help the UK since it's been such a pain in the arse for most other EU members almost from the day it joined what was then the EEC. There's no great love for the UK among other European states and no great desire to bend over backwards to help Cameron out of his problems with the eurosceptics in his own party. The other leaders are going above and beyond by even listening to him. If I was I charge I'd tell him to bugger off and hold his referendum, with no changes to EU law for him to wave around during the campaign.

    3. Well, in fairness Mark, I meant Brussels as in it would have been a long list to say, Paris, Sofia, Helsinki, Dublin, etc, LOL.

      But, some of the decisions will actually be made by parliament, I'm told. And they have told him that they can't guarantee to vote with him.

      The French denied Britain membership of the EU because they said that they would be bad members; they would want everything their way. De Gaulle was right, of course, although when he died they applied and got in. They have been a pain ever since.

      I think he won't get much and that someone like Gove will take the lead of the OUT campaign. Out will win and Boris Johnson will take over as PM.

      Britain will look to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand to trade with. It won't happen, and they will end up signing up to something with the EU where they will have to pay but have no say.

      The Tories almost never get anything right.

  2. Europe is falling apart ... why anyone wants to remain is beyond comprehension.

    1. Dunno. Most people seem to think that it's the best way forward.

      Too complex by a long way for me, but I certainly don't trust Cameron to make the right decision about that or anything else.

      In any case, they said that the only way we could stay in Europe was if we stayed with UK.

      Now it looks more likely by the day that they won;t get anything approaching a deal and that the Brit Nats will pull us out.

      End of promise, like all the rest.

  3. Surely now anyone who was swithering at the time and voted No will now have their eyes opened. Surely when the Vow is seen to have been reneged on and the duplicity of Westminster exposed even some No voters will realise that what we said at the time was true.

    Vote No, get nothing.

    I've recently sent a number of letters to the local paper along the same lines and luckily had them published.

    1. Well the switherers may have been won over Gerry, but there are those who would die for Liz, Dave and the red white and blue, along with their nuclear bombs and their austerity for the underdog.

      Mad though we may think them, they'll go to their death beds believing in good old Blighted.

      Oh, I meant Blighty.

    2. Gerry

      That us vote no don't listen to anyone else at all

      You a green liner then eh ?

      Green ink is a British journalistic term for the frothing of lunatics.[1][2][3] Back when letters to news outlets were produced in an archaic medium based on materials known as "paper" and "ink", the nutters would supposedly always write their IMPORTANT INFORMATION in green. It is not known just how many such letters there actually were, or if this is just urban legend, though there are occasional reports of physical manifestations.[4] Common comorbid characteristics include irrelevant capitalisation, religious mania, overuse of exclamation marks and veiled threats or warnings directed at the recipient. An article in The Observer about letters to the editor suggests avoidance of green ink.[5]
      The term remains a useful metaphor for similar frothing in the electronic age, even though the pages are likely to include every colour rejected from the rainbow,[6] in a tasty variety of fonts. Though the truly exquisite green ink is often found in carefully-formatted black and white PDFs.
      One possible reason for people to use green ink to give them extra authority is that Captain Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming, the first director of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, commonly known as MI6, Military Intelligence, Section 6) always used green ink and would sign documents with a green "C" (for "chief"), a practice that subsequent chiefs of SIS have followed.[7] Green ink was also the way in which the guardian of an underage Roman emperor would sign his charge's correspondence.[8]

  4. More to come, no doubt about that. Pensions will be the killer,they have aired this in the media often enough of last few years.
    Remember, during the ref, broon the loon threatening pensions if we voted to leave, and they have done a pretty good job of fulfilling those threats in other areas like civil service and steel etc.
    Roll on May, a chance to give them another slap.
    One step at a time.

    1. Pensions is a HUGE problem for the UK.

      They've not put a penny away for state pensions, which they have to put up year on year. Folk live longer, but even if they put up the pension age, most will be on the dole towards the end of their working lives.

      They didn't fund most civil service pensions either, despite taking money from people to do so. So current taxation has to pay for it.

      Probably why despite promising to reduce debt, it has gone up and up and up to eye watering levels.

      There is bound to come a time when it will all implode.

    2. Yep. The better half's no well pleased. Started work at 15 and paid NI's all her working life - just a couple of years off to bring up the children. Looking forward to retiring at 60 she was dismayed to see it rise, then rise again to 66. She would be drawing a pension just now if they had kept their side of the deal.

    3. They seem to have cheated women.

      Although I agree with equality and could never see why women got to retire early and live longer... they seem to have made it so that they will lose out financially.

      That's wrong.

      British government not well known for keeping their side of bargains.

  5. Only the gullible 55% believed the Daily Rancid lie I mean Vow, 45% repeatedly warned the naws what would happen and were told time and time again that we paranoid, just a oity more didnt have the wee voices we kept hearing in our heads then

    1. Well, they did their best to frighten the old and the vulnerable by promising mayhem becasue clearly Scots were as thick as two planks and couldn't do what Iceland had done with zero oil.

      As they guy said the day after... Youz ******* voted for it, ******* embrace it!

  6. Because of their hatred for Scotland britnats in Scotland love being shafted by Westminster.

    1. Well, if they aren't up in arms about the list of broken promises, they seem to me to be pathetic.

      Imagine posh boys from Eton lying through their teeth to you and you just sucking it up...

  7. tris and the other the haters of the Union ( Glorious )

    But you promised snp this referendum for Scottish Indpendence once a once in a
    Generation event (that's about 25 years ) .....
    Of course the deceitful untrustworthy snp threw Alex in the North Sea and said a generation
    Is about two weeks ......

    Now do tell what the latest opinion poll says about the Scots view on a referendum
    Umm not doing well in that are u .........

    1. That'll be the, off the cuff, comment by Mr Salmond; you'll be referring to.
      A political generation is, somewhat, shorter than a reproductive one.
      How are you enjoying the latest poling, for the upcoming election?
      Not doing too well, eh?
      The Scots electorate appear to want to remain in Europe, the Britnats, such as hour good self want to leave. Personally, I think you just like saying no, Niko.

    2. What Jim said.

    3. Jimminy

      No that perfect sound it feels you with a warm feeling of negativity
      It is I believe the sound of gravitational waves from the beginning of time
      And our glorious Union........
      From whence before nothing good existed ever especially the snpBAD

      Holyrood election within the United Kingdom no probs be interesting to see how
      The results stack up this will be the last snp win the tide changes always.

      Just love the way you erstwhile fans of Alex now shaft him with
      Barely a bye your leave ......such is loyalty Nat style

    4. I'm shafting no one, especially my old mucker Alex. He himself said he was talking about a political generation.

      Of course political success ebbs and flows, but alas slab's tide is well oot (as is their tea), with no tsunami to return them; to their positions of assumed right and mastery.

      The thing with gravity, the more dense an object is, the more it is pulled down; and you don't get much more dense than SLab.

    5. I think it's fair comment that parties come and go out of style.

      Eventually the Tories gave way to new Labour, and New labour gave way to the Tories (with the LDs) in the UK.

      In Scotland it was decided for life. Labour would be the lead party in a coalition, and the Libdems would be the smaller party. Well, that lasted 8 years and then the public changed its mind.

      It will do so again. But after 9 years of SNP government, the opposition appears even weaker than before.

      They really will have to find a leader who leads, with ideas that are sold, checked for legality and costed.

      And the Lidems will have to find a Scottish leader too. Willie Rennie hardly cuts the mustard.

      As for Alex's once in a generation, I too think he may have meant political generation. he wouldn't be responsible for another one. But it's people who decide that kind of thing.

      I think it's illy for politicians to make grandiose statements about that kind of thing.

      Willie Hague said "we will never join the Euro. Fair enough I'd not want to join it now. But maybe one day it will be the right thing. You can never say never...

  8. I remember clearly watching Dimbleby's grovelling interview with Gordie Broon and he promised to "personally" oversee delivery of all our new devolviness. Although I did switch off when the big numpty started grumbling about Ireland being dominated by nationalist parties and I shouted at the telly " well it's hardly likely to be dominated by Unionist parties ya gormless twat!".

    Anyway can anybody say what he has personally delivered, apart from another five years of his Tory pals?

    1. I have to admit that I relied upon the net from all my information about it.

      So I never saw Gordon promising Paradise in North Britain.

      But, hey ho, what happened. Gordie got a lota money for being a director of some back or another and off he went to wherever, leaving us to the tender mercies of Cameron.

      Yes. That is what he delivered.

      But we should remember that Alistair, his arch enemy (well, next to Tony) has disappeared too, into the bowels of the house of the living dead.

      His Noble Graciousness is no longer interested in the lives of mere commoners. Job done. He got his ermine and £300 a day

    2. "devolviness"

      I'm stealing that.

      Niko, you're talking shite. Does your medication have some sort of cycle?

      By the way, I was a party animal back in the day, but my grandchildren get embarrassed when I show them up.

    3. Good word from the provost.

      I'm not sure what kinda drugs he's on. Ketamine maybe?

    4. Conan

      Moi talking shite now. you see I am improving thanks to your tutelage ..
      my grand kids not fans of me singing except when I take them out in me car
      And we all sing along to me Blue CD love is their fave....
      When I go into the afterlife that will be one of the memories I will return to

    5. I think he's on the green ink...

    6. the pint....

    7. By the litre surely, he is fond of European ways you know.

    8. Ah, he was, but now he's joined with Nigel Farage to say NO.