Friday 12 February 2016




  1. Lambeth isn't in England...?

    Ah. I ken whit ye mean.

    1. You can 'walk' to it Conan. Take Niko with you.


  2. tris

    The Cuts in England are the Torys doing the cuts in Scotland
    are the fault of the snp and the snp alone.......

    1. Of course they are, Niko. They are the government.

      And the buck stops there.

      They have tried to help out the poorest with rent rebates and council tax stuff...

      And of course council are free to put up council tax if they want to. So I think they may have to take some responsibility for council cuts, or at least some of them.

    2. No they Labour's and Labour's alone. They are the ones who kept us in the Union. They preferred a UK Tory Governmen to an independent Scottish Labour one.

    3. Point taken, Provost!

      But we must live with the result of the referendum... and of course the Vow!

    4. Oh, I don't think it will be very long.

  3. tris

    Yeah another thing that there Helena called me a Quisling
    a bloody Quisling no less i thought the Republic was a fair
    and safe place to debate......
    But did you reprimand her eh no you didnt did you even the most
    unwanted citisen of the republic deserves protection from viragos
    such as helena.

    and I'll tell you this boy I have never done a Quiz in all me life
    not one ever

    1. "I have never done a Quiz in all me life
      not one ever"

      Aye... I'm sure of that.

      If you had actually *won* one, you would have trumpeted it.

    2. conan

      Ooer you bitch this is just for you

    3. Aww poor Niko.

      OK Helena, you're naughty for calling Niko the Q word.

      He's never done a quiz in his life... or so he says!

      Happy Niko?

  4. Niko isn't a Quisling.He's just a deluded Labour pawn.

    1. Actually Niko left Labour like the rest of us, a good while ago. But he rejoined (as I understand it) becasue it looked like, at least in some ways, they were going back to their roots.

      I respect that.

      I think Labour are DEAD wrong on Scotland. I like Corbyn (although I wish he'd kick some ass), but very sad about his attitude to Scotland.

      Of course I think very little of the Labour team in Scotland. Asses led by a donkey.

      Deluded? Yep I think he is... but then he thinks I am!

  5. I think I only once responded to your troll. and that was in response to him defaming me. Has he donated to weightwatchers yet?

    Scot Goes Pop is being undermined by Glasgow W**king Class. If all we do is respond to trolling then all the sites become unreadable. It escapes me how anyone visits pro nationalist sites and bothers to post at all. You wouldn't go to the Rangers Supporters Club wearing a Celtic top.

    So please, calm down. There is no point trying to reason with fools. And there is a small, stupid group who will never be persuaded to vote with us. They are a waste of time even trying to convert. I would suggest he/ she/ it is best ignored.

    And how daft is it to advocate voting to leave the EU when you claim to be in favour of it. What an immature idiot.

    Saor Alba

    1. Agree totally. Block the twats. Let them talk to dopey Duncan Hothersall

    2. Anon.

      Niko is ... special.

      I won't stop trying to persuade him to vote SNP, just like I wouldn't stop feeding a stray dog.

      He has a problem with reality; he still thinks the Labour party is the way forward.

      Be gentle with him.


    3. Day after day, alone on the hill
      The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
      But nobody wants to know him
      They can see that he's just a fool
      As he never gives an answer
      But the fool on the hill
      Sees the sun going down
      And the eyes in his head
      See the world spinning around

      Well on the way, head in a cloud
      The man of a thousand voices talking percetly loud
      But nobody ever hears him
      Or the sound he appears to make
      And he never seems to notice
      But the fool on the hill
      Sees the sun going down
      And the eyes in his head
      See the world spinning around

    4. The most complicated skill
      Is to be simple.

      To say more while saying less
      Is the secret of being simple.

      To not say all that can be said
      Is the secret of discipline and economy.

      To leave out beautiful sunsets
      Is the secret of good taste.

      To hide feelings when you are near crying
      Is the secret of dignity.

      To cut and tighten sentences
      Is the secret of mastery.

      To keep the air fresh among words
      Is the secret of verbal cleanliness.

      To write good poems
      Is the secret of brevity.

      To go against the grain
      Is the secret of bravery.

      To risk life to save a smile on a face of a woman or a child
      Is the secret of chivalry.

      To go where no one else has ever gone before
      Is the secret of heroism.

      To expect to be kissed having bad breath
      Is the secret of a fool.

      Words rich in meaning
      Can be cheap in sound effects.

      Simplicity by Dejan Stojanovic

    5. Niko, you really are "special", we like you, really we do.

    6. Ahhhhh.

      Most of what Niko says is light hearted banter. He's not in the least like some of the trolls you get on other sites. (We had some here a long time ago, but got rid of them, but reasoning with them and asking them to elaborate of their theory, expand and explain. We don't pretend to be an intellectual site like Lalland, or smart like Wings, or scientific like SGP, but we can be if we want to. Of course they couldn't and didn't.)

      Niko was here from pretty much the start. In a way he's what the blog is about.

      And he's got a lovely dog!

    7. Niko: Petula did a great version of that.

      Jim: That is beautiful and true!

    8. I like that.Niko as the pet troll.

    9. You need a 'name' to disparage Niko Anon.


      He's a bit of a tit, but he's *our* tit.

    10. And, bizarrely, we'll defend him; but, maybe not to the bitter end.

    11. He's a bit like a naughty pet.

  6. I used to deal with English councils professionally a few years ago. The cuts have been going on well before Cameron and his cronies got into power.

    And some bad humour:

    Man walks into a zoo and the only animal he sees is a dog.
    Must have been a chitzu.....

    Where did Noah keep his bees?

    What does a pirate say when he turns eighty?
    Aye matey!

    What's the tallest building in the city?
    Library. Has the most stories....

    I'm here all week...................


    1. "Man walks into a zoo and the only animal he sees is a dog.
      Must have been a chitzu....."

      That's a good take on my favourite, Chic Murray, joke. The man was a genius.

    2. All week?

      You don;t fancy a holiday?

  7. Favourite Chic Murray one-liner: "Met a man at the Olympics and asked him 'Are you a pole-vaulter?' and he replied 'No, I'm German but how did you know my name is Walter?'. He used to bill himself and his lady as "The Tall Droll with the Wee Doll". If Niko had joined them he could have added .." and the Mad Troll".

    1. More from Chic:

      "A lassie came walking towards me.I knew that because she kept getting bigger."
      " I said, hello dear. Well I called her that ,cos she had a couple of antlers sticking out of her head."

      "The sign on the wall said LIFT. I tried but it was too heavy for me"

  8. Incidentally, Niko may be mad as a hatter, daft as a brush, a howler at the moon, confused as an octopus trying to count to ten, thinks innuendo is an Italian suppository, all essential qualifications for Labourites, but this blog would be much duller without him!

  9. You saying this blog's dull?

    1. Yeah, Niko is the only reason we all come visiting! You could make it less dull by (a) posting photos of cute animals and breath-taking scenery or (b) ban me from posting!

    2. A Show of Hands for a Buddhist Wee-Free zone?

    3. Oh please, don't be daft, who wants to look at pics of cute animals and stunning scenery? Tsk.

      The second idea is worth considering though. I'll talk it over with Munguin.

      Aye Conan. Munguin says he doesn't want any of that lot here stopping him going to the dancing...specially as it's Valentine's day, and he's always hopeful!