Monday 8 February 2016



  1. Tris

    You some kind of communist then ?

    I am told by Cameron ( on the TV ) if God and Nicola forbid that if the NO camp
    Win the referendum and the U.K. Leave the E.U. then the English will dig a tunnel
    From Dover to Edinburgh so any migrant disembarking at Dover docks will continue on
    To darkest Scotland .....
    Also each migrant is to be given 5000 bawbees and a map to your gaff see how bloody
    Welcoming you are then .......

    Yeah Jungle at tris retreat

  2. Yeah Project Fear ...........but badly

  3. Not overly sure what this has to do with the NHS, but here goes.

    Am I a communist? not really, but there was a lot that was good in the theory. No. I'm a social democrat, with relatively left leanings.

    Clearly I couldn't take all the refugees, but I'd gladly take what my modest accommodations would allow. it's all very well giving money to refugee charities, or sending clothes to Calais, but the folk there are people. They have lived through things that we can;t even begin to imagine. Some of these things are the fault of their own leadership; some of religious nut jobs, and some as a result of the idiotic interference of the West, in particular the UK, America and France.

    Of course I'd help and welcome them. What kind of person wouldn't?

    Incidentally, if the English did build a tunnel anywhere, unless we were fortunate enough to get the hell out of the UK, the refugees could just get out at Edinburgh, just under your house, and start walking for the border.

    Question Niko: Who would you rather have as Cabinet Secretary for Health...Shona or Hunt?

    1. My answer to your last question is.....neither.

      I don't want any politician anywhere near the NHS (unless they are a doctor (Liam Fox excepted), nurse etc).

      However, what Hunt is doing to junior doctors is a disgrace. For one, he is changing the "anti-social" hours threshold from 7.30 to 10.30 pm - MPs at Westminster still have a 7.30 cut off. And junior doctors work bloody hard. Many people tend to forget that doctors never stop learning. They are in training practically all of their careers. Hunt is trying to use the guilt argument, but I think it's failing. This isn't the miners under Scargill on strike, but a group of rather intelligent individuals who can fully understand precisely what Hunt is trying to do.

      The English couldn't dig a tunnel. By the time the PFI contracts had been sorted out we'll all be part of a European Superstate.


    2. I doubt if, in fact Fox is a doctor any more. Doctors, as the case of Philippa Whitford showed (and as you said), must continually practise their skills in order to keep their medical practising certificates. I don't think he has.

      As the title "doctor" for a medical professional is "honorary" (unlike an academic doctorate, which is a recognition for academic work), as I understand it, in theory he is not entitled to go on using it if he does not practise. Unless of course he got a PhD in further studies after qualifying as a medical practitioner.

      I think it would be a good idea if you could have a medical professional as a cabinet secretary for health, but one who actually had a heart and some compassion for human beings. And not all, as Fox amply demonstrates, do. Also it's a bit of a waste of all that medical knowledge to waste it running the political side of health.

      Hunt was promoted way above his ability when he was culture secretary. That he should be health secretary is laughable, or would be if it wasn't killing so many people.

      Agreed about the tunnel. It would probably be 5 years late and 25 times over budget too and then Atos or G4S would be left to take care of it and it would collapse.

  4. Most,if not all,of Camerons cabinet are perfect examples of the Peter Principle in action.

    1. They all end up being promoted beyond the level of their competence.

      Yes for sure, but in Hunt's case, he was promoted above his competency level as culture secretary.

      The Olympics was the big event of his term at their Culture Media and Sport Dept.

      He hardly had much to do with it, given that there was an Olympics Delivery board, and prince Sebastian was in charge of it. Even when it came to government, there was an Olympics minister to run the political side of it.

      And although we were told it was the world's best Olympics ever, and there had never been anything even vaguely or remotely approaching how utterly magnificent it was, it was, in fact, a series of cock ups.

      For a start the budget went up so many time that we all lost count; we never got to know how much the security element of it cost; G4S completely let them down and the military was drafted into do security.

      And then there was the legacy... ah yes.

      To perpetuate the myth that it was perfection itself, prince Sebastian was made King and Hunt the braincell was promoted to Health.

      But I guess he's all for the privatisation, so in Cameron's eyes he will be doing a good job.

      Never mind if every report you ever hear from there is bad.

      Today's story is that people have to travel up to 150 miles for mental health treatment, as a result of which they are committing suicide and murdering other people while they wait.

      Needless to say the BBC has largely reported this without mentioning that it applies to England only.

    2. Hunt has a braincell? Bit over the top there Tris.

    3. Hmmm... momentary lapse!

  5. Nothing wrong with a practising doctor moving into politics or bureaucracy. My own GP practice's head GP is moving to become an Medical Director. Nothing like 30 year's practical experience to bring to the table.


    1. No, I didn't mean that there was. But to continue to be a doctor, they have to keep practising.

      If Fox wanted to practise as a medical practitioner, he would have to undergo retraining, unless very quietly, he has been continueing to practise and keep his skills up to date.

      No one wants a doctor who has been out of practice for 20 years and is unaware of 21st Century techniques and medication.

      All I was saying was the title was an honorary one, and therefore hardly appropriate for someone who can't practise. So in the case of Fox, I refer to him as Mr rather than Dr.