Tuesday 16 February 2016


Hmmm. Wee change of mind then, Gordo? 
I'd not do the horses if I were you, George.
sooo, we're worse off, but you're a Lord.
I think we see what you were up to.
All that lovely Scottish money being spent in London.
All these top executives with six figure salaries.
Ridiculous organisation.
Should be reduced to one tv station and one radio station.
And a maximum of £10 licence fee.
Don't know which is worse!
Achievements? ...and you've had so many John.
Just look at Jim Murphy's bid to be FM.
Dumb and Dumber?
Can't do it. Kez has already spent it on... oh, loads of stuff.

You have to wonder when it wasn't.
Be wary of big charities with big offices and
 eye watering salaries for their executives.
And watch out too for begging letters from charities that don't operate in Scotland. RSPCC; RSPCA, etc.
But we aren't building them for the old or the disabled, becasue they would cost too much money. We'll just need to find a bin for them.
Gross? On no, we couldn't stand 144 of them.
Here stands a proud man. 
One of Munguin's mates, I have no doubt.
Munguin's suggestion for replacing the Tories.
I see George's image consultant who got a 50% pay rise has left him standing pigeon toed or is that "toad"?.

You must run into old Nigel Lawson over there, Jon.
He's running 'Britain Out' from his home in France.
That is how it all works...
Any doubts now?


  1. The chimps would be better behaved and make more sensible decisions than the Tories (and chimps are notoriously ill behaved!)I like Munguin's mouse mate!

    Did you see Dispatches on tax and the rich? And I have to link to my favourite Darling video as he describes the horrors that would befall if there was a devolved parliament/assembly in 1979 - was always a Unionist


    1. Oh no PP. Thanks for reminding me.

      Off to watch it now. Head like a sieve is that how you spell it?).

      I see Darling was as good at predicting stuff as Galloway.

    2. Sooo easy.

      When you think how much they are withholding (and some who used to work in No 10), and then you look at the news over the last few days about mental health patients in England , or about their 111 system where they employ 17 year olds to give advice ...

      Also UK has the most complex tax system in the world.

      Ye gads. What a disaster of a country.

  2. Galloway with his finger on the pulse of public opinion, as usual.
    I hope he lost a shed load, with that bet.

    1. The kinda guy you'd meet in the bookies and back whatever he's NOT backed.

    2. I remember Galloway coming to Coatbridge during his :Just say Naw" campaign.

      He said" They want to use our money too!"

      I was following it online via livestream, no one asked the obvious questions a statement like this should have raised, in fact, they cheered.

      We still voted Yes in Coatbridge and North Lanarkshire though.


      Haven't heard any more of him coming to represent a North Lanarkshire constituency. Cold feet, or told to naff off by the ruling Labour tribe?

    3. Is he not standing for Mayor of London...

      What a joke.

    4. To be fair to Galloway, Labour didn't lose a single seat to the SNP. That single seat was Edinburgh South.

    5. LOL yes, I've remarked on that before.

      Wasn't it Murphy who actually said that?

      What a dick!

  3. Galloway's prediction was as good as his one about of "Super Devo". The egotistical, misogynist reptile that he is.

    1. Yes, your provostness...on BBC live to an audience of 16-17 year old, with Ruth Davidson agreeing with every word, and... if BT though he'd gone over the top with that one, they failed to mention it between the broadcast and the referendum.

      Lying git.

  4. Nice collection above.

    Cynical stuff first (get it out of the way!):

    Irvine Welsh - now a resident of the USA I believe. Love his books, but like anyone else not living in Scotland, can keep their opinions to themselves, even if they are agreeable.

    BBC - Scottish football doesn't justify high spending. Although I prefer to watch BBC Alba's coverage, as I don't need to worry about verbal bulls*** from the commentators.

    Good stuff now:

    The comments by the Defence Secretary regarding his justification for Trident finally killed off any lingering support I had. He basically said that it allows the UK bigger influence in world affairs. Erm, how exactly? We can retain a nuclear deterrent at a greatly reduced cost, without the obscene cost, which continues to rise.

    Save the Children salary - absolutely shocking. I have worked for a charity and the chief executive for a related and major charity has a salary that doesn't even come close. You do need a reasonable salary, but £100,000 would suffice.

    Galloway - entertainment value guaranteed. And I thought my football predictions were bad........

    Carmichael - please get rid of him. Any party, any candidate but not this self-serving, egotistic who lives in his own fantasy world.

    Airport tax needs removed, but I doubt it will do anything for Prestwick.

    The show house is spot on. Affordable housing is anything but nowadays.

    Google. Enough said. As for security, you cannot log out of gmail if used on a tablet or mobile.

    Chimpanzees are better organised than any politician.

    And thank you for that pic of May and Cameron, just before my dinner.......


    1. You just be grateful that it was head and shoulders and fully clothed!

      Fair comments.

  5. tris

    snp attitude to Scottish law is exposed even if you are found not guilty the snp declares
    You outlaw and set the Nat hounds loose....very fair

    See Nicola has publicly declared her relationship with David Cameron two hearts beating as one
    a vote for the snp is a vote for Cameron .....don't you know

    1. So now you are standing up for Carmichael, who

      (a) admitted he lied, but only after he had secured his fat cat salary and expenses for 5 years;

      (b) was found by a court to have lied in order to give himself a better chance of keeping his fat cat salary and expense;

      (c) was stupid enough to involve a very senior foreign diplomat in his lies...

      OK... fine.

      I've no idea how Nicola feels about David Cameron. She probably far too astute a politician to let that out, but if the look at the Cenotaph could have killed... then we'd be looking at Gidiot or Strawhairman leading us out of the EU now.

    2. "but if the look at the Cenotaph could have killed"

      One of my favourite photo's of Nicola, paints a thousand words I think.

    3. I tell you, Gerry, I'd not like to be on the receiving end of that look!

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  7. Dearest Niko. when the party you suport actually stands up to the Tories you may even find someone who will support you and not the Tories who are about all that do here in Scotland presently. Seems dearest that a vote in the Referendum which was promulgated by the Labour Party was actually a vote for the Conservatives, either that or your party along with the Lib Dums should never go hunting, you cannot see a trap set in front of your little runny noses, which is not bad work for the so called stupid party.

  8. Apologies to my fellow-Hibee, Irvine Welsh. At first glance I thought it was the despicably sexist John Reid, a politician who, for personal reasons, I detest even more than the bastard Blair. So Irvine Welsh lives in the US but should that prevent him and other exiles speaking up for and boosting Scotland? I don't think so!

    I reckon Niko, understandably, thinks Carmichael, proved to be dishonest and self-serving, is a Labourite - easy mistake to make!

    1. It is arguable that, from his vantage point in the USA, Irvine Welsh can see just what a pathetic little entity the UK is.

      Desperate to appear to still be relevant and "important" in the world, and really just the lick spittle of the USA.

      I'll never forget the story of Brown's Office bothering the life out of Obama for a meeting with Gordon Brown. Time and time again they proposed; time and time again they were turned down.

      I'd love to know the story about John Reid.. if it is shareable...

      Och, who knows what Niko thinks when it's a full moon...