Wednesday 24 February 2016



Mr Corbyn looks like most of us do in off-the-peg suits and Primark shirts.
Not everyone, not least a large section of the Parliamentary Labour Party, shares Jeremy Corbyn's view. Heaven knows this blog and Mr Corbyn are at serious odds on one of the most important issues of today in Scotland.

But, whatever your views about his traditional Labour policies, or his view on Scottish independence, no one can deny that he comes over as a decent and polite man with a set of principles.

Every time we get new leaders at Westminster, we ate told that the time of "New Politics" has arrived. It never has, of course. Within days leaders are sniping at each other over the despatch box and it's back to "Old Politics". 

Corbyn, however, has tried to return Prime Minister's Questions to what it was supposed to be about. Getting the Prime Minister to answer questions on current topics of concern to the ordinary public. He's even asked questions on behalf of individuals.

It goes without saying that the Prime Minister never answers the questions, and, much to their discredit, the toffs behind him tend to laugh and jeer at the problems besetting "Mrs A" from Liverpool, or Mr Z and his children from Bexhill-on-Sea. 
Cameron, on the other hand, is the very
 quintessence of sartorial elegance.
Today the prime minister and his back-benchers went too far with the sneering. Corbyn had asked a perfectly reasonable question about the extremely serious junior doctors situation in HNS England, something most of the public are concerned about, when some Labour backbencher heckled the PM with a comment relating to his mother (who had signed a petition about cuts to children's services in her constituency) asking him, "what would your mother say?".  

Cameron looked angry as he replied that his mother would say "put on a proper suit; do up your tie and sing the national anthem!"
So there you have the measure of the man. The health service in England is falling to pieces; the leader of the opposition is concerned about it, as all residents of England should be, and the Prime Minister is hand out a lecture on sartorial elegance.

Sorry. That's pathetic. 

Corbyn isn't the snappiest dresser, we all know. Cameron, on the other hand has, no doubt, never worn an off the peg suit in his life and his suits may well cost what mos people spend on clothes in a couple of years. So what?

It's not the clothes that matter; it's the policies. After all if we want to see nice clothes, we can go to fashion shows. Not that there's anything wrong with snappy dressing, if it's to your taste. It's just not necessary.
Expensive suit, everything matching.
How would Corbyn look in this?
So we'd respectfully suggest that Cameron wants to give people dress advice, he get a job with Giorgio Armani. If, on the other hand, he wants to continue to be the prime minister of the UK, perhaps it would be an idea to concentrate on saving the NHS. Sharpish. Before it's too late.

We really deserve far better politicians at the head of the UK than we have. 

Addendum: Thought you might enjoy some of these:
That suit cost even more than Dave's
Bet he's like the Queen Mother. Never wear anything twice
Love the Yellow one...
The sight of him makes my flesh crawl,
but he bought good suits...
Not so much a suit more a big top.
Nice suit, ye creepy old bastard.
Yep, that will have cost more than my car.
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  1. Tris,

    Do you think that that is the standard Etonian put-down:

    "put on a proper suit; do up your tie and sing the national anthem!"

    It might explain the relative decline of the UK over, what?, the last hundred years....

    Utterly indefensible nonsense from the last PM of the UK (I hope!)

  2. Yes, Douglas, I'd guess it was his background, Eton, Oxford, Bullingdon et al.

    It's what chaps do, don't you know.

    You can get away with anything as long as you wear the right clothes at the right time, etc... never mind the quality, feel the width.

  3. I'm reminded that back in 2014, the President of the United States for some reason ditched the obligatory Presidential dark blue attire, and appeared at a press briefing in a TAN suit. The gasp from the press corps was audible. The suit was derided for both its color and the fact that it was deemed by the fashion intelligentsia to be poorly if he had bought it off a rack in a store, where poor and unimportant people go to buy their clothes. His tie was also universally vilified as being not just poorly chosen for the suit, but generally ghastly in every way. The presidential fashion faux pas shook the fashion world to its foundations and elicited unfavorable comment from major world capitals.

    "Esquire" published a one year retrospective of the incident.

    Before the next State of the Union Address (sort of a Queen's speech without horses, coaches, ermine robes or crown)the White House tweeted a joke picture of his State of the Union suit.

    1. LOL.

      Poor old Mr Obama. What a faux pas. How could he?

      Actually how dare any of these people tell him what he can and can't wear... and the "ditch the jeans" comment. I mean who ARE they?

      I think the suit's OK, and the tie too, although I'll never knowingly wear a tie myself adn I'm not known for my snappy dress sense.

      The tweets were funny though...

      There have been some good posts on Twitter tonight.

      A picture of Adolf Hitler with a beautiful suit and his tie tied up properly. I suspect he would have met with Mr Cameron's approval, and that of his mama.There's more. Some of them the smartest suits you ever saw: Assad, Mugabe, Kauffman, Savile, Smith and a pile of other crooks and perverts. All smart as smart can be, with beautifully tied ties.

      Just shows, if you got money you can buy respectability, even though you are a detestable slimeball.

    2. I've added some of them....

    3. Very entertaining pictures! Jimmy Savile was a truly odd looking dude. And also nice to see that obesity is no excuse for not being well attired.

      Say what we will about Assad, that's one nice looking suit he's wearing. On the other hand, even a man of Mugabe's status just can't bring off that yellow suit pink tie combo.

      One does have to feel a bit sorry for Her Britannic Majesty Elizabeth. Undoubtedly from time to time she must get a nice dress that she really likes. Perfect color, good fit! Yet she knows that she can never wear it again. Maybe she's allowed to wear her old state occasion dresses in private though as she does the cleaning around the palace. Cooking dinner for Phil and the family. Things like that.

    4. Savile certainly looked odd. That's him a his most conventional. But they are all pretty grim in their own ways. I'm no clothes expert being, but Assad's suit looks like it cost more than my year's earnings.

      I dunno what the Sax Cobergs do with their old stuff. That's made me think. She can't take it to the charity shop or donate it to refugees like the rest of us do. Odd! Still as they have over 600 rooms in Buck House and many other palaces and houses, I guess she has storage space!

  4. I've only ever worn a suit for interviews and funerals.





    A voxpop on Munguin's followers tastes in clothing? I know himself favours wool...

    1. Wool, 9 yards of it.

      Ties only for the duration of weddings and funerals.

    2. Munguin likes his scarf. He's never parted from it.

      Tris can only afford jeans and t-shirts.

      I loathe ties above everything.

      I'm afraid the Camerons would find me most unsatisfactory.

    3. Aye Quine's Da' I can see from your photo there.

      With you on ties.

      TBH, I don't so much mind it, but more object to being told I HAVE to wear one for no reason whatsoever, especially when I'm being told to by someone who doesn't have to wear one.

      In these days of equality, I fail to see how the Speaker of the London parliament can exclude a man from the chamber if he's not wearing a tie, but allow people like Mad Nad to come in dressed like she was off to a garden party.

    4. The whole place is a fancy dress emporium, I really think the Victorians were taking the piss when they came up with the costumes.
      I mean how stupid does Gove look?

    5. On a scale of 1-10....46

  5. Cameron should be made to read Thatcher's comment 100 times then stand in the corner. He really does behave like a schoolboy, and gets riled up very easily. Milliband could see that and used to wind him up at PMQs. Makes you wonder if Cameron was bullied at school.

    I like a smart suit as much as anyone else, but my preferred attire is t-shirt leather jacket, jeans and cowboy boots (despite my wife's efforts to destroy the boots).


    1. Yes, Zog. He's easy. He gets all worked up and his face goes all red. He's a boy from privilege. He's not used to being beaten (at least not verbally).

      Why does your wife not like the boots?

    2. Yes I bet lots of the chaps were simply beastly to him at school. Also I hate the way he always refers to "Our" United Kingdom. He always has that sneer when he says it, he does it to take the piss out of all Yes voters. We will have the last laugh old boy what! what!

    3. That drives me nuts. He sounds like the queen using the royal plural.

      Like when that daft old bat Thatcher said "We have become a grandmother".

      Certainly not my United Kingdom. I feel seriously excluded.

  6. Cameron's background as a PR spiv has stood him in good stead.
    His premiership has been all about presentation and never mind the subtance.
    I suspect the rapid change of mind with respect to the FFS (Fiscal Framework Scotland) was more to do with him being seen as keeping his word on the vow which might convince some people that his EU "Deal" is worth more than the paper it is written on.
    Mr. Cameron's piece.
    He represents the old politics of spin which people across the western world have had enough of.
    Enter BoJo stage right....England's Trump card.

    1. I never thought about that... you're right.

      If he couldn't have kept his side of the "no detriment" bargain to Scotland, why would he keep it to Britain.

      Bang on.

    2. Yep, and while there was a big Ho Ha about not paying the EU, this slipped through fairly quietly

    3. Wonder why THAT was done quietly.

      I think I saw a tweet this morning saying that they had finally, reluctantly applied for flood relief funding from the EU.

      I wonder if they will take the money on offer for Food Banks?

  7. Suits are really quite bizarre. They speak volumes regards a guys status, whether genuine or not.
    I think if an alien from another planet dropped by, they would laugh their heads off at how some people dress themselves, suits and ties in particular.

    Suits can also hide the sinister and corrupt, as can be seen in many of the photos. A old friend of mine when very young, was attacked by a guy in a suit, so she wasn't believed when she told her parents and police, which seems to have been the worst part of it. People in suits are trusted, just because they look respectable, and in some cases, it definitely doesn't mean that they are. In fact it can be quite the opposite.

    I wouldn't trust camoron with the shopping, nevermind the welfare of the country and people in it.

    1. Yes Hetty. It's that air of respectability. A hang over from the days when only toffs wore suits. The rest of us would have been in overalls. Somehow they had the idea that posh people wouldn't do that kind of thing...

      Yet the rogues gallery up there suggests that posh people very definitely would!

  8. That outburst backfired on Cameron and showed what a nasty, spiteful individual he is. Corbyn was very restrained in his approach, he had to wait until the braying tossers quietened down before he could speak but it suited him fine. It gave more time for the fact that Cameron's a git to sink in.

    Now if Corbyn begins to take a reasonable view of Scottish self determination, I will be even more sympathetic. But I will still vote SNP X 2!

    1. As usual Cornbyn trumped him with politeness, and on this occasion, with an appropriate comment about his own mother.

      SNP x 2 for me.

  9. Me too!
    All Cameron proved here was that he is a deeply unpleasant character! But then, I think we have that sussed already

    1. Hi Ken...

      Yes, we worked that out a while ago.

      I bet he's never had a suit of clothes that cost less than a months average income.

      Hi shirts probably cost more than my entire wardrobe.

      He looks down on people who can;t afford to wear his Savile Row style of outfitting.


  10. Good post, made me smile. Especially the Thatcher quote, which makes what Dave said rather ironic.

    I was really shocked by the sheer nastiness of what Cameron said yesterday. It just shows what others have observed. He's a PR man, no more, no less. He doesn't actually believe in anything, only what he is told to. I think even Norman Tebbit said as much:
    "I just cannot read Mr Cameron's mind, it's a foreign country to me. Men like Churchill, Atlee, Bevan, were real men with real depths of experience."

    "I had always been suspicious of surface glamour, no doubt a view that I absorbed from my grandmother." - Cherie Blair

    1. I think that probably Tebbit could read Cameron's mind. He's been in politics long enough to see that he's a guy from a privileged background, who wanted for nothing, went to the right school, the right university and through his connections with Buckingham Palace was chosen for a seat.

      There's no real substance to Cameron. He doesn't really believe in anything except that he was born to go to the top.

      That comment was a bit mistake. He may as well have said "Calm down dear and get yourself along to my tailor.

  11. Grayson Perry: The rise and fall of Default Man
    How did the straight, white, middle-class Default Man take control of our society – and how can he be dethroned?
    (October 2014 - long feature but worth reading)

    1. Interesting article from an interesting point of view.

  12. "quintessence of sartorial elegance"

    I have to admit that is a wonderful turn of phrase!

    1. Oh thank you Dean.

      And welcome back. How's China?

  13. I'll admit, I love a good suit...nothing beats a grey suit with light pink tie! Although, I doubt wearing a suit marks a man out as any more or less intellectually capable of being PM...

    1. Yes, some people do, and that is their prerogative. And I'd agree that a decent suit can look really smart. A well tailored suit can cover a multitude of things....although, Cyril Smith was maybe a ask too far for that.

      But, quite apart from the fact that it should be a choice that you make for yourself, it's manners that maketh man, and not clothes...says MY mother. And I agree.

      So, Mr Corbyn isn't a snappy dresser, but he has beautiful manners.

    2. I don't tend to get worried about Corbyn dress sense, or his beautiful manners. I worry more about his apologism for IRA terrorism, his friendship with Hamas and Hezbollah and his refusal to sign the national anthem on war remembrance day.

  14. Donald J. Trump wears presidential style dark suits with considerable aplomb.

    And he markets his own "Signature Collection" of fine menswear........which is made in MEXICO! (Also China.)

    1. Heavens... If he builds the wall, how will he get his 'Signature Collection' in to the USA...?

      He didn't think that one through!

    2. Yep Tris.....about like he usually thinks things through I'd say. ;-) Rubio hit him about his Mexican clothing line in the debate last night. Tempers flared and the debate moderators more or less lost control.