Friday 9 August 2013


Who? Lamont, you say? Hmmmm, nope. No one of that name here, is there Donald?
If your kids ever ask you how to get on in life... here's your answer. Give money to the Tories (or the Liberals, or Labour).
Adios Nick. Don't rush back, please!
See...loads of good reasons to vote Conservative (or  Liberal, or Labour).
And if you don't have it, then Mr Duncan Smith will soon get you another job as a slave in Tesco.
There's many a true word spoken in jest. Don't think just because the figures showed a pathetic growth that that means that the misery is over. With this lot (or Labour) the misery will never be over.
Remember your mum and dad telling you to save for a rainy day? They hadn't bargained on the ineptitude of the Conservatives (or Liberals or Labour). You might as well spend it all. Have a round the world cruise, because if you save it, it will soon be worth half of what it used to be worth.
You should've come over here Morgan. The Conservatives have got loads of tricks like this up their sleeves (as, of course have the Liberals and Labour
They are all in such a poor state that they might as well amalgamate and save on administration costs, after all there's no difference in their policies to speak of.
One of the hundreds of reasons for voting Tory (or Liberal or Labour) is that you get to step over poor people in shop doorways on your way to the opera. Often they will lie down in puddles for you so you don't get your opera clothes wet. Who said chivalry was dead?
Well the first four are difficult but not impossible to explain; the last one beats the hell out of me though.
Wonder what their priorities are? Well, ask yourself, did benefit claimants ever give half a million to the Tory party (or the Liberals, or Labour)? QED.
Seems to be the answer to the above problems... YES anyone?

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  1. That top piccie is a bit of a duksae, Tris.

    1. Trying to fit 'quackers' into that pick and it is driving me ....

    2. Hmmmm...

      The poor wee birdies are now on a mission to find Ms Lamont and restore her to our bosoms, and all you can do is poke fun at them...

      Shame on you lads...

    3. Same to you CH (says Donald the Duck!)

    4. Answering my first post. as if you didn't know.

    5. LOL, As if!!!

  2. Interesting series of pictures and comments Tris. They are even MORE interesting when you take them together in conjunction with the series of articles over on Rev Stu's site.

    Stu has put up a series of articles giving a breakdown of the responses to the recently Wings sponsored poll. The results are quite eye opening and a real SHOCKER for any Better Together readers, awe SHAME!

    1. The results of the poll are quite groundbreaking, Arbroath.

      I note that no one in the press has referred to them. The latest comments are also eye-opening.

      If the press don't like the smell of the results of a poll, they simply don;t print them.

      Ironically, this proves a point made in the poll. The press are utterly unreliable.

    2. Who'd have thunk it?

      Here we are, every body saying for yonks that the press is unreliable and untrustworthy and low and behold the poll bears this out. Well I never. Next I suppose they'll be telling us our oil will STILL be flowing AFTER independence!

    3. Interestingly the circulation figures continue to plummet.

      I can't wait to find out what our, recently redesignated as local, Scottish newspapers figures are going to be.

    4. WHIT?

      You trying to say that these "comics" actually still have circulation figures?

      Well at least one thing is for sure, whenever they do count their "sales" figures at least they will NOT need to use any electronic device to do the tallying their fingers should just about do!

  3. As no one asked, 'quack quack '.

    1. Sorry... I should have asked...

  4. Anyone voting yes just because they don't like the Tories is an utter fool.

    1. I d0n't think people will vote " because they don't like the Tories", Dean.

      But, it has to be said that for more than half my life I have been ruled by a Tory government for which, not only did I not vote, but for which my country didn't vote.

      For another 13 years of my life I have a Labour government for which, I admit, my country DID vote.

      But it was a Labour government unlike anything heretofore imagined.

      It was a Labour government that increased the tax on the very poorest and pandered to the every whim of the super rich.

      It was a Labour government that brought in privatisation in areas of health and welfare, forking out vast amounts to companies that simply stole the money and provided the lowest possible service.

      It was a Labour government which had promised a revolution after 18 years of Tory misrule and actually carried on most of their policies, renationalised nothing and changed its constitution to stop it being obliged to be a socialist party.

      With the advent of UKIP both the Tory Party and the Labour Party have moved to the right, lest their voters drift over to Nigel.

      The Tories will take the UK out of Europe, almost certainly. Switzerland will probably block the Uk joining EFTA (on the basis that it is an organisation of small/tiny states with a total population of under 14 million, which would be swamped by the 62 million Brits that would join, and of course, Britain would want to take over and run it to suit Britain).

      Scotland's trade would suffer a great deal from leaving the union. The impact is reckoned to be far more than that on England.

      The likelihood over the next 20-30 years is that we will, in the UK, have either Tory or right wing, Tory-inspired Labour governments whose policies we will not like.

      If you are English and don't like the victimization of the poor, racism, and a need to spend taxpayers' money to keep up the pretense of importance in the world, there is nothing you can do about it.

      If you are Scottish, you can vote for an independent Scotland which can elect a government which will reflect the needs and aspirations of Scotland, not the South of England.

      It's a little more complex than simply voting against the Tories.

    2. Thank gawd a new school term starts on Tuesday, remember your play piece as your brain is severely stretched to capacity.

      The war of the worlds.

      So let’s just put those in order of what frightens Scots the most:

      1. Conservative governments
      2. Terrorists
      3. North Korea
      4. Iran
      5. Space monsters
      6. China
      7. Russia

    3. We should be honest about this. Tories are far more dangerous than space monsters.

      After all, we don't know for certain that space monsters are going to be harmful, but did you ever know a Tory government that wasn't downright murderous?

      The truth is Scots do NOT want Tory governments.

      I'm surprised that they have much fear of North Korea. But I'm not surprised that Russia and China hold little fear for people.

      After Tory governments which starve our poor and hurt our old, our sick, and stifle our economy, I can see that terrorists would be a major fear.

      The UK has made itself incredibly unpopular by waging war and poking its nose in so many places.

      Independent Scotland would not make these mistakes. We wouldn't be big enough to do that.

  5. A fine collection. Thanks for bringing them together.

  6. anyone voting 'NO ' because they support the (original ) Torys are not just fools but clinically insane

    1. I dunno what happened to this comment Niko... It ended up in the 'to be moderated' box...

      Why Blogger?

      Niko has been posting here since day one. Don't do it again.

      Dead right too. They must be certifiable