Friday 2 August 2013


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Whilst Better Together (including the Conservatives) argue that SNP members are "infiltrators" if they appear alongside Labour for Independence members in photographs, even if the original, undoctored photograph makes it quite clear that the picture is of a YES SCOTLAND event, it seems that Ruth welcomes contributions from people of all parties and none to CONSERVATIVE Friends of the Union.

How cheering it is that some things can be depended upon to never change. For example, when it comes to the Conservatives, it's one rule for them, and one for everyone else.

While we are on the subject of the poster, Ruth, isn't there something a bit Hitlarian about prophesying a regime that will last for a thousand years. 

I note that you talk about the important things that we will decide for the future (if not for a thousand years, at least for as long as we, our kids and their kids live).

I see that you make mention of what passport we use. (It's that important, you say.) Of course, currently we use a European Union passport, but most people won't even know that. So I wonder just how important that is?

You worry about what currency we spend. I worry more about how much that currency will buy; how much it's worth. I can already use many different currencies printed by many different banks. English, Scottish, Irish, Manx, etc. I can even use Euros in some better shops. In Scotland we rarely see notes with the Queen's head on them. I wonder how many people really care about that.

Your third big worry is which army protects you. At the moment the UK army and Nato forces protect you. They don't do a great deal of it as they spend a lot of time and a great deal of money policing the world (poking their noses into affairs in parts about which they, and their political "masters", know nothing, and leaving havoc in their wake.) But many of these men and women, are Scottish. They would continue to be. And as all main parties support being part of Nato, Nato troops that would continue to help protect Scotland in the future. 

I notice that sadly you don't make any mention of other matters. More mundane matters no doubt, but matters which, with respect, Ruth, are probably of a great deal more pressing interest to people in Scotland. Matters of pensions, social security payments, taxes, housing, house prices, inflation, fuel prices, internet connections, physical infrastructure, foodbanks, drugs, alcohol abuse, health, education, poverty, democracy...

Do these things not matter to you? Because if they don't maybe they should  For sure as hell they matter to the "ordinary" people whom you purport to represent.


  1. Well what can I, or anyone else for that matter, say about this. What a load of old s***e! I think you're right here Tris one set of rules for the Tories, well they DO rule over us from Westminster do they not, and another punitive set of rules for us the PEOPLE of Scotland. Who'd have thunk it, Labour in Scotland get their knickers all in a twist about the ever more successful Labour for Indy group whilst at the same time their, Labour in Scotland, fellow bed sharing partners and BOSSES are doing THIS!

    I'm thinking that there is a plot out there in the ether somewhere that has been "accidentally" lost by either the Conservatives in Scotland or Labour in Scotland for this to have occurred. lol:-)

    By the by Tris have you read about the latest response from Blair McDougall to Rev Stu about Stu's offer to run a debate between the chairmen of the YES and NO campaigns?

    If you have not read it yet then here's the link, it's a blast. lol:-)

  2. Ha ha ha ha


    I don't know if he asked Darling, but maybe he's FEART too.

    I wonder if he has referred himself to a dictionary to get the actual meaning of esoteric. I fear not.

  3. I did read over on Twitter that Rev Stu was going out to buy a laptop just so dear old Blair didn't appear to be a LIAR. lol:-)

    I also read that someone suggested Rev Stu also buy a dictionary for Blair. Isn't it great how great minds think alike these days. lol:-)

    1. Poor old Blair. No wonder he put off the reply.

      A course in public relations might be an idea. I'd insist if I were his HR manager.

    2. WHIT? you telling me he has a HR manager! Well if he does the HR manager is NOT doing a very good job are they? I sense a sacking or three coming up!

    3. Does that stand for Honesty Rate which seems stuck on the floor.

    4. Trouble is they don't have anyone to replace him with, and they are having troubles, I hear, getting volunteers.

      It is as well they have generous English Tory dining clubs funding them, because they can#t get people to deliver door to door and are having to send out mailers in the post.

      I suspect I could do just as good a job as he is doing, but I don't like losing so I don't think I'll apply.

      Honesty Rate CH? Nope that's too ironic for them. Unless of course it is esoteric irony...?

  4. tris

    Conservatives dont have rules its axiomatic

    1. They like having rules for the little people, Niko.

  5. Just a wee quick question or two here Tris.
    What tribe are you?
    have Better Together told you yet? lol:-)

    1. How on earth do they get this information, Arbroath?

      I would have thought that people like Experion had a responsibility to let out information only to proper authorities.

      And why are advisors to president Obama helping them? Didn't Eton Boy say that this was a referendum about Scotland for Scots and Scots only and, as an Englishman, he couldn't possibly get involved (but he would like to point out that we'd be gubbed without England to look after us)? So why would better together, of which he is the REAL head, think it a good idea to get help from America?

      (Mind that cold be because they have made such a mess of education in the UK that they have to have a bank chief from Canada and a Conservative Party Spin Doctor from Australia. And some tosser of a minister that says that employers have a responsibility to employ good solid British Stock.

      Hmmm... What tribe am I from. For the benefit of Blethers Together, I am from the Awa-Kwaiker tribe. They can find out more about my background by looking me up on Wiki. As I'm probably the only one from that tribe, they will probably have to develop a special programme all for me.

      The truth seems to be that they are differentiating by class and subclass. Presumably because so they can choose the scare story most likely to be of interest.

      Tribe A: You do realise, sir, that you will no longer be allowed to refer to the British Library, and that your research projects at Oxford and Cambridge will be taxed by the UK government.

      Tribe Z: Ken whu' ye'll no be able tae get Big Brother on Channel five only mare.

      A pox on them. Given their history of incompetence they will mess it up.

  6. Just been reading McDougall's reply to Wings over Scotland. Astonishing but not surprising arrogance displayed by someone who is the spokesperson for Better together. If they have any sense of public relations a grovelling apology should be forth-coming. If that had come from the Yes campaign it would be splattered all over the media.

    1. I always try to imagine, John, what kind of response we would get, if the things they did had been done by us instead of them. This would be headlines. YES campaign refuses to debate/scared to debate/has the social graces of a warthog.

      I've never met either of the Blairs, but my impression of Blair Jenkins has always been of a polite, erudite, educated guy. Obviously I've read a lot more about him than the other one.

      This is my first real taste of what Jenkins is like. I'd have said he reminded me of Malcolm Tucker, but not as nice.

      I think that he has made a big mistake there.

      However, he has clearly revealed that:

      (a) he is scared of a real debate that hasn't been set up by the BBC with a Dim Bubble chairing.

      (b) he won't put AD up against another Labour man. It has to be SNP bashing or nothing. It would confuse the electorate. Canavan and Grogan must be kept in teh background.

      (c) he hasn't got the brains to see that, of course it would have to be chaired neutrally and the Rev would ensure that it was. Anything other than that would be laughable, and would do YES more harm than NO.

      (d) the next time that any of them say that they will debate anyone, anywhere, we will all go into paroxysms of laughter.

      (Although maybe (being esoteric) he thinks if we all do that and choke, there will only be Uk voters left.... maybe he's brighter than he looks.)

      If I were his boss (David Cameron/ The Tory Dining Clubs of Hampshire) I'd carpet him. As a PR exercise it is a disaster. He represents them and he has shown himself to be an ignorant boor.