Tuesday 27 August 2013



  1. Eff off Cameron!
    You're already engaged, or soon will be engaged, in TWO wars you do NOT want to make it THREE do you ya Muppet!

    In case yer feeble gormless wee pea brain is confused let me enlighten you.

    1) War number 1 is the one you are considering fighting against SPAIN over the waters around Gibraltar!

    2) War number 2 is, in case you've forgotten already is the war against SYRIA that you and that peace loving Obama are about to engage in.

    3) War number 3 is the one you will be engaged in if you even dare sniff at the opportunity to do as this cartoon suggests you might.

    Under NO circumstances are you, no matter how "British" you try and make us Scots feel, to wave your union jackey flaggey thingey any where near the vicinity of OOR Tian Tian! ANY attempt to do so WILL result in severe repercussions for Westminster!

  2. The pandas are Chinese nationals spending some time in bonnie Scotland. Baby panda will go home to China aged 2. If any flags are going to be waved it's the Chinese flag intertwined with a Saltire out of Moira's handbag. Butt out posh boy, you've been warned.

  3. Ah, but ladies, just think of all that lovely publicity for the yes campaign as Mr Popular comes up here with his cabinet, then comes up to help us run the Commonwealth Games (specially the security aspect that his lot made suck a good job of), then comes up for Armed Services day next year, then comes up again for the celebrations of the commencement of the killing of millions in the great imperial war. All these things happening in Scotland, the place that is usually the backwater to end all backwaters.

    Think how each time he steps over the border the YES vote will increase as he patronisingly explains to us lesser beings who didn't go to Eton or the Bullingdon, no I mean Oxford, in words of one syllable, that we wouldn't be able to manage without the wisdom of the English Tory Party.

    Oh yes. The Eton Boy is much wanted here. So are his friends the Foreign Secretary with his dislike of foreigners unless they are American, and his Finance Secretary who is causing so many people in our country terrible hardship, and his Cabinet Secretary for Work and Pensions, probably one of the most unpopular and disliked men in the world. I say bring them on.

    I can't wait.

  4. 恭喜田甜。豪華的人不要吃。他不會味道不錯。

    (Congratulations Tian Tian. Don't eat the posh man. He won't taste nice.)

  5. I'm impressed with your grasp of the Chinese language Tris, is that Cantonese, Mandarin or Shanghaiese?

    As a wee aside, where would you be without my wee asides these days. lol

    I see that all the "county", as Westminster refers to Scotland, papers are doing really well in the daily sales figures race these days.


    I can't contain my excitement at how well these newspapers are doing these days..........NOT! lol

  6. Is this a race for the bottom Arbroath. I saw Stu's review. His circulation is far large than any of them...

    As for the chinese, it's the unsimplified (according to Google Translate).


    Hey, I'm not THAT clever... (or as Mr Brownlie would say: You're not clever at all Tris!!)