Saturday 17 August 2013


Like most of this prat's policies; not thought through.
But it's OK, because WE have nuclear weapons
You've been warned. Who's a pretty boy?
There are some actions that are beneath contempt, and here's your man who'll be behind a good number of them. Seriously, the kind of man who would seel his own granny

Well duh, guys...
Anyone want to buy my granny...going cheap
Spivvy  thicko
Cheap as chips is old Nick
Point to just one of them that has something between their ears
The UK figure includes the Scottish figure, so they are probably even worse off that the table suggests
Sometimes you just have to be rude, especially when it's Mr Pointless that makes the "point"
White van man. 
Better Together my arse. 
Tories...don't you just love them?
The best is yet to come...
Well, you lied about everything else, you dick
True though... how do we get rid of the Tories?
And all our mates in the Lords have made lots of money; then there will be plenty of part time directorships just that Huhne got, at fat salaries. Oh yipee, it's fun to be in government.
Well, yeah, to you it is... not so hand for us though
Michael Moore. I liked him better when he was fatter and made great movies about neo cons instead of being one
Of course you do Dave, then you can sell off the practises cheap to your spivvy mates.
Well duh, because, unlike Kate Middleton or mrs Parker Bowles, you don't have blue bloody. Jeeez, it's not hard. Concentrate.
UKOK. Never was a logo more appropriate. Off Topic. Does anyone know what happened to Blether Together?
White Van Man again.  Going back to the original white van, did it not occur to Mrs May that she is the Home Secretary. She should round up illegal immigrants and deport them if she wants them gone. Not put a van round the streets with a message saying "please go home". 

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  1. I presume people are scared to post as the language would not be suitable for a public forum.

    What smug mug he has just waiting to be slapped repeatedly with a wet kipper.

    Vote Yes in 2014 and confirm he will be as foreign to us as he is now.

    1. LOL... Sometimes no one says much CH...

      I thought maybe the pics weren't that good, or the comments very clever. I did it when I was tired ...

      But yes, perhaps no one can think of anything to say that doesn't involve a load of 4-letter anglo saxon vocabulary.

      Slapping the smug git with a wet kipper sounds fun, although I'd rather do it with a live electric eel.

      You know, it's interesting you use the word "foreign". I genuinely never think, unlike so many of our politicians who seem to be so caught up in the "foreigner" thing about where people come from or what their church is, or what they do in bed.

      To me my Hungarian, Polish, French, Bulgarian, American, Canadian, Australian, Indian, Uruguayan, Canadian, Malay, Kenyan, German, Swiss, Belgian, Icelandic, etc, etc, mates aren't any different from my Scottish mates.

      What is foreign is the class of people who think that it is acceptable for people to cheat on their taxes, lie on their CVs, steal money on expenses, claim for their wife to work for them, when she doesn't...etc, etc.

      These aren't just foreigners. They are from another planet. One I have no desire to visit. And I wish to hell they'd go back there.