Sunday 18 August 2013


The Coalition parties appeared to be too scared to defend their controversial welfare reforms, after opting out of a televised debate on the independence referendum, as reported in today’s Sunday Herald.

Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats ducked thechance to appear on next month’s head-to-head debate on STV about welfare and pensions. Scottish Labour’s deputy leader Anas Sarwar will speak for the No campaign, with Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon representing the Yes campaign.

 Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “It speaks volumes that both parties in the UK Government are running away from debating their welfare and pensions policies – but it is hardly surprising given how deeply unpopular those punitive policies are.

“However, people will be shocked that Labour is prepared to do their work for them, and that Anas Sarwar has been sent in to bat in defence of the Bedroom Tax.  His party have refused to commit to scrapping it, and only a Yes vote next year will ensure it is axed.

“I am looking forward to the chance to debate with Labour on why they believe decisions on welfare should remain in Westminster’s hands.

“And I’m relishing the opportunity to spell out to people how an independent Scotland, in which we always get the governments we vote for, will have a fairer welfare system that protects the most vulnerable in our society.”
The controversial decision of the UK government to celebrate the beginning of
the First World War, [conveniently in Glasgow where all-UK state events are never held, only weeks before the referendum on the future of Scotland] is causing some disquiet in Germany. 

This of course may be of no interest to the average Brit, but Cameron might want to consider that about the same time he will be trying to persuade other EU countries to allow the UK (or England, Wales, NI) to have special conditions attached to its memberships, and opt outs from almost everything that doesn't make the UK money. 

Having already made himself unpopular with Spain, upsetting Germany might be considered to be a pretty silly move. 

Imagine! Cameron doing something stupid.  
Having only a couple of weeks ago read that the estimated cost of the new British (ha ha) high speed train link between London and Birmingham, which is supposed eventually to go as far as the "north" of the country (Leicester and Manchester... you know, a couple of hundred miles south of here) had doubled to £40 billion, it came as a bit of a surprise this morning to hear that it had happened again. 

The estimate cost for the Birmingham part is now some £80 billion. If it doubles every month and isn't due to start until 2017, would anyone care to offer an opinion on the final cost?
On top of stories about the Queen and Prince Charles having bills changed to
suit them, we now read that MPs are concerned that Charlie has put moles into a couple of government departments (Cabinet Office and the Department of the Environment) without the knowledge of the ministers concerned.

It's bad enough having to fork out vast sums for this family to live in unseemly luxury while their subjects are being thrown onto the street for having a spare bedroom, but adding yet another level of undemocratic government, Charlie Rothsay, to a house of placemen, churchmen and aristos and a whipped first past the post commons, was step too far. it's outrageous he now appoint people to departments of government without letting the government know. 

No wonder there's a shortage of jobs for ordinary people.
Oh yeah. I thought you might like to see a picture of the Scottish Defence League march in Edinburgh on Saturday. You'll note that they have decided to adopt a novel version of the Saltire and that they come from McBlackburn and MacSunderland...  Oh Aye, hoots the noo...innit?


  1. Well where do I start with this Tris. LOL

    I guess as Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music let's start at the very beginning, as good a place as any to start I guess!

    What a shocker. Conservative and Liberal Democrat representatives withdrawing from the soon to be televised debate on Welfare and Pensions. I've heard about the Tories and LieDems being "conservative" with the TRUTH but really not even having the guts to turn up and face the music is really downright cowardice of the highest degree and no mistake!

    Somehow I always thought that we were not the only people on planet Earth to be feeling disrespected by Cameron and his celebration of the START of WWI. Finally the Germans have put their head above the parapet and joined the Scots in putting Cameron in his place as a DUNCE and ignorant MUPPET!

    Is there anyone really surprised by the news that the cost of the HS2 toy train set has doubled in price BEFORE the first clod of earth has even been dug? I mean we are talking about a Westminster masterpiece, with NO consequentials for Scotland. Personally I'm only surprised it has taken so long for this news to come out.

    Finally we get around to Charlie Falrlie. What a MUPPET of the grandiose order. I heard the paper reviewers last night discussing this story and was less than impressed. Apparently one of them thought that as he is the next in line to the throne then he had a right to put his "placemen" into government departments so that he could learn all he can about how the country is run before he takes over the reins at Buckingham Palace. I have NEVER heard such utter s***e in all my life. I don't think I need remind anyone that his MOTHER did NOT do any such thing yet no one ever accused her of NOT learning how to run a country so what the hell is his idea. Well in my view there is only ONE reason for these "placemen", so Charlie Falrie can push his own agenda, nothing more nothing less!

    The time is well past for Charlie Farlie and his side kick Mrs Parker-Bowles to shut the **** up and disappear into oblivion!

  2. Wow Arbroath...

    Can't say I disagree with any of that.

    I suspect that the Tories and the Liberals simply don't think Scotland important enough to be embarrassed by.

    Let's face it it's them that is responsible for this fiasco and why would they bother coming along and being roasted by Nicola.

    They've nothing to lose. Muddle and most of the liberals will be toast if there is ever another real UK election in Scotland, which I most fervently hope there will not be.

    It should be a laugh watching daft wee Sarwar get taken to pieces. I expect Nicola will want assurances from him that Labour will rid the country of these horrific laws, and of course he won't be able to give it, being a ting cog in teh wheel.

    If Moore was a walkover, Nicola could probably take Anas to pieces while doing the Herald Cryptic, shopping for her groceries and writing a novel in Ancient Greek.

    As for Charlie, he should be warned that the popularity of the royal family is dependent on them not being in a position to be blamed for any of the catastrophes that are so often the fault of those who govern. Opening things and saying a few words rarely causes seething hatred in people.

    He should remember how quickly a person like Blair can change from being much loved to being roundly hated.

    The queen has never had to face that. If he gets involved in politics he may find that Queen Mrs Parker Bowles will get more than a poke with a stick from the next student protest.

  3. Aye your right there Tris.

    I've just seem your wee addendum to your article. I read some stuff yesterday on Twitter and was more than slightly bemused by it all. I think to call it an SDL march is really stretching the few elements of TRUTH to breaking point don't you think? I mean has there been a major earthquake or something that I've not been aware of? I only ask out of interest geographically speaking you understand because the last time I looked at an atlas, admittedly not recently, both Blackburn and Sunderland were in ENGERLAND!

    The fact that the photo only shows EDL marchers at yesterday's meander tells me one thing. Scotland is NOT an Independent country but is in fact just a COUNTY of Engerland. As if to confirm this view take a wee look at a question asked of people in Govan. (just hope link works lol)

    1. Ha ha ha ha. Was that a Freudian slip?

      Do you know who was asking the question?

  4. I believe it was Better Together although I can't be certain.

    I thought it was priceless! LOL

    Now we know what Better Together really think of Scotland!

  5. Tris

    You can't defend the in-defencable and Sarwar will get his arse kicked, I can't believe any of them would take up the offer of the debate. He is either very arrogant or very stupid. Here is another Labour politician brought up to believe that he has a right to rule over the poor people. Will definately have to watch the car crash when the debate is on and be prepared to be told again I am too wee too poor and too stupid.

    I think the decision to celebrate WW1 when everyone else is doing nothing but respectful reflection might just backfire on the Unionists big time. If they make this a jingoistic celebration of 34 million dead I think they might just live to regret it at the polls. Other than some older people I have not heard anyone think this appropriate and why Glasgow, oh referendum. Lets throw a few wee crumbs to the jocks, bring the Queen and the union flag of shame and they will love it, BBC Scotlandshire will interview the poor folk and my money is on the baby being there. No wonder Germany is pissed, they hold Europe together econimically, they bail out stupid governments, they want to move on from the war and then there is the british or if I can say although it really should make no difference certain upper parts of the english ruling class as most english people probably find it equally disgusting as we do.

    If people actually took an interest in the influence this family has they would be pissed right off, well some people, I suppose the royalists wouldn't and there are those who would have a royal dictatorship. I have ranted a few times about the undeocratic this despicable family have and it grows even more under Cameron, where are the socialists in all this.

    Not going to bother ranting on about SDL. I am married to a black woman and these people disgust me. What they feck does colour or ethnicity matter anymore.

    Oh thanks for the opportunity of a Monday am rant, your a good man.


    1. Glad that gave you an opportunity to vent some steam on a Monday morning, Bruce.

      I can't wait to see Sarwar v Sturgeon. Nicola is as sharp as a tack and she can despatch most people with her eyes closed. Sarwar, with respect to him (because I think he's a brave man) is not even as sharp football.

      I understand they are to debate welfare, so he probably feels that, because all the Scottish Labour MPs voted against the Bedroom Tax, he will be able to swing it.

      But he will need to be able to defend his boss pointing out that we are a "something for nothing country"; that Ed Balls refuses to say that he will repeal the bedroom tax; that Gordon Brown introduced Bedroom Tax for private tenants, and the dreaded murderers "Couldn't give ATOS" whose company slogan surely must be "Let's see how many sick people we can kill off today, whilst cheating the government out of some more money".

      I mean even Cameron has said that they are to lose their monopoly on killing sick people because they have overdone the cheating.

      For him to move, they must be bad. Either that or they have said that they won't be handing out directorships to ex-cabinet ministers!

  6. Forgot to mention last night Tris that I hope STV will ensure the local A & E department is put on full emergency standby and there is an ambulance on standby outside the studio when the debate is aired. I just hope Nicola has a light lunch cause by the time she's finished eating Sarwar for tea she'll certainly be full! lol

    1. You'd better get in touch with the hospitals...

      Bless him he's a brave man...

    2. Hospital has been advised of a future emergency, they are to be notified of the time and place at a future date. Similarly the Ambulance service has been duly notified. LOL

  7. Anas Sarwar is either very brave or very stupid (my money goes on the latter.) He's a terrible labour drone, a soundbite-o-meter - he's basically a living, walking car crash between a politician and a management consultant. The words he uses are all in the dictionary, but the order in which he deploys them makes no sense what-so-ever.

    On Charles. I reckon the Queen does have placemen in government departments, as ever though, she's untouchable. She'll be the last well-loved monarch, Charles doesn't command anything like the respect she does - although not from me I should say - they get no special mention as far as I'm concerned. (Wouldn't mind going drinking with Harry though, for research purposes you understand... Curiosity... Nothing untoward... Move along now... He can get the drinks in - all night.)

    And finally, the EDL thing, glad it went off with out any trouble. I have no idea why they bothered though, they were in the wrong country completely.

    1. It should be worth a good laugh though Pa. Sarwar against Sturgeon is good to begin with, but on a subject which Labour SHOULD be strong and are very weak, she'll have him for dinner...

      As far as the royals go (and it can't be far enough for me) I'm sure there are a load of things we don't know about the Queen, just as there were about the Queen Mother. Image as a nice kindly old lady; reality a nasty drunken racist.

      I suppose the Queen is well loved; you can't really deny it. But that's probably because we don't know what she's been up to.

      I don't think anyone ever like Charlie. His treatment of Diana made it worse and marrying the horse wasn't the smartest move.

      We he's 90 he may be popular, but I think he'd be better to take his tart and sod off somewhere where he can talk to his plants and let his son and the gold digger in. At l;east in fairness to them, they seem to belong somewhere in this century, unlike Chic is is straight out of the 19th.

      As for Harry, be careful. He has a propensity to take his kit off when he's been on the beer.

  8. I fear we are still falling into the unionist trap of talking about political parties. That is part of their attempt to confuse, and distract. This isn't about party politics, it's about deciding who governs Scotland. The folk that live here, or Westminster?

  9. What i'm meaning, is that the debate isn't between Sturgeon/SNP and Sarwar/Labour, but between Yes and No.
    The unionists/loyalists would like the debate to be the former.

    1. I take your point.

      The question is do we want a government of whatever colour that at least was elected by us, instead of the folks net door...whom we like, and even have a drink with a few times a month; it's just that we don't want to move in with them and eat the same food and use the same washing powder.

      So, if it is a debate between Yes and No, I'm glad it's Nicola on our side and Anas on theirs!!

  10. This is not following British fairness of one independence member against a group of staunch unionists with presenter as it is wildly known of the separatists use of hypnosis to win any argument.

    As Pa implies all monarchs have been interfering in state legislation only Charlie boy is not particularly liked by more journalists than would snitch on the Queen.

    Welcome to modern Britain and we hope your stay is memorable.

    1. Yep; I guess that sweet old lady QEI or II depending which side of the border you are on has more friends in the press than her unlikely pompous ass of a son and his ex-tart come wife.

    2. Love the photograph.

      This is an utter scandal. You can't just hold someone for 9 hours and confiscate their stuff because they live with someone who talked to someone who the Americans want.

      As the Lord blokey on the PM programme today said, we need a statement from May.

      I expect that she'll make something up about them having good reason to stop him. Like they had good reason to murder Sr de Menezes

  11. Just posted this over on Wings Tris.

    Sorry I haven’t read all the posts but perhaps this article in the Telegraph might give some folks a wee bit more meat to chew over. Apparently Cameron is looking at ways to make it easier to form a second coalition government with the LibDems. As if ONE term of Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum government is not enough he is looking towards forming a SECOND Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum government in 2015!!!

    Surely even the slightest hint of such a ridiculous situation arising should be enough to get Noes/Don’t Know’s to waken up to the reality of even worse to come after 2015 election UNLESS there is a YES victory in 2014!

    1. Lordy these people have some bloody nerve.

      How about this one:

      "Some rebels say they do not feel bound to back all the Coalition’s policies because they were not consulted about them. Mr Cameron is understood to want to avoid such a situation if he is forced to agree a second coalition."

      Seeing as we didn't vote for any of these Nazi policies, are we then obliged to obey their disgusting laws?

      Anyway, it says something that Cameron realises that, yet again he isn't popular enough to make a government without the lot that will do anything for a government red box. Talk about doing deals with devils!

      Mind you, if I were Eton Boy I'd not count on there being too many Liberals around to coalesce with.

      Back to the days of Joe Grimond I'd guss. 9 or 10 at most.

  12. Replies
    1. I knew someone would find her. It would be THEM though....

  13. He may realise that he is not going to win outright in 2015 but then again what do you expect from an Etonian TWAT. If he had the brains of a squashed flea he would realise that he COULD win in 2015 and more than likely for DECADES to come all he has to is one easy peasey little thing........give Scotland its INDEPENDENCE.

    Instantly he has solved the costs of Westminster, no more SCOTTISH MP's and by default SCOTTISH Lords. Secondly he has removed 41 Labour MP's, 11 Liberal Democrat MP's 6 SNP MP's for the loss of 1 Conservative MP, 59 MP's in total. This would result in the winning post for Westminster domination being REDUCED significantly.

    Instead of needing 326 MP's as he currently needs to win outright he would only need 300 MP's. Looking at the 2010 General Election result he would have an outright majority. Surely anyone with one little ounce of a brain and wanting to win General Elections MUST see that once you reduce the numbers of MP's, particularly those of your main opposition you are practically shoe horned into government for decades!

    1. He has to weight that electoral advantage against the utter shame and humiliation of losing the last vestige of the British Empire that isn't a tiny island enjoying all the benefits of being English without actually paying a brass farthing for it.... Stand up and be counted Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, IoM, Malvinas, etc...