Tuesday, 20 August 2013



As my granny was wont to say: "Whit's gaed tae gie's no ill tae tack".


  1. Nice little party political broadcast for the Tories from the fawning Glen Campbell on Reporting Scotland. I hope Cameron's back-side gets better soon.

    1. Dangerous thing to do in Scotland, a party political broadcast for that lot.

      Support for Tories in Scotland usually comes back to bite people on their bottoms.

      Maybe that's what wrong with the Eton Toff's arse.

    2. PS...you don't really hope it gets better, do you?

  2. Replies
    1. One rule for them and another for us, CH

  3. He has a sore back? Poor wee Cammie!

    Bad luck isn't it? Is it anything like the back luck or pain in the back his vicious policies are causing? Poor people he is kicking out of their homes via his vicious bedroom tax?

    Or is that like the rising cost of living for average incomes, while he cuts his corporate backers taxes by 5%?

    Or maybe its his decision to let the police unilaterally detain Guardian journalists at airports if they reveal the scale of GCHQs Stasi activities...

    1. But Labour cut the 10p rate for the plebs benefiting the richest they also put this terrorist legislation on the statute books by cherry picking who made up the committee to get this past without proper scrutiny. All those on benefits will have to wear conspicuous clothing next to further demonise them welcome to the pariah UK totalitarian state headquarters in Londonistan.

      Guardian editor “cannot explain” why GCHQ agents destroyed computers at their offices

    2. True Dean. It's good news for the deer on Jura. Apparently Cameron is a deadly shot who can take 2 deer at one time. I always think it's a shame that these animals don't have an even chance to take their revenge.

      A deer killing two Tories would be fair revenge.

      But CH is right. Labour did some vicious stuff to the poor. Doubling their tax rates; and even when he was forced to do something about it, Darling only partially restored the money that had been taken from them. Labour introduced the bedroom tax for people in privately rented homes. Labour brought in the mass killers Atos. They are far from being guiltless.

      As for the GCHQ thugs...old soldiers must be asking themselves why they bothered fighting Hitler.

    3. After though... Where would a deer in Scotland manage to find two Tories?

  4. Cameron came across as a total snob on Reporting Scotland, if it was his intention to seem more accessible and down to earth, it had the opposite effect.

    Most folk hurt their backs (etc) at work or lifting furniture, he on the other hand did it while water skiing. Seriously?

    I remember one of the other scout leaders giving the kids a big row for rough housing around, I think it was a game of British Bulldogs that went a bit mental. The leader in question is partial to the odd monologue (fucking loves them in fact) so the row rambled on for some time. When he did finish, he said (in a Yorkshire accent) "You need to be careful, my wife just broke her leg while skiing in France..."

    The kids - even although they're all pretty well-to-do - were still non-plussed.

    Turns out, Cameron was staying on daddy-in-law's estate on Jura, because as you well know, that's how we all holiday these days...

    I never used to mind people who had money, I always took the view that if I was in their shoes I wouldn't exactly be giving it away.

    But he's a total fanny.

    1. Happy to say I missed him, Pa. In fact for the last couple of years I've missed everything he's said because the sound of his voice makes me sick.

      I did try to listen to one interview he did about Scotland, but had to switch off after a few minutes.

      He lives in another world for the peoples of the UK. He is representative of a tiny proportion of mainly English, public school educated, Oxbridge leisured class people. He is totally out of touch. He demonstrated it every time he opens his mouth.

      He can#'t even say he had a sore back without saying that he got it doing something that most of us couldn't afford to do.

      It's some sort of slipped disc; extremely painful, and no doubt in great pain he will be back at work next week, telling us that that demonstrates what you can work though excruciating pain.

      He doesn't realise that being on the checkouts in Tesco, or emptying bins in Barnsley is not quite the same as being prime minister.

      And I thought Gordon Brown was ill suited to the job.

      A total fanny is a great compliment to him.

  5. I'm sorry, Cameron has hurt his back, you SERIOUS?

    Surely BEFORE anyone can hurt their back they must first of actually HAVE a backbone to hurt in the first place and we all know Cameron is a SPINELESS and GUTLESS git!

    1. LOL

      Well he's hurt his backside... how about that?

      I mean I assume he has one of them... Well at least he IS one of them.

    2. I guess you must be right there Tris for all the shite he keeps spewing out! lol

    3. Let's kick it!