Sunday 25 August 2013



Gotta love Alistair 5 homes...
A bit cruel  and heartless for a dalek
Many a true word spoken in jest
And it does, Dave, so sod the poor. 
Someone do the maths. 1 Englishman equals how many Scots?

I'd like to airbrush him, with a taser 
He's a Tory. "Odd" is his middle name.
Soon they will be able to get rid of Second Class carriages altogether. Only the Cameron classes will be able to afford to travel. Fortunately although the rail fare increases in Scotland were diabolical, they were at least a little less than this.
Bravo Ted....
Best not to protest, lest the Stasi get their hands on you. Being an MP's son is only protection if you are NOT from the Green Party 
No wonder we didn't buy it... It came from Blether  Together ...need I say more. Must be something to do with the "societal contamination"!
You've been warned
I suppose it depends who you are and how you look at it
I wouldn't count on him if I were you, Dave. He'll fairly soon see through you. 
"Liberal Democrats believe...." bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha
Yeah...he was talking about societies that are civilised. We are talking about the Tories. There's a difference.

And finally, courtesy of CH.... and of Snotty... 2 pics

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  1. The country has a stench. Its the smell and feel of managing an irreversible decline.

    What the hell happened?

    1. I'd say that we threw the baby out with the bathwater.

      But that's the short and easy answer. Here's my potted history thoughts...

      UK resists change, and when it comes, it comes harder than other countries.

      After the 2nd war, the ruling classes thought everything would go back to how it was before, but the men who had fought, and the women who had had to turn their hands to all sorts of things that they hadn't done before, thought differently.

      Trades unions did a marvellous job in improving the lot of the workers, but they went too far, and weak government (and management) allowed them to overplay their hands.

      Eventually, sick of the disruption the trades unions were causing, the people voted in someone who promised to take control of the unions. Mrs Thatcher.

      She reversed the worst excesses and buoyed by her success and the opportunity to paint the country in her terms, she pushed ahead and started stripping people of their rights, whilst telling them it was to increase their rights.

      She saw a modern Britain of banking and insurance; London as the centre of the financial world, with little thought to what to d with the millions of people who worked with their hands and used skills top build and engineer.

      She was lucky enough to have a war which was won pretty quickly. She became more popular. They swept ahead on that popularity undoing social advances made, but making it look as if she was doing it for the good of the country.

      She encouraged the poor to buy houses; she denuded the country of the housing stock it needed for the poor. She wanted a share owning, property owning democracy, but one based on low wages. The two don't work together.

      But she made a part of the country very prosperous, and when after 18 years of her and her party, the labour Party got back, it was no longer the same Labour Party. Because it was no longer the same country.

      It was a new creation that didn't believe in mos of the old Labour Party's principles. They ditched Clause 4, and started following Thatcherite monetary policies.

      There were some good things in what Thatcher did in her first period. But she should have gone after the first four years.

      She re-carved Britain in her image; made it respectable to be greedy and grasping, as long as you were british through and through. She made it respectable to hate Europeans.

      Instead of moving the country slightly to the left in the 50s we tried to keep the class ridden status quo, and the people ended up going too far in their revolt

      Instead of moving things back a bit in the 1980s, Thatcher couldn't resist making Britain hers.

      We lost all sense of morality.

      And still they call it Christianity.

      The present government are on a mission to push Thatcherism to its limits. With the excuse of a financial crisis, which they blame only on Labour, rather than on the horrific greed of their own political philosophy, and because none of them even knows anyone who isn't of their class, they are pushing the county into hell.

      I see Boris says we should ignore the EU and import Australians...

      Weird man.

    2. tris

      Unfortunately a complete misreading of prosaic history and the part
      trade unions and ordinary working peoples played.

      still what with all the brainwashing and propaganda you been
      subjected (and all of us ) understandable but sad.

    3. Well enlighten me, Niko. I wasn't putting anyone down there. It's just the way I understand it.

      So if you can correct me, please do. :)

  2. Gotta love them Tories don't ya?

    It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference whether they are RED Tories, YELLOW Tories or BLUE Tories they all plan to continue screwing the working classes in Britain to ensure that their millionaire buddies continue to live in the lifestyle they are accustomed to and are able to continue bribing, sorry lobbying the government to ensure they get the support of Westminster for everything they want.

    Thanks to the actions of these earseholes we continue to see the reasons why we are better together, just a pity Better Together haven't got the guts to stand up themselves and tell anyone who will listen this is why we're better together.

    1. That's about the last things they will do, as we know from all our contacts with them.

      They have to make up all the reasons we are BT.

      There would be no pies in an independent Scotland because Alex would have eaten them all.

  3. Excellent Tris

    I particularly liked the Daleks (being a Whovian) and the UKOK app 2!! Did Moffat ever get an answer to his Scottish quiz question? (I don't do twitter!)

    1. Nah, I don't think so PP. Is there an answer?

  4. Kabuki Kitteh

    ' What the hell happened? '

    You mean to the Conservative Dream ??

    It came ' TRUE ' we are all living it God help us all.

    1. Yeah, I agree with that. But what I said was that Labour ain't changed it, and ain't gonna change it.

      They should have renationalised what Thatcher sold off, but what did they do... they sold more stuff off.

      And things that Thatcher wouldn't have dared sell off... This lot are happy to go with it...Schools and Hospitals... What next? Air?


    2. They went down the Thatcherite yellow brick road
      and we all followed them wrongly.

    3. Absolutely. But would you not say that the 1970s trade know, going on strike because the toilet paper was too rough, kind of action... was the reason Thatcher was able to come in.

      People were sick of trades unions going on strike for almost nothing...

      How do you see the 70s?

    4. No, I actually meant the social democratic dream.

      Croslandism, Keynesian, full employment, trades union rights and a Labour commitment to redistributive justice.

      What happened to our country and our democratic left?

      When did it get so bad that leftist comrades turn to nationalist parties to promote our progressive politics?

    5. Ah, that's easier.

      The greed of the City, the banks, and big business hold sway.

      Mandelson, Blair and Brown knew that if ever they wanted power again they would have to reflect the values of the post Thatcher generation in the most densely populated part of the kingdom, which was also the richest.

      Greed, selfishness, and acquisitiveness... It's almost a perfect description of Blair.

  5. I like the BBC one and would add "News supplied via John Smith house"

    NY Times.

    1. Lovely one CH...I suspect that Danny will like it.

  6. [Looking at psychiatrist's ink blot, remembering being bullied]

    Rorschach: Clouds

    1. That's a bit deep Niko?

      If anyone bullies you, let us know. Me and Big John Brownlie will get them...

    2. Umm! John Brownlie the nuclear option not sure on the fairness of that one?

    3. Nothing is fair in Tory Britain.

      In an independent Scotland John wouldn't be a nuclear option. He just be erm... well, whatever.