Tuesday, 20 August 2013



  1. tris

    Its not taking our freedom and rights which concerns me,
    what does is how we GIVE our rights and freedoms away
    we have become a bunch of cowardly lickspittles forelock tuggers.

    The thing we all lost under Thatchers misrule wasnt just
    strong trade unions but the will to join together organise
    and then to fight( not just whinge and ask permission to moan) .
    as a sign put up at Balcombe station says
    98% against fracking 100% against direct action.
    yes well being a Tory area the expectation from

    the tory supporters is to have quite moan to their
    MPs and then let the fracking be moved to the desolate

    And no doubt after a bit of whinging and foot stamping
    we will wake up to massive fracking fields in Scotland
    owned and operated for the benefit of the South East of England.

    They havent taken our freedoms and rights by stealth
    they took them in front of us and spat in our faces
    and asked ' Wot you gonna do about it wanker '
    we all just stared at the floor.

    1. Brilliant Niko.

    2. True CH... He was as mad as a hatter and totally detached too.

      But Niko is right. Whichever party, they don't have to do things by stealth here, although I believe that sometimes they do.

      They get away with taking things away from us, or imposing things we don't want upon us. And we do sod all. And they know that we will do sod all. And they play on that.

      Oh don't worry, Old Boy, the prols will grumble for a few weeks, but they won't take action. They are all mouth. They'll soon all go down to the pub. Take a penny off a pint of whatever it is poor people drink. That will shut them up.

      I sometimes look at the Uk and I think..."Try that in France and see what happens..."

      We moan and groan and do sweet nothing. Government knows that.

      I wonder how many of the influential Tories are getting fracking just down the road from their place. I wonder what would happen if they did.

      I mean when it looked like the HS2 was going to go past important people's gardens, it was rerouted.

      Fracking is as safe as houses, so they tell us (although I see they have decided to give them self regulation, which as we all know means, sod all regulation).

      I bet it's not going to happen in Chipping Norton, because if the water is polluted there and important people's property drops in value there will be trouble.

      But for the rest of us... tough. It's for the good of the country and we are all in this together.

      They'll probably take back planning from Scotland and then put all the fracking up here. No Tory constituencies here and pots of money to be made.

      I'd suggest business rates for fracking sites should be hiked by about 1000%, but of course it won't happen.

    3. Sorry Tris, you're wrong here.

      I hate to remind you that there is STILL one solitary Tory constituency up here in Scotland. I should know I suffer the ignominy of living in it! David Mundell the Blundell is the, ahem, "sitting" MP and a more useless MP you could not find!

    4. Oh pardon. I forgot Muddle. He's hardly memorable.

      He looks useless. Cameron wouldn't make him DoS, even after he'd been forced to find a replacement for Danny Alexander in the first week of the coalition, and even though he had been shadow SoS.

      If even Cameron can see he's dim, he must be SERIOUSLY dim.

    5. I nearly tried to hand him a Yes Scotland leaflet at the Peebles Show - twice! The Tory marquee was on one side of the Yes Scotland tent, and there was a tent advertising some sort of armed forces charity a couple of spaces up the other side. So he walked past the Yes tent to glad-hand the troops. You walk past the Yes tent, you get leafleted....

    6. LOL LOL LOL, Rolfe...

      What did he do/say?

      Tell the whole story :)

  2. tris

    dont want to be ' brilliant ' just want to be free of
    The Five Giant Evils
    Squalor, Ignorance, Want, Idleness, Disease.


    And what have you done or the snp/ nats
    they are just following a pathway mapped
    out for them by the Westminster Unionists.
    Every step they take down it leads them and you
    further away from being free from Westminster rule.

    1. The SNP is a vehicle to independence nothing more however you or anyone else tries to paint it.

    2. I'm sure you don't (and often you are not!), but you were bang on with that.

      Don't think you're quite right about the Scottish government (SG) following the pathway set out by Westminster.

      The SG hasn't ramped up council house sales. In fact they have made it illegal to sell council houses and they have started building new ones.

      The SG hasn't sold off schools to companies, allowing them to dictate what our kids learn (including prejudice and religious dogma).

      The SG hasn't allowed playing fields to be sold off by these companies to make housing developments.

      The SG hasn't privatised the health service. No mates of the SG are benefiting from getting their hands on juicy contracts to run hospitals, or services within them.

      In fact the SG took back the car parks from companies where the contracts weren't watertight, and stopped them charging for parking at hospitals.

      The SG hasn't farmed out care of vulnerable children to the private sector.

      There's just a few things that Scotland has done to keep the profit motive out of essential services.

      There are, I'm sure, many others.

  3. "I wonder how many of the influential Tories are getting fracking just down the road from their place. I wonder what would happen if they did. "

    There are 8 MPs' constituencies where the fracking is going on at the moment in West Sussex....all Tory :).....
    Nick Herbert
    Nick Gibb
    Andrew Tyrie
    Henry Smith
    Tim Loughton
    Francis Maude
    Nick Soames
    Peter Bottomley

    1. I wonder if it will go ahead. Posh people don;t like that kind of thing.

    2. I imagine - like good little tories - they will have been instructed to take one for the team.

  4. Oh and the SG has farmed out the care of vulnerable children to the private sector. It's new 'Childrens Bill' under instructions from the UN that gives every child a 'minder' has a 'register' run by the private sector that can ship kids abroad anonymously. That'll work well...not.

    1. That, dubious though it may be, is rather different, being a UN directive, from the fact that running homes and probation services will be profitised by the Cameron fascists.

      We all know what happened to old people when that was allowed to happen.

    2. hi tris...I read through the 'Children and Young People (Scotland ) Bill for one of my blogs and put references at the end so that you can easily find the relevant information...


      It's certainly not 'dubious'. It's Scottish Law.

    3. I've written about girfec (which I assume is the business end of the legislation) and its a lot of crap, it removes any care responsibility from parents and the community and puts it with what I consider to be the most ineffective & unsuitable group - local authorities.

      It should be scrapped completely and rethought. I would say - reading the blog entry - it doesn't say those things like a private company WILL run the register or that kids WOULD be shipped abroad - it just doesn't say it wouldn't. (Russia recently barred kids being adopted abroad to same sex partners - slightly different, but if the law had said something like no kids to foreign climes - the SG would've been pilloried for that too.

      I'm still very dubious, but the Scottish Government hasn't anything like the form of farming stuff out to the private sector to the extent Westminster does.

      That said, its still a load of shite that needs scrapped. They say this 'named person' wouldn't be intrusive, but how can they guarantee that? I've dealt with social work (for example) and while I'm sure they're perfectly decent folk away from their occupation, the word I'd deploy to best describe them while at work is not one I'd sully another's blog with.

    4. When I said it was dubious, Monty, I meant of dubious merit.

      It is happening, I know, and I disapprove of it.

      As I said on your blog, however, we have to try to find a way of seriously encouraging parents to actually BE parents, instead of treating having children as an unavoidable side effect of their lifestyles.

  5. As Niko said, this slide into Fascism isn't hidden, it's being voted for by the SE of England.
    If we don't get out next year, we're fecked.
    Forget the SNP. Scotland is small enough to hold any government responsible. If we don't like them, we vote them out.

    1. If we don't get out next year, we will simply need to buckle down and become a state ruled by it's hard right wing, neocon, fascist neighbours.

      They will not allow us enough money to run public services and we will be obliged to farm them out to the cheapest option, even if that means one of the big venture capitalists running our health and education services.

      Serco, G4S, Atos... Nightmare scenarios.

      Still, good from the Tory point of view. They ge4t rid of the weak, the old and the vulnerable tout de suite leaving more money for them to spend on self aggrandizement.

      I was having a laugh at the prats this morning when I heard that even their bosses in Washington have distanced themselves from the way that Cameron and his cabinet secretary dealt with the Guardian.

      The words booze up and brewery come to mind.

    2. Independence in Europe means we'll have no way of getting rid of our rulers in Brussels though. The Commissioners who set the laws are unelected and unaccountable. We can't even lower fuel costs in rural Scotland without permission from Brussels. Expected to let us know next month I think. How is this independence ?

    3. Bloody site better than being ruled by the south of England.

      Excellent article here...


      Blows Willie Rennie out of the water.

    4. The south of england takes it's instructions from brussels or washington but.

      Wullie Rennie...loved him being forced to admit on Newsnicht that yes indeed Scotland was in the North Atlantic and was democratic so would be acceptable to nato post independence lol

  6. Just consider:

    1. You can be arrest for 42 days detention without being charged

    2. You can be unilaterally held at an airport for 9 hours with no charge being brought

    3. You can see your private messages and emails monitored en-mass by PRISM-GCHQ

    4. You can be sent to the USA's concentration camp in Cuba without any right to ever see legal council

    And they say this is a free country? Do we elect our head of state? Does our parliament in London actually represent how people voted? Does the legislature elect the PM? No, no and no.

    Its all disgraceful.

    I think I shall go and watch Charlie Chaplin's two films of relevance here: 1/ Great Dictator and 2/ modern times

    Slaves to Fordian mass assembly, slaves to empty and debasing consumerism. Happiness for my generation is the immediate gratification of fleeting wants and desires.

    This country is broken. There isn't any way to fix it.

    1. ah Dean...you will be referring to Tony Bliar and Jack Strawman's anti terror laws of course.

    2. That I be Monty. And this government which won't reverse them.

    3. There is a way out Dean. Dump the UK. The fur coat and no knickers country that you can buy for a knockdown price in What Every Tinky Wants.

  7. Dean,

    If I recall correctly the Labour government wanted detention for up to 90 days without trial?

    I'm off to read Monty's blog on a subject close to my heart.

    1. He's done a blog on whisky?

    2. Certainly not - whisky leads to dancing, thinking you can sing, that you are invisible but still hugely attractive to young ladies and hallucinations that the Famous Five are still playing for Hibs..

      Sod it, I'm away for a pint!

    3. NOT DANCING????????

      Oh! Get thee behind me Satan.


    4. It's not about windmills is it ? I love writing about how horrible they are :)

    5. No. You can't talk about windmills again. You've had your monthly quota. :)

  8. Replies

    1. It's going to be hard to be any more cruel and heartless than the Tories, but it seems, unless they are trying to lose, that that is what the electorate in the most populous part of the country wants.

      Liam Byrne is almost as unpleasant as Ian Duncan Liar.

    2. It does seem to me though, CH, to be a bit of a waste. After all, if people want that kind of policy, they might as well vote for a party that has centuries of practice in doing down the poor, rather than one that only started 15 years ago.

    3. Lets face it Labour would be nothing without the complicit support by the media especially BBC Scotland their fairy godmother. I can imagine their next manifesto includes slavery as the One Nation Britain they strive for.

    4. I just reckon that if Labour don't put some space between them and the Tories there is no point in them existing.

      Who is going to vote for them? It would be like buying Asda green label beans, when for the same price you can get Heinz.


  9. The referendum campaign has destroyed the BBC's reputation for a lot of folk in Scotland. Folk that weren't political before, are seeing the daily lies and omissions from our 'impartial' broadcaster, and are starting to question the truth of their other coverage in the world.
    Whatever happens next year, the genie is out of the bottle.

    1. It's frightening now to think that we could lose.

      I refuse to believe it, but as time goes on the thought that it COULD happen becomes more and more disquieting to me.

      I really will consider leaving.