Thursday, 8 August 2013


Of course we should make it clear that he is entitled to claim for his kids to travel. Somehow along the way this became part of the deal for politicians, along with all the other perks. And in his case it must add another the equivalent of somewhere in the region of £16,000 to his already highly inflated salary. 

No wonder the photograph shows the beginnings of an Eric Pickles chin, living off the fat of the land.

And he supports throwing people out of their homes if they can't afford to pay the extra because they have a spare bedroom, even if it's not a spare bedroom at all.

How his sort can live with themselves is beyond me.


  1. Tris

    Along with IDS is there a more loathsome creature than Danny Alexander. I swear he must be saving like mad as we lead up to 2015 as there can be no way his contituents would be stupid enough to vote for this man. I can list , a long one, of all the politicians who have no morals, no decency, no honour, are liars but Danny would be up there with the best of them. Just because you can claim for your kids to probably not travel to London doesn't make it right.


    1. Yes this is the man who was proud to have come up with the idea to make oil exploration more expensive.

      I have a friend who comes from his constituency. He says the man is totally incapable of giving an straight answer to any question, even from school children.

      I hope he stays in England when we are independent.

  2. You could use that poster to frighten the weans into doing as they're telt.

    1. I'm not sure that weans, or indeed mice, would deserve that, no matter what the provocation.

  3. Why has he got a penis growing out of his chin...?

  4. Welcome back, and on WoS too?

    Ah'll have tae drinl alane then?

  5. No such thing as 'weans', they are bairns!

    I can't wait till the referendum. I think the Scots are going to give a massive fuck you to 'the establishment'.

    1. Ahhh I'm thinking in an independent Scotland that there will be room for bairns and weans and leanaí. Not to mention rug rats!

      I really hope we will give them a red face.

      I can't imagine how awful it will be here if we let Cameron win.

  6. tris

    ' How his sort can live with themselves is beyond me.'

    Easily as long as they are living in the lap
    of luxury everybody else is an irrelevance.
    You seem to imagine strangely people such
    as him have a sense of shame or morality,
    which clearly he doesn't.

    The idea he would lose a nano second
    of sleep over the misfortune of others is
    well laughable.

    quote of the day from
    Andy Burnham

    It was a mistake, he also admitted, for the last Labour government to allow the private sector into the NHS.

    "Once the market takes a hold on the system it will destroy what's precious about it. We had been building a policy that had been saying it doesn't matter who provides healthcare as long as it's free at the point of delivery. But I'm saying it does matter."

    Shame he and others didnt say it when they
    could of done something about it.

    1. Probably Niko.

      I just know that if I've hurt someone, I can't sleep; I worry about it.

      But I guess I'm a big softie.

      You know, a couple of weeks ago a blackbird that I'd been feeding in the garden since he was a chick, injured himself, probably flying into a window. His neck was all bent and he was having trouble eating. I got him peaches and other soft fruit, but after a few days he was getting weaker and weaker and I decided to send for the SSPCA.

      He let me pick him up and put him in a cage, and the SSPCA woman came and took him away.

      I did it with the best intentions. An injection is a better way to die than starving to death, in pain, or being eaten by a cat.

      But still for nights after that I couldn't sleep... What did I do? I killed that bird.

      So, I find it hard to imagine that someone faced with the fact that their policies are killing people or at least making their lives intolerable, doesn't suffer in the same way I do. I think I underestimate people's wickedness.
      Bless him, I have to say I always liked Andy Burnham more than I liked most of his colleagues (he seemed almost hman), but, along with just about every single one of them, he now says that they should have done what they did.

      Yeah, Andy mate, we know that. We were the ones that suffered. As you say, pity he didn't have that idea a few years ago.

      But the big question is, what will you do about it Andy, if you get in next time? And if you are in dispute with Balls and Milibean, will you ever BE there?

      But doesn Grunt Snapps make you want to vomit? What a dick.