Friday 8 January 2010


Well, it had to happen. Harry the Harridan, better known to us as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Minister for Women and Equality (not sure how that works), more or less got off at court today. The beak fined her a mere £350 and gave her a 3 point endorsement on her licence (she already has 6 from previous offenses), despite the fact that he had it in his power to ban her, or give her 9 points and fine her up to £3000. So, that will be a lesson to us all then.

The minor collision took place at around 10 pm on July 3 last year. The owner of the other vehicle was watching the incident from the window of her nearby flat. After the accident Harman is alleged to have said: “I’m Harriet Harman. You know where you can get hold of me.”

According to The Times Michael Jennings, for the prosecution, told the court: “She got into her car whilst using her handheld telephone. She then started the engine of her car again whilst using a mobile telephone, which then drove forward and she then drove backwards. It was when she moved backwards again that she then hit the car which was parked behind her. Throughout this entire incident she was using her handheld telephone.”

The charge of using a telephone was withdrawn, as was the charge of leaving the scene of an accident. It seems that if you are powerful and rich you have charges thrown out as long as you own up to the least serious charge. Then you get a very light sentence.
The fine of £300, £70 costs and a £15 Victim Supplement will hardly make a huge hole in Ms Harperson’s bank account. The audacity of shouting out your name and assuming everyone will know who you are, is breathtaking. But it’s a useful tip if you are ever involved in an accident.

Politicians who have faced prosecutions in recent years have all stood down before they were charged. It seems that our Harry has a harder neck than that. Just as well it wasn't her famous court of public opinion that was in session there... but then it will in a few months Harriet!


  1. One law for them never rang truer today. I know justice is supposed to be impartial, but it just goes to show how well a top lawyer can aid your case.

  2. QM:

    Yes, a top lawyer can do amazing things, but I think just being a Cabinet Mnister is likely to have had some effect on the decision to scrap the serious offences, and reduce the fine to a minimum.

    How she will struggle to pay it.....poor soul.

    It will have been another nail in the coffin though, as more people see one rule for us, etc.

  3. fot Gods sake its careless driving. Trivial stuff.

  4. It was also leaving the scene of an accident and driving whilst using a cell phone. She also got the lower end of the range of fine open to the court. What's less than £500 to her? Like me being fined 10p.

    If it had been you or me we wouldn't have got off with it. Another bloody us and them situation. Labour, the party of the ordinary millionaire.

    Presumably someone somehwhere will be looking at a gong.

  5. A good lawyer costs but pays - if you get my drift.

  6. Certainly do Subrosa!