Saturday 30 January 2010

The Guardian reports that Tory leader David Cameron Speaking in Davos on Friday gave a clear sign that the cuts (that he assured us all were so necessary during his, I’m telling the truth moment, before his party’s conference) would be more modest than had been hitherto been expected in order to prevent Britain facing a Greek-style debt crisis this summer.

Cameron, speaking at a British business lunch, said the mood towards deficit reduction was changing, with the arguments moving in favour of the Conservative approach. The Conservative leader went on to say that his party would want to take early action if it won spring's election but that it did not need to be particularly "extensive".

His remarks came as the International Monetary Fund pledged to support Greece, which is in the midst of an economic crisis, were it asked to do so.

Conservative sources denied that Cameron was back pedaling on his strong pledge to tackle Britain's budget deficit in light of weaker than expected growth figures estimate of 0.1%. Labour said it was an indication that the Opposition leader was being forced to temper his approach.

The business secretary, Lord Mandelson said “there is less conviction and swagger than there was before. They have gone a little bit wobbly. They appreciate the risks a bit. It has pushed them into some confusion”.

Oh dear more mixed messages from the Tories then. Honest John one minute with its going to be hard and bleak under the Tories and you wont be able to retire till you are 67, oops that didn’t work. And the next minute it won’t be so bad after all. Not back pedaling? Then what is it? Oh yes all things to all people as usual: 99% for effort, 0.1% for substance.

Nice to see Lord Voldermort getting his tuppence in as usual, thanks for that inspiring and incisive input you graciousness, what a revelation!


  1. The Grauniad is hardly an unbiased source when it comes to what the Tories are saying or doing (Bit like the BBC really)

    The mess Labour have got us into is extensive, like it or lump it, times are going to be hard, spending cuts are on their way and anyone pretending it will be easy will be lying. Our kids and their kids will be paying for this mess, never mind our generation.

  2. QM. I think that the Tory policy was based on the fact that we were all sick to the back teeth of politicians lying through their teeth.... so they told us the truth, and despite having the worst government in history, and the worst prime minister in the history of the universe, they find themselves only 10 points ahead in the polls. Niävity or what?

    So it seems Mr Cameron and his team underestimated the Brits. They are sick of lies, but remember, they only want to hear the truth that they WANT to hear.....

    I agree with you that no matter who says what we are in for many years of misery because of greedy bankers, hopeless regulation of credit and stupid fat pig headed chancellor/prime minister.

    Muguin: I see you used Dean's advice and got the pic in the middle... well done. It looks good.

  3. Yes it's not looking too good. But it is a good example of the Tories saying whatever is needed to get the keys to No 10.

  4. In fairness, I agree with Labour that the wrong time to start cutting back is when there is a recession or when (as we see now) there is the tiniest evidence of green shoots.

    I couldn’t understand the Tories desire to start the repayments right away. Another 6 months is not going to make that much difference. Cameron seems to be coming round to that point of view now.

    (Phewwwwwww......I never thought I’d say that I agreed with Labour. I’m just off for a wee lie down.)

  5. Well what do you call it then? One message one month and another one the next when the last one did not work?