Sunday 31 January 2010


An article in the Mail on Sunday previewing a new book by the journalist Andrew Rawnsley reveals what we have long known about the Prime Minister. He is, in fact more of a Prime Monster.

The book claims, among other things, that Brown:

Hit a senior aide, as he rushed to a reception at Downing Street; Physically pulled a secretary out of her chair and sat down himself to type a memo, because she could not keep up with him; Hurled foul mouthed abuse at aides in a Washington hotel room, after it emerged that he had been snubbed on several occasions by Mr Obama.

This is not the first time that we have heard of foul mouthed rants from the Son of the Manse. We have also heard of furniture being smashed, and of Nokias flying across the room.

The book, “The End of the Party”, published by Viking and out on March 1, also contains details of the relationship between Blair and Brown, and that between Brown and Mandleson, and of how they buried the hatchet when Mandleson returned to government as a peer to save Brown's butt last year. It should be a fascinating read.

Number 10 has of course denied the reports, describing them as fanciful, but it is thought that Labour is worried that the revelations may damage the party in the run up to the election.

In another humiliating episode for the government, Mrs Clinton when invited to stay at the grace and favour residence of the Foreign Secretary, Chevening, a delightful mansion with 115 rooms set in a large country estate, is reputed to have joked... “It had better be before May 6 David!”

So America has written them off as well. Oh well, parting will be such sweet...erm.... sweetness!


  1. What a childish way to behave. It if damages the Labour Party for people to know that it is lead and populated by a bunch of purile children who can't keep their tempers or are over owed by a house with more than four rooms then good!

  2. It's a bit worrying that the Prime Minsiter (allegedly) assaults his staff don't you think Munguin?

    I bet you that wee prat Milipede has the hots for Hillary, and he was showing off about his 115 rooms (or rather OUR 115 rooms that he gets to use for the next few weeks).

    There's only 18 years difference in their ages... that would be nothing to the likes of Mrs Robinson....

  3. Hilary didn't hang around for many photo calls at the Afghanistan conference did she? I didn't see one on TV - then again I don't watch much TV, but I did see her seemingly making a fast exit into a black car.

    Maybe she was worried she'd get another invitation.

  4. What's Milliband doing with Cilla Black?

  5. 115 rooms - who lives in a house like this? How much is the council tax? There appears to be a touch of the Blackadder, without the humour, about the way Gordon treats his staff.

  6. Well, SR, would you go back home with him?

    Even if it has 115 bedrooms, there wouldn't be one far enough away from him....

    While we're on the subject, why is the taxpayer upkeeping a house of that size in the 21st century.

    The cost of keeping it warm and weather proof and maintaining the gardens would fund another helecopter.

    But then, I forgot, it's only the image of running the world that they want to have. The actual doing of it...? They wouldn't have a clue how to start.

  7. Conan: I was going to ask what Hillary Clinton was doing with Cilla Black....

  8. Brownlie.....Brown has always reminded me of the First Blackadder, you know, the ugly princely one...who was quite mad, and utterly useless.

    As for humour....well, I suppose it's not funny if it's you that's on the receiving end, but it does paint a picture...

    ...Brown, who is better than everyone else at everything else and who micro manages everything, now throws the typist out of her seat and takes over the job himself, because he types better and faster than her. I wonder when he'll take over the cleaning.

  9. If Hillary did actually say that then I love and adore her even more than I thought was possible.

    On another note.

    Brown has, to my mind, a number of character traits that surely renders him less suitable for No.10? Not least his famed temper- but the indecisive dithering, the failure to provide us wuth any kind of narative for government. He is leader of drift, not vision.

  10. Totally Tris, and no one has elected him and his cabinet to form this government. They lack any semblance of legitimacy, the nation voted for a Blair cabinet- led by him.

    Labour are cruising for a brusing with this captain courageous at the helm!