Tuesday 12 January 2010


Thirty year old Jessica Davies showed no emotion as she was jailed for 15 years for unpremeditated "voluntary homicide" of Olivier Mugnier, 24, after having picked him up in a bar in St Germain-en-Laye, Paris in November 2007. She was high on what the prosecutor called a "destructive cocktail" of alcohol and drugs. The pair returned to her first floor flat and started to make love. When he failed to "perform", she went to the kitchen and returned with a knife, sinking it almost five inches into the victim's thorax all the way to his spine.

Describing her as a "sulphurous seductress", solicitor for Monsieur Mugnier’s family accused Davies of having a "selective memory" about the killing and shifting her version of how much she remembered. The lawyer referred to a psychiatric report on Miss Davies which described her "ambivalent feelings of desire and hatred towards men", which she often saw as "pure sexual objects".

Miss Davies’ lawyer said her act was the result of displaced self-harm, born out of unbearable psychological distress: "This was not the crime of a thief, or a pervert, or a sexual crime. It was a suicidal act". (Erm, no, it was a murderous act, she killed the lad, not herself!)

The nine-man jury heard expert opinion that she was in an "altered state" when she committed the crime. They accepted that she was sincere about a claim of a total blackout during the killing except "the sensation of the knife going in."

Davies said before the verdict: "I want to express the extent of my remorse and just say that I assume my responsibility and the consequences. ”What I did terrifies me. I dare not even ask for forgiveness from Olivier's family. I can assure you that it will never happen again," she said. However, minutes after the verdict, she could be seen smiling and joking with police minders, which is more than poor Olivier can hope to be able to do.

We hear a lot about women being warned to take great care over who they go home with, but not so much about lads. So let that be a serious warning to you guys. Be very careful who you pick up in bars....


  1. Men's brains are hard-wired to their cocks Munguin...look at her; you would wouldn't you?
    Chain mail is quite sexy...

  2. That's what the warning is about really Conan. Guys never think about that, women do. It's a natural hazard for women. It wouldn't occur to a bloke to take some kind of care. Clearly it never occurred to poor Olivier...

  3. Tris are you also aware this lady is only the neice of 1 Quentin Davies the Labour defence penis and ex-tory side changer because I have to stay on the gravy train wanker


  4. Hi there TLOTF... Good to see you here.

    Yeah, I knew about her 'connections' but decided not to use them (although I bet she did) on the basis that the story was about guys watching out for evil women, and not looking out for vile junior ministers. I accept however, that giuys should be wary of both, and let neither pick them up in bars!!

    I didn't know he had crossed the floor though. Imagine chosing to be a part of that government! Phew, unbelievable! Just like the hapless Shaun Woodward.

  5. Yes he did.
    He was a Tory who realised they were arse out the window in Mjors days and thought I know I will defect which he did then carried on with the great 646 club gravy train.

    Rather evil do you not think, a trait that seems to have passed down through the ranks of his family to his neice.

  6. LOTF:

    Seems he took career politics to the extreme. Still if you're in it for the money there's no point in being a back bencher when you could have a ministerial salary simply by walking 10 paces, is there? I wonder if he'll do a walk back the other way now?

  7. Tris,

    No he couldn't............that would be balls of an immense size

  8. TLoTF:

    You're right there. He probably lacks them.

    Didn't Winston Churchill cross the floor twice?