Friday 8 January 2010

....AND (you wouldn't believe it, but) THERE'S MORE........

I normally wouldn’t post twice on the same subject on consecutive days, but events have left yesterday’s post so far behind that I feel obliged, in the interests of accuracy, to add to what I said in the post about Mrs Robinson.

A BBC programme “Spotlight” has come up with more details about Iris Robinson and her husband Peter, and how between them they have broken the law and the code of conduct for councillors, MPs, MLAs and Ministers.

In short they have broken more or less every code that there is, and the law to boot.

Mrs Robinson’s lover, in some sort of grotesque re-enactment of her namesake in the film 'The Graduate', was a 19 year old boy. Just for once in the Robinson story there's nothing actually illegal about that, but it's pretty weird for a religious fanatic given to quoting selectively from the Bible on morality, to have a ‘boy’ friend 40 years her junior. The details of their business transactions et al can be read here on the BBC website. They are rather complex so I won't repeat them here, but, as I said seem to have broken every code in the book, including the legal one.

Apart from the revelation that this pensioner had a sexual relationship with a teenage lad young enough to be her grandson, and that she later asked the boy for £5,000 for herself (the sex wasn't enough apparently, she needed cash too), we learn from the programme that her husband, the First Minister of the Province of Northern Ireland, knowlingly concealed information about her illegal financial activities from the authorities. A silly thing for a First Minister to do.

His position is now totally untenable. He has brought his party and the Northern Ireland Assembly into disrepute. He must resign immediately. She has made such an almighty fool of herself that whatever dignity she might once have had has been swept away. She has become a comic figure.

She has brought shame on her party, on her council, on the Assembly, on Parliament, on her family, on the boy she used, and on her religion and her church. This evil, nasty, hypocritical little tart really is finished.

Update: Despite the fact that the Northern Irish Assembly and the UK Parliament are both in session, Mrs Robinson is reported by the Belfast Irish News newspaper this morning to be heading for a week’s holiday in the ski resort of Chamonix in the next few days. Last night Spotlight said that Mrs Robinson was too unwell to respond to its questions, according to her solicitor.

Nice work if you can get it.



  1. "This evil, nasty, hypocritical little tart..." Tris - a little strong don't you think? Where's your sense of Christian charity?

    Har har har

  2. He he... Not half strong enough for the likes of her.

    I hope I have plenty of charity in me Scunnert (I prefer not to attribute it to any religion, just a sence of decency instilled in me by my parents) but fortunately, though all that decency, I can see the funny side when a nasty piece of work like her gets her comeuppance...

    Har har har indeed .... :¬)

    I'm looking forward to watching this programme on the iplayer!!

  3. Grubby. She should have been a Tory.

  4. And then she pulls the old I have gone Mental ploy..........It will probably work!

  5. She's worse than any of them. She's a councillor, an MLA and an MP, for all of which the taxpayer pays her a salary; 3 of her family are employed by them. It's reckoned that they have somewhere like 3/4 million a year in salary and expenses; she does favours for people on a wink, if they will do favours for her boyfriends, and neglects to declare interest, then she demands £5000 for her "cut". (All allegedly).

    Her affair with the boy would have been her business, and well outside any comment of mine had it not been for the fact that she and her odious party moralise, and lecture.

    Like the Taliban and their likes they take a holy book and twist it to what they want it to say. She used the UK parliament to peddle her hate (and later lied about it). I think that makes her fair game when it comes to pointing out that she has broken quite a few of God's commandments herself and isn’t really fit to be any part of a religious party

  6. Niko:

    That's what she's doing. She's suffereing from depression apparently. No bloody wonder, I say.

    As I said, there seems to be no-one and nothing that she hasn't let down. Not to mention making a fool of herself on the international stage. I heard the story on the BBC world service last night.

    No wonder she's depressed. I would be if my life looked like hers!

    But yes, she'll get off with it because of her mental state.

    I'd advise anyone caught out fiddling a couple of quid out of their dole money to get themselves a diagnosis of depression. It seems to work wonders for the upper crust.

  7. How dare she hide behind mental illness in that way? She is suicidal and unable to comment due to her parlous mental condition but is I note able to go on claiming her salaries and expenses as an MP an MLA and a Councillor. She is stepping down due to her delicate mental health, but not right now, only when the salaries stop and she has to face the electorate again and explain this debacle to them in order to get their votes. Real mental health problems stop lots of people in their tracks and deprives some of their lives but that happens in the here and now and not when convenient. This shameful use of mental health as a ploy to explain her behaviour and I assume to excuse it and certainly as a way of not answering for it denigrates all those who genuinely suffer with mental health problems.

    Just one more thing to add to the tally I think. When she gets to the pearly gates and St Peter reads her back her sins I hope I am not next in the queue and if I am I hope I will have remembered to bring a deck chair and a thermos flask because I could see me being there a while.

  8. Munguin:

    Brilliant, because yes, to compound her other felonies, she is playing on mental illness, which, as you say, wrecks people's lives.

    Her health problems should mean that she stands down immediately from all her elected positions. At least Marshall had the grace to do that. Clearly she is not well enough to provide the service we pay her to provide.

  9. Denverthen, she is a Tory, they just call themselves DUP in NI.

    That party's always good for a laugh. I mind Ian Paisley junior on Question Time railing against the permissive society and "Far too much up front poofery!". What a knob. What a bunch of knobs.

    Some of my best friends are Irish (no, really) and i appreciate that it is a diverse and culturally sophisticated group of islands etc. But what a wonderful example it is to the rest of Europe as to what happens when you let religious zealots run the show.

    IS it okay to say FTP here? P stands for Pope and Presbyterian btw. 2 sides of the same shitty coin.

  10. Naldo: You're right. The whole party is all about "abominations" and "god's word" and all that, but what we're missing is someone mentioning that in the New Testament, the words "love" and "charity" predominate. The Old Testament is there to put things in historical perspective. If they think that the Old Testament is "the word", maybe they are in the wrong religion.

    I heard one of their number on the radio this morning... He trotted out some trite sound bite rubbish about "mature reflection" and Mr Robinson's Duty to the people and then instructed us if you please that we should not be too quick to judge. Well, that beats all.
    Do these people ever listen to themselves?

    I know some very good people Naldo, from both parts of the religion, but I know some right bad ones too!