Saturday 16 April 2016


This isn't really a part of Soppy Sunday. However, a reader whose name shall remain anonymous, but who comes from a wee island in the middle of nowhere, and  who, as we speak, should rightly be sitting on a rock hard bench listening to the minister preaching fire and brimstone at him because of his sins ... (but is probably sitting in a bar), threatened to scream and scream and scream if there weren't Giraffes in this weeks edition.

Mindful of the kind of disturbance that that would cause on the Sabbath in those devout parts of our kingdom, and that the said reader would likely be carted off and bade read his Bible till midnight and with no alcoholic sustenance, I took pity on him (and his neighbours) and added these two pics at the last moment. After all we need all the readers we can get. Even daft ones.
1: Hello, I was just lying here wondering when you'd pop in...
2: Wanna make something of it?
3: We're off for a swim. Coming?
4: That crow thinks he's something with that knife. But just look at my beak, Crow, and eat your heart out!
5: I've been lumbered with the babysitting! (Bugger le Panda)
6: I'm just so happy to be alive I'm jumping in the air.
7: Gerry's view of the week.
8: Olafsfjordur, Iceland
9: I'm not altogether happy with the sleeping arrangements here. (Bugger le Panda)
10: I'm only a few days old, but already I weigh more than you!
11: Will I be THAT big one day?
12. (Bugger Le Panda).

13: Motherhood.
15: I needed that!
16: Crofters Cottages in Skye.
17: Venezuela.
18: Newcastle England.
19: Hawaii.

20: Isn't this just the ticket. My own bath!
21: Ah you catch me having my lunch. Hope you enjoyed my pictures.
Come back next week...

As always Munguin is  grateful for the photographic contributions of readers, Gerry, Panda Paws and Bugger le Panda. Thanks guys. 

Monday and for a few days after, we are featuring guest posts from Abu, our friend from Malaysia, who has written a superb piece on the upcoming elections. Munguin has said I can have a few days off (without pay). 

I hope you'll support Abu, as you have me.


  1. Another great start to a Sunday Tris.

    Enjoy your days off, I'm sure Munguin will be reminding you that money isn't everything.
    Perhaps you could go window shopping in Glenrothes?

    Looking forward to Abu's contributions.

    1. Thanks Gerry. Munguin has reminded me of many things... like not to go too far away in case he needs his luncheon, or chilled Martini. You know how it is with bosses.

      I'm intrigued as to why you think I would want to buy any windows, especially in Glenrothes... :)

  2. Sunday rolls round again Great views, cute animals and all is well with the world,well kind of

    Sorry the photos of the dogs with the babies send a shiver down my spine I can never bring myself to put that amount of trust in any animal where a baby is concerned regardless of how trustworthty and gentle it is supposed to be

    Hope the weather keeps nice for your break

    1. I know what you mean. I had four terriers when my grandchildren were babies, and would never leave them alone in a room together, even though Bessie, the dam of two of them would 'take ownership' of the baby and guard it against all comers.

      Tris, I seem to have mislaid your email address (I have hundreds of puppy photographs)

    2. Gosh I thought it would just be me that was leery of the dogs and babies pictures. I'm not sure it's a) safe b) hygienic.

    3. Of course the whole thing is, fairfor, that, with the photographer there they haven't been left alone. I agree though, small children shouldn't be left alone with big animals, in my opinion, no matter how trustworthy a dog may seem.

      And cats and babies must be kept apart.

      Conan: I thought that it was on here somewhere, but I can't see it offhand!


    4. PP I wondered about hygiene too PP, but as Granny would say... ye have tae eat a peck o' dirt afore ye dee.

    5. Reminds me of a time when my husband was in a house and the dog was being allowed to drink some tea from the owners cup, my husband was obviously unable to disguise the disgust he felt at this, to which the dog owner said to my husband that it was no different from him drinking out a cup, my husband replied as quick as a flash that there was a big difference as he didn't lick his own a---.

      I do however agree with your granny, nowadays children do not build up the immune system they need for want of a peck o' dirt

    6. True true. However much we love them they really don't have the same standards of hygiene that some of us do!

      Aye, I've found in my life that Grannies are right about a lot of things!

  3. Ah those were lovely though I'm a bit concerned re picture 1 - did the grip around the fawn's neck need to be that tight?

    Quite like giraffes but like elephants even more so both John and I pleased! Really liked Gerry's saltire. Hawaii is strange but am concerned that fire and brimstone has descended on Newcastle!

    Not sure how no 20 fitted in that bucket but aren't primates cute.

    Speaking of primates did anyone see Paul O'Grady's animal orphans with some lovely orange people?

    1. Now, I never mentioned John... so don't you go saying that I clyped.

      Going to watch that this evening. It's on channel 4 catchup isn't it?

    2. "some lovely orange people"

      It's not often you hear that phrase...

    3. ...unless you're around PP!

    4. STV player Tris and your email address is surely not

      Now Conan as you know fine well I'm referring to people who are orange in colouring rather than wear orange. Our furry relatives are very dexterous but their flute playing leaves much to be desired.

    5. LOL. Ever my proof reader... merci PP

      And of course I didn't mean to imply that you liked "that" kind of orange people... Good heavens. As if!

  4. What lovely photos this week from Gerry and BlP. I think you should give yourself a 100% pay increase.

    1. Thanks ever. I lucky to have the pics supplied so often. All the orangs recently came from a site that PP directed me to. I haven't really given her sufficient credit for that, for which I'm sure she will extract revenge!!

      Hmmm... As for the pay rise...I did. It didn't make much (any) difference!

  5. tris

    So it is true the Chinese do eat their own children as proved by
    The child in the pot awaiting boiling.
    By the time Cameron is done it will also common place in the UK

    1. LOL It may be already, Niko.

  6. Heh heh! The request for photos of giraffes was by Number Two daughter! I was telling her during the week that I used to drive past Woburn Safari Park and would always stop for a while to watch the giraffes. Needless to say she has been grounded for two years. You should know by now that I do not post on Saturday evenings due to attending the weekly meetings of the Talisker Taliban....

    1. Oh dear, oh dear. What would the meenister say?

      Tell Number Two Daughter that I'll remember to include giraffes from time to time to lighten her load of having to put up with you.