Friday 29 April 2016


That's right, bow before your new monarch, while he looks bored, and in the opposite direction. What a prat!
Lower, you commoner. Another monarch you serve, Cameron.
Sorry readers. It wasn't our  intention for you to choke with laughter.
Gideon promises to pay down the deficit by 3020, or 4020 or something...
Ah yes. There are numerous women in various different part of the country, who are lookalikes for this one. But it's OK, they aren't the same, because they have different names. What they have in common is that they all used to be Labour supporters, but now they are supporting the Ruth Davidson Party because Ruth is the only party utterly committed to the union.
Nice company to keep. Add the Ruth Davidson party.
Well, it wasn't them, was it?
Ah, the intelligentsia has arrived.
Has to be one or the other.
Better Together, huh?

...and Munguin's Republic.

Not gonna disagree with that!
Aye Jackie....

What's that you say Jackie? 13,000? Sure...
Well, you had to grow something for the poor, Dave.
You'd have thought they would have considered that before the belly ached about the one party state, or not?
Don't worry Dave. No one will ever say you were a great man.
We can imagine what they WILL say, but Munguin's granny reads this so... Mum's the word...
Aye, that's Jim, the shortest ever holder of the labour leadership..
And that's saying something!
Well, you never know Frankie, it's best to be prepared... and then there are these 13,000 520 jobs or whatever you believe... the MoD or Jackonomics.


  1. Well all of it was informative some could be quite humorous in a curious sort of way,but I think if you haven't changed your mind by now, nothing will. All I can say is please please, pretty please Don't leave is stock in this misbegotten country with this shower of fascists. Helena

  2. Munguin will always retain a presence in this country... but, as it snows in late April, and last night he ws obliged to help tris shake snow off the tender young plants, he has no intention of remaining here all year.

    A pied à terre in Monaco , but as far away as it is possible to get from Philip Green.... sorry, SIR Philip Green.

  3. Cameron assuming the position for the Sheik.
    Lucky for him the Sheik is in a good mood or he might be in line for the chop instead.
    When you are in charge of a bankrupt organisation,you have to kowtow to Tom,Dick,Ying and Yang if you think there is a fast buck in it for you.

    1. Absolutely... and you have to be wary... one swipe of his hand and Cameron's head is ready for a spike on the palace walls.

  4. Unionist alliance could also include the "Respect" party (Respect for whom exactly?). You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep.

    Absolute cracker by Frankie Boyle there.

    1. Oh yes. How could we forget Galloway and his Devo Super max promise.

      I note that there was a poll for London mayor elections that showed him on 0%. About right, if you ask me.

  5. tris

    Russia has a stargate that's bloody terrifying....they could invade
    without us being able stop them best we nuke them now asap to keep
    our families safe.

    Oh i forgot the snp are pacifists oh well best get out the white flag
    and start to learn russky.

    just amazed how frankie knows this and our esteemed spy network dont

    1. Niko,

      You could have been humourous about this.

      "We see their Stargate technology, and we raise them our Star Trek technology.

      The Russians will never win against phasers and flim flam! The deep divide between our culture and theirs will be settled not by a war, but with the immortal words of someone:

      Klingons on the Starboard bow!

      KIrk suspected, out there to starboard, it might be the Scottish Labour Party in for another doing.

      Out there on the right wing, begging for a fight.

      Not a Klingon to be seen, they had always preferred the leafy suburbs of South Kensington to a galaxy, far far away.

      Anyway phasers are set only to stun slightly. He thanked basic Hollyrood, sorry, Hollywood, induced script writing which says that no-one is utterly irretrievable. Not even the SLP attacking them with Star Gates!

      Kirk gritted his teeth, even the guys dressed in red would survive.

      It had all the makings of a crap episode."

      Or summat like that.

    2. Niko. The two protagonists in any superpower war will be Russia and the United States. Britain (and France) need to stop pretending that they are superpowers. They are not. They are two little broke European countries that are no more important than any other.

      The tiny number of missiles the UK has are not any kind of threat to Russia. Putin really must laugh at the pompous little Eton dick posturing like he mattered.

      I would have no problem with everyone in, say Nato, contributing to some nuclear defence left in the USA's hands, if that's what we need to have as a deterrent.

      But both Michael Portillo (ex Defence Sec, Tory) and Tony Blair (ex PM, Labour) have said that the UK's weapons are effectively a status symbol.

      France also has them for no reason. Although the French president, in theory, could order a strike without permission from the White House, in practice it is beyond belief that they would use them without being instructed to.

      The weapons the Brits have are even less independent. They are paid (bought from USA) for and maintained by the UK, and as much as France would never use theirs without express permission from Washington, Britain can't, becasue the launch codes are held by the USA.

      When we have 1.5 million people unable to afford food, many homeless and some living in rooms 2 m x 2.2 m, I find it offensive that we are spending that kind of money on something that we will never use. It's even more offensive that to afford that £200 billion, we are obliged to send our troops out ill-equipped to every bloody war that they can find, in order to look important. And that men have to buy their own equipment and boots because the crap that the UK can afford doesn't work.

      Your party is against them, both in London and in Edinburgh. I've no idea why you support them.

      If it's for the 520 jobs, you know Scotland's share of the money would more than provide alternative employment for these people. Someone should point that out to Baillie.

      Are the SNP pacifists? i don;t know. Mr Corbyn is. And although Ms Dugdale disagrees with her party the Scottish Labour Party is pacifist.

      Truly I can see no shame in not wanting to kill millions of people because posh folk at the top have fallen out. Maybe you can.

    3. 'Fraid I'm not a trekkie, Douglas, so that all went above my head :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Tris,

      This is satire, a laugh a minute at the whole idea of Star Trek. This seems to be a video update but the lyrics are the same. They are not good for a Hollywood future.

      That is cutting satire if you know what is being cut. Otherwise, not so much.

      You are probably better off not watching Star Trek, for it is pretty much humanoids dictating to non - humanoids, unless, of course they are SGB (Semi Godlike Beings) who are, obviously in the Conservative Party. Then, we might walk on bye, and continue as before.

      Star Trek is a completely fascinating example of poor science fiction. It assumes that we all agree on the basics. It assumes that we are still in wind powered warships with 'Pirates on the Starboard bow' (for whom read Klingons). The collapse of either an ironclad in years gone bye and a starship are identically threatened.

      Star Trek is a sort of imperialistic rant with some merit on a moralistic level. But it is not, and never was a democracy.


      For good SF, read Iain M Banks (RIP). Now that was a chap that knew what he was talking about.

      Exposition over.

      Expect an invasion of Star Trek absolutists shortly.

      Love this blog.

    6. Ah yes. Like so much else... All the aliens speak English, even if they have their own language, they still have managed to learn English. Not French, not Thai... English.

      And the English speaking Earthlings always prevail, becasue everyone else is just pure nasty.


      I've read some of Iain Banks, and although I'm not a sci-fi fan, I agree he's a consummate writer... Indeed he can make even me enjoy sci-fi.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Tris,

    I do not know who the lady is in the fourth photograph down. And why is some sort of background circled in red?

    1. The said lady has appeared in various geographical locations saying that she used to vote Labour but now that she has found the Ruth Davidson Party she has seen the light. I fear she may have been on a road leading to Damascus.

      I think her name is Angela, and she appeared in the Ruth Davidson Party's leaflets as having come from Glasgow and on another one, within days, she was from North Ayrshire. A peripatetic follower. Maybe a Romany, or perchance someone who just has a lot of homes... like the Queen!

      In reality I suspect that means that the Ruth Davidson Party was having trouble finding people who were going to vote for them to put on their brochures.

      I gather the conversion she had was due to the fact that The Ruthie Party is the only one which one can depend on to stand up for the union.

      * Tris stands and sings GSTQ. Munguin shouts "sit down and shut up!

      This is weird, becasue although Kez did at one point say that there were circumstances in which she might just vote for independence, within minutes of these words being uttered, her people had retracted them. She was a unionist through and through and NOTHING would make her vote for independence.

      I've also never heard the Liberals talk about voting for independence, so I'm not sure why the Ruthie Party thinks it's the only one. It's not.

      There is a beggar in the background. I think the person who originated the photograph was making a point that it's maybe not the best thing to have in your election material!

    2. I saw one of the RDP leaflets today. Angela is from North Ayrshire in this one, and is smiling beside a river - so she perhaps had a camera crew with her after she finished shopping in the photo you have.

      I am most disturbed by Leanne from South Lanarkshire. She claims she "loves Ruth". But complains about cuts. I assume she has not realised that the RDP are actually a front for the Conservatives. Those ones who are imposing the cuts. I think perhaps her heart is overruling her head.

      Only Margo ( from Stirling ) mentions the Conservatives. Apparently she has never voted for them before. She's in for a shock when she sees a ballot paper, cos I have a postal vote, and on mines it turned out that the RDP is in fact the Conservative And Unionist Party.

      I'll scan this and email it to you Tris - if you want - tomorrow ( I'm tired now ).

      Saor Alba.

    3. LOL.

      Don't tell me that the Lovely Ruthie Party is none other that the Evil B'stard Party in disguise.

      Well you could knock me down with a feather...

      Munguin, on the other hand is wise to their dirty game.

      He knows it is hidden in the name

      Ruth is short for Ruthless. And 'David's son' tells it's own story.

      You have to get up early to fool our Munguin. (Well just before the crack of noon should do it...)

      Anyway, yes please. Love to read it SA.

      But get your beauty sleep now.

      A demain!

    4. Tris at 10:00pm April 29th.


      I had no idea!

    5. That's what Munguin is here for, Douglas, to inform and entertain...


  7. Mark Frankland needs some love and affection:

    His post:

    worries me.

    Tris, you are good a this, tell him how worthwhile he is.

    1. I'm on it.

      Maybe we all should comment.

    2. You were indeed 'on it'

      Thanks for lending your support, I have the feeling he needs it.

      If you read this blog Mark, we need people like you in this world.

    3. Hope it helped

  8. Well it's all academic, Ruthie, Kezers and whichever nonentity currently fronts the remnants of the libdems will be history next week. Who'll be daft or desperate enough to take their places?

    1. There's always, Kyle, someone who thinks they can do what no one else can. I think it's the nature of politics to think that you can succeed where all else has failed.

      Jim Murphy was the prize example... and even after loosing 40/41 of their seats (what's that, about 97%) he was going to stay on... and only agreed to leave after a few weeks when he drew up a plan to make Labour re-electable...

      What kind of mind does that take?

      And he's out campaigning this weekend...


      You're as popular as strychnine, Jim. Go away!

      They say Sarwar is up for the job. Each one more useless than the last.

      They start to make Iain Gray look statesmanlike.