Tuesday 5 April 2016


These are the people for whom tax IS a private matter.
The British attitude.

We are waiting for the outcome of negotiations between the Icelandic prime minister, his coalition partners and the president. But it looks like he may be gone by the end of the day.

Update 7pm: Icelandic Prime Minister has resigned.


  1. When I file my tax-return, I must remember to add a note saying " my tax affairs are a private matter. I'm sure the nice people at the tax office, which there are many, will be perfectly understanding.

    I have had dealings with tax officials, and have found every last one of them most helpful and accommodating. I even got investigated once, and received a larger rebate as a result.

    1. I found them to be really helpful, but massively incompetent. The incompetence may well have been understaffing. They would take a phone call, note what I said, and leave it for someone else to deal with. Someone else never did.

      I believe morale is at zero as work piles up and piles up.

      They put my tax up... then gave it all back to me in a lump sum, when they realised their mistake....eventually, but in fairness, with interest.

  2. I remember Lord Darling of Workers Republic saying that he didn't want to be like Panama for five minutes. Did his boss Cameron agree?

    1. I remember when he said that.

      I remember the implication was that Panama was a run down sleazy Central American republic...then I looked at a picture of Panama City, at it looks like Dubai!

    2. Typical Unionist, if another country isn't the USA or China then it's foreign and a dump. And it could happen to us if we're not careful!

    3. I believe you had a post about it...


    4. The correct link...


    5. Ahhh Jim... when we were but young..

      Clever of you to remember that!

    6. He was the Chancellor, if anybody new he did. This was on his watch, just like the banking fiasco.

    7. He seems to have disappeared.

  3. What these Con Dom's (UK that is) do is not illegal,Thatcher saw to that but for a politician to be seen being connected to such activities will be career limiting.
    If they shut down a tax haven,which in the case of the London establishment is possible,the money will simply travel elsewhere at the drop of a hat.
    The issue is UK based and must be fixed here in the UK.
    No more Panamanian brass plate companies operating in the UK without paying tax here and individuals caught "sheltering" money from UK taxation should be deported to the tax haven of their choice,preferably one which contains nothing but brass plate offices.
    These people want their cake and eat it too.

    1. Well, at least we know why they (London) have never done anything about Her Majesty's crown colonies that allow, or encourage this kind of activity.

      Yes, legal or illegal this in NOT a good thing for a politician, who tells us we are all in it together, to be associated with.

      Strange how they've made so much of some friends of Putin's and the Icelandic prime minister's wife.

  4. tris

    The reality seems ? to be no matter which political party/
    philosophy our leaders all leaders espouse . How they manage/hide
    their income and tax non payments unites then into one common gang
    of tax fiddling mobsters..all over the globe..

    Global elite of crooks....

    1. Craig Murray was on pointing out that we need to have this information available on the net. It's not good enough having it filtered through the press, which is owned by the very people that have been fiddling big time.

      But from what I can see there are more heartbreaks to come for our Dave.

      The headlines are more of the same for tomorrow, and apparently Samantha's dad's estate on Jura is owned by a company in the Bahamas (as of course, was Mrs Thatcher's house, so that dear Mark and his sister (??) wouldn't have to pay death duties on the £4 million it was worth.)

      Oh I do hope it's nothing trivial!!

      Still, as a good Christian, full of Great British values, I'm sure Mr Cameron will be paying all the money he got from his dad's will into a foodbank, given that that is what the Bible would suggest is the right thing to do.

  5. spose that could become a new defence stratagem.

    Mlud -Well Niko wot was you doing the night conan was shot

    Niko- with respect Mlud that is a private matter

    Mlud-release the defendant private matters are beyond legal
    investigation since april 2016 as revealed in
    Cameron vs the World

    1. LOL brilliant Niko.

      You better hope that nothing happens to Conan tonight!

  6. Here's true tax-bloody-dodging:

    Aye, I agree with all the bbc-being-as-usual-sickenly-britnat-biased posts but folks that is going to continue until we actually do something about it.

    If you truly believe in an independent Scotland do not pay the britnat bbc licence tax.

    Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to cancel the DD. And the consequences, so-called, are nothing compared to the consequences faced by Scotland’s patriots of the past.

    1. That's a tax I've dodged for years by not having a telly!