Saturday 23 April 2016


1: Hello, I see it's Sunday again.
I'll take you on a tour.
2: Love these trees, just coming into flower in Dundee now.
3: Sleeping with his teddy.
4: British Virgin Islands. I wonder if that's Dave's house?
5 : The cheeriest of spring sights.
6: Swiss valley.
7: Another cheering spring sight.
8: Hello there. This is my post
9: Do you think if I hold this lead, he'll get the hint?
10: Black beach in Iceland.
11: Dinner time.
12: Mr Bison.
13: Wanna make a chain?
14: Is that lunch I see on the horizon?
15 Ireland.
16: I reckon I could make the dressage team!
17: Bertie!
18: Lest John should think I had forgotten my promise to No 2 Daughter.
19: You otter be able to swim for yourself!

20: I'm just getting weighed!
They say it's no biggie, but I'm not sure.
21: I'm pretty cute, aren't I?
Bugger le Panda sent me the link for this video. It's just joyous.

22: OK, I'm watching you and that's yer lot for this week.
Come back next week... or else!
Grateful thanks as ever to contributors, Panda Paws and  Bugger le Panda.


  1. That's set me up for the day Tris.

    What a great video BtP, so that's what freedom will feel like?

    1. Yep Gerry... on the day we get freedom that's what we'll do.

      Up for it?

    2. As long as the water's warm.


    3. Deal! (We may have to fly off somewhere for that though!!)

  2. Those were lovely. There were quite a lot of dogs this week so let me add another. Quite possibly the cutest puppy that ever lived - Want!

    Remember folks Paul O'Grady's animal orphans two parter is on STV player

    ps number 18 you're having a giraffe mate!

    1. Cute as a button, as they say PP.

      Noted Paul O'Grady. Thanks.

    2. OK Tris.....gotta ask the obvious question! In what sense is a button "cute." Functional surely! Maybe costly. Maybe garish. Liberace had some made out of diamonds in fact. But cute?

    3. Actually Danny I have no earthly idea. I could glean this info from the net:

      CUTE AS A BUTTON - "cute, charming, attractive, almost always with the connotation of being small, 1868 (from the original 1731 English meaning of 'acute' or clever). Cute as a bug's ear, 1930; cute as a bug in a rug, 1942; cute as a button, 1946. Cute and keen were two of the most overused slang words of the late 1920s and 1930s." From "Listening to America" by Stuart Berg Flexner (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1992.)

      Flexner may have an idea about the word "cute," but he provides no guidance on the question of how a button can be cute. The key to the issue is that it is not the button on a shirt that is meant here, but a flower bud seen in the popular name of small flowers, such as bachelor's button (q.v. "button" (n) in the OED, meanings 2 and 3).

      The British version is "bright as a button". This makes sense if you think of a polished brass button. The phrase is really only ever used of small people - you'd say that a child, or maybe a small dog, was as bright as a button, but you'd never say it of a six-foot man. So the image is of a small sparky thing.

    4. Very good! It brings to mind something that a real estate agent told me about listings which describe a house as being "cute." She said that "cute" is used when there is absolutely nothing else positive to say about the property, and she went on to say that whatever condition it's in, you can be sure that it is SMALL.

    5. LOL. Cute kinda seems to go with quirky when it comes to property.

      Here, anyway, they are not just small... they are TINY

  3. Lovely pictures as per usual. The Swiss one gives a different meaning to running water. It must be rather noisy there at times.

    1. Living in a quaint little chalet in Switzerland at the bottom of a picturesque valley with a towering waterfall in your back yard. Now what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that? ;-)

    2. I've always wanted to live near to water, but I never have. The best I can manage is a small pond in the back garden beside which Munguin likes to take Tiffin! But when I see the devastation cased by floods, I'm heartily glad I'm a mile away from any serious water!

    3. Well Danny, if it were anywhere but Switzerland, I'd agree with you. But the Swiss are amazing. They are the ones that can send a train to the top of a mountain, and run it every day of the year despite the snow (compared with these islands where trains sop running because there are leaves on the line... in autumn!!! (Quelle surprise!)

      Even in Switzerland I'd be dubious about this... but anywhere else, I'd run a kilometre!

    4. Yes, the Swiss can probably figure out a way to live dry and safe at the foot of a high mountain waterfall if anyone can. Those chalets look like they've been there a long time.

      Speaking of leaves on the line, I'd just finished looking at this video explaining how and why trains can't climb hills very well. I wonder if locomotives in Switzerland are simply manufactured at high altitudes, and when they finally reach the valleys are sold for scrap?

    5. I've been to Switzerland, and I've never been so impressed with any country! If there is a right way to do it... the Swiss will find it.

      But there are limits, even for the Swiss.

      Interesting video. Of course the Swiss use cogs ...

      Very slow but you get there...

  4. Nice house in the British Virgin Island but to put things into perspective how far is it from the nearest pub? I should imagine that the houses in the Swiss valley are prone to constant blown spray the same as up here. Am always fascinated by giraffes who look ungainly but strangely graceful at the same time. Have been fortunate enough to catch glimpse of otters when out fishing.

    1. Aye, well, I imagine that would be the first question you would ask.

      Are you right by the sea? Or is it waterfall spray?

      Giraffes are amazing animals. As you say, utterly ungainly, but watch them run. Hope No 2 Daughter liked them.