Thursday 28 April 2016


*Thanks to "Molly's Mum" on Twitter


  1. tris

    yeah only unionist lie never in the history of the snp has
    one not one nationalist ever been found to lie or do anything

    And i once took a pic of a Unionist msp (spits on floor ) standing
    near a dog turd it posted to all my nat friends (conan ) and
    we all had a side splitting giggle .

    1. So it is getting through that Yoons lie.

      And its a bit harsh comparing Kez to canine faeces. Granted her performances could be described by some as crap.

      She is likely a very nice woman. But she is out of her depth and her support team is clearly incompetent. I'm sure she will be waiting for next Friday too. So she can resign as leader and leave the rest of the ferrets in the bag.

      I, for one, wish her well in her future career.

      Saor Alba

    2. *Sigh* You know as well as we do that unionist lies are treated like gospel by the British media, whereas SNP missed projections, forecasts, predictions, whatever; are treated as lies by the same media.

    3. Ho hum Niko.

      I'm sure that everyone lies sometimes. Why (and I say this very quietly), even Munguin has told the odd porkie, or so rumour has it.

      I've heard, Saor, that Kez is a lovely woman, and like Ruth, really good company and a great laugh. As you say she is a out of her depth in this job. She should have left it another 10 years or so. Then she might have had the experience to cope, and to sack the team behind her that let her go out there so completely unprepared for battle.

      And Conan... 100%. Whatever the SNP does is bad, and whatever Labour does is fine, or fineish.

      That, of course, is not Kez's fault, but in fact it kinda reflects badly on her. It looks like they are protecting her.

      Everyone knows Nicola doesn't need protecting but the BBC/Record and hootsman just seem to emphasise that Kez can't cope without them taking her side.

    4. Are you working through the five stages of grief Niko? Slab aren't dead, yet, but they sure are working on that suicide pact; with the electorate.

  2. That might be a story that's too scary for the children. Either way it won't have a happy ending.

    1. It's a story with not many words.

      I'm not sure all the pictures in it are suitable for kids.

      I mean James Kelly... you don't want your kids waking up screaming... Sit down Mr Kelly.

      PS, talking of mr Kelly, this time the other one, the nice one. Has everyone seen his excellent video explaining the Scottish voting system?

  3. From her recent interviews, I doubt she'll remember the plot.

  4. Is there a plot?