Friday 22 April 2016


Ba' heid Boris was never off the news today telling us what a hypocrite President Obama was (incidentally, for agreeing with his (Boris's boss) and weighing in on Cameron's side against Brexit.

The hypocrisy was apparently that Obama would never allow free movement of labour into and out of the United States. (It could be argued of course that within the united STATES of America one can move freely from state to state, find gainful employment, go to college, retire etc, etc. So poor old Florida with its (usually) wonderful climate gets more than its fair share of pensioners fleeing "the snows of New England states" to look after. But it is fair to say that that's splitting hairs.)

So it's a reasonably fair comment from Johnson. It's nothing to do with the American president and in our opinion he shouldn't have commented at all. (I can't begin to imagine what Cameron promised him for his endorsement, but expect us to be at war some time very soon.)
The suit that caused a stoushie (and the President wearing it)
However, when Obama (again at the behest of Cameron) was being equally hypocritical over the Scottish Referendum by advising Scots to stay with the UK (given that breaking away from Britain was a trend actually set by the United States of America), I don't remember Bojo saying a single word against him.

So when it comes to being a hypocrite, let's just say that it takes one to know one, eh Boris?


  1. That's what it is for me.

  2. At colledge he was also a good friend of one Darius Guppy who was one big con man and always put his assetts in his wife's name in case they were siezed after all the scams he was involved in.

    1. Wasn't the beating up of the journalist something to do with Darius?