Thursday 14 April 2016

FOTOS ON FRIDAY: I'm gonna hold a Jumble Sale

I've been clearing out my attic of pictures which I saved for some reason... and never used... oh yeah, and there's some Petula to help it along!

A brief commentary on what a dysfunctional state the UK is.
Remember this little scandal?
Well, I can't blame him.
There's no telling what Munguin would do for £60,000.
This one is pretty much the current scandal.
Compassion. The man may have had a heart attack, or a stroke, but no no, stuff upper lip Britishness prevails.  Reminds me of when the child passed out at the reading of the Queen's speech  in the HoL, and not one of the bastards went to his aid. Worse she was praised for not having missed a beat!

Remember when Kezia complained about the SNP's council tax policy. It didn't hurt rich people like her. That wasn't fair So she devised a policy herself, and this time she was better off!!!!!

Ah yes, another current scandal. Basic bricklaying for Labour and Liberal governments, councils and others.

Oh well, that didn't stop them making a lot of it...
To Jimmy.... Awwwwww
There, that was Munguin's effort at cleaning.
Dodgy Dave before you elected him. We all know what happened then!
Way to sell newspapers!! Id even buy that!
Well if I can't be born Icelandic, can I be reborn Danish?
Merry on drink paid for by you and me...and (worse still)  Munguin.
This little boy will make a decent politician. God knows they are short enough of them. Could he have work experience in the Commons please?
Birds of a feather, stick together.
He's saying: Thanks very much for your advice Ma'am. I'll put it into practice right away.


  1. Denmark sets a perfect example of what Scotland should aspire to. British nationalists spout crap about punching above our weight, nuclear dterrants and sitting at the top table. My response is - who gives a toss? Any governments priority should its citizens (as in Scandinavia).

    On he subject of Scandinavia, I like the quote from Irvine Welsh - " Swedes, Norwegians and Danes don't need a pompous, blustering state called Scandinavia informing them how wonderful they are"

    In our case we have a pompous, blustering state telling us how crap we are.

    PS - Is Danish telly any good?

    1. Danish TV cant be worse than the dross we get served up

    2. That pretty much encapsulates my feelings.

      Helping to run the world from the top table is expensive. I want my politicians to be running Scotland (or Britain). I don't want them spending their time and our money running Libya. Even if they were any good at it, which they are not.

      No matter what the press tell you and the BBC blare at you most stuff in Britain is substandard and badly run or ridiculously expensive.

      But the Windsors have 5 palaces in London and the Lord Mayor has his grand banquets and everyone gets dressed up in white ties, and pretends that people aren't starving, or sick, or homeless...

      We're mad to live like this.

      I dunno about Danish telly. Unlike Ken Mackintosh, I don't watch telly, so if we got Danish or Icelandic tv I wouldn't notice.


      This is how great Britain is...

    4. Dunno about their telly, but I saw a great film called "The Hunt" which was Danish.

      Saor Alba

    5. And THe Bridge. Wasn't that Danish? Wasn't there something on Brit tv about a politician?

  2. Exactly. Give me Danish, Icelandic, Venezualan TV, anything else but the slurry we get.

    1. My only contact with tv is when I go to my mums for dinner and afterwards we watch a Midsommer Murder, or Morse, Lewis, Endeavor or Miss Marple which has been recorded. I'm not knocking tv, it's just I don't have time for it.

      That said, the dross that I hear people talking about: Britain's Got Talent, and I'm a Celebrity... seem to be so horrific, cheap and nasty I couldn't imagine watching them in any circumstances.

    2. 'Follow the Money' is running now on IPlayer. I am quite enjoying it and it is Danish.

    3. Don't tell MacIntosh. His whole unionist argument will fall apart!

  3. Hey, at least the danes *have* a national TV channel. Scotland doesn't. (We have a colonial TV channel)

    And I love that "clean for the queen" pic. Sums up the situation perfectly :)

    1. Hi Illy,

      Munguin put a lot of effort into instructing me how to get that flag clean!

  4. Loved to hear Petula from the old days. And also from that era, a Glasgow boy was great.

    Folksinger Woody Guthrie chronicled FDR's "New Deal" public works projects, such as the hydroelectric dam projects on the Columbia River in Washington State and Oregon which gave us the Grand Coulee Dam. "Uncle Sam took up the challenge in the year of '33...." Never better rendered than by Lonnie Donegan in British skiffle.

    Lonnie also did one of Woody's songs called "Hard Travelin." If you listen carefully, you can hear "Lincoln highway" the first major transcontinental motor road (before numbers were assigned to an interconnected federal highway system), and "that 66," referring to US Route 66....the road from Chicago to Los Angeles called "The Mother Road" in John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath." Lonnie has it covered.

    "66" across the Mojave Desert. Early cars on US Route 66 were advised to replenish gas and water at sunset and drive the Mojave at night. The daytime heat of the desert was no fun in the old cars.

    1. PC and LD were in a film together in the late 50s. The 6.5 special!

      Pretty grim by today's pop films, I suspect.!B5Qzl!g!2k~$(KGrHqZ,!hQEyr)gDs,UBMs7C(J2M!~~_12.JPG

      I'd forgotten than LD was Scottish. He had some powerful voice.

      That desert looks fierce. Have you driven it?

    2. I had no idea that Pet had appeared with Lonnie in a film.

      Yes, I've driven the Mojave to L.A., but in an air conditioned car along the high speed limited access superhighway that replaced US Route 66; and with cell phone coverage in the case of breakdown, the old experience of driving the desert at night with provisions to tide you over in case of a breakdown has lost both its danger and much of its charm. (Still nice scenery though.)

      Route 66 was decommissioned as a federal highway route in 1985 I think, after being replaced by the "Interstate" system of superhighways. States and municipalities have marked and maintained some sections of the old Route 66 alignment as historical routes, and tour groups from Europe sometimes show up to drive Steinbeck's "Mother Road." People with lots of extra time on their hands it seems to me....LOL. It is after all pretty much just an old highway. ;-))

    3. Aye, a road is a road is a road...

  5. PS Tris: Speaking of the television you sometimes watch at your mum's reminds me that British television by American standards is "quality" fare. I missed the run of "Downton Abbey" that concluded here recently, so I'm watching the episodes on a video streaming site. They've just killed of Michael Crawley, Lord Grantham's heir, so what is Lady Mary to do? Bates doesn't seem the same since his time in prison, and I'm starting to think that maybe he did kill his first wife. What will Anna do?

    1. Really?

      Of course a lot of our tv is American in nature... We're still watching re-runs of "Murder She Wrote" which I remember so well from 2009 after my lung operation. But there loads of old reruns on the cable channels.

      I believe that Downton Abbey was successful here, but rather like Maggie Smith, I never watched it. Unlike her I don't even have the box set!


      I do, however, love Maggie Smith!

    3. Yes, Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess of Grantham was wonderful.

      I always felt sorry for the little town of Cabot Cove, Maine. A murder a week plus someone being sent to prison for it after Jessica Fletcher caught them must have really cut into the population over time. ;-))

    4. Yeah, didn't it show a sign at the beginning with Cabot Cove, population 2013 (or something like that) and every few weeks there was a murder or some murders, and someone or ones would be put away... and I was thinking that after about 10 seasons, there was probably only Jessica, the Sherrif and the Doc left...

      Cabot Cove, population 3!

    5. Yep.....when the population reached 3 they had to end the series. ;-))

    6. Either that or the doc kills the sheriff and Jessica works it out.

      Cabot Cove Population 1...

  6. tris

    Petula........boring. Boring

    Anyway a few years ago me sis went to British Legion event you know fly the union
    Flag God save the King that kind of it was on freezing cold day and the children were
    All thin shirts etc the older adults in warm clothes...

    Wait to salute the Flag etc wait wait wait kids getting colder eventually one mum (good on her )
    Walked into the event put coat on daughter and took out of parade .....and the another and another
    Till most of children went of home with mum in the warm ...

    As sis said alright for them in big thick warm coats...and she is a 200% Unionist

    1. Aye we do some strange things to our kids. I have to say I'd have done the same. I don;t think it has much to do with unionism or separatism. A cold kid is not to be tolerated at any cost.

      The royals seem to be sub human as far as that kind of thing is concerned.

  7. Err ! Just joking about Oor Pet

    1. Better be, Niko. Otherwise Munguin, who is a close friend of hers is likely to be cross with you. And that's even worse than John Brownlie being cross with you.

  8. Good thing you were just joking about Pet, Niko. Just sayin''s not my call of course. But that might have gotten you cashiered out of here faster than calling the PM "Dodgy Dave" in Commons.

    1. You got that right, Danny!!