Saturday 9 April 2016


1: Morning. How are you all this week. We've got some nice photos for you. Do you think Munguin will pay me for doing this?
Me neither. Enjoy anyway (and don't say anything about my tubby tummy!)
2: Bursa, Turkey.
3: Nope, it's no good. His head won't come off.
4: Can you do my nails?
4: Volcanic eruption in the Philippines.
5: Guess who was in Shetland this week?
6: Yosemite 
7: Not sure where, but it doesn't look warm!
8: You paying attention down there?
9: Ouch, you little devil!!! Mind yer claws!
10 : Poppies
11 Water lillies.
12: Give me some space kids!
13: Hello...
14: I'm very rare.

15: I know she's a grey, but lovely to see with her baby.
16: Do you do teeth whitening? 
17: Iceland.
18: Venice in winter.
19: As graceful as Nureyev.
20: OK, that's it. I can't hang around here all day!
See you next week, same time, same place.


  1. Lovely photo's of those poppies, and the graceful bird, well caught.

    Nicola's looking well, I've asked her if she wants to come here to see the Shetland ponies in Glenboig. I sent her a copy of the one you posted up last week.

    1. Hi Gerry. Now you've reminded Nicola about Munguin's Republic we'll be bombarded with requests for a photo opportunity with him!

  2. I wouldn't want to be in that wee blue truck.
    The big cat is beautiful.

    1. Nor me Jim. Scary. I found this comment from someone who was there:

      [–]shinianx 1 point 1 year ago

      Driving near the volcano today, you'll see huge stretches of land where the roads were simply rebuilt on top of the ashfall that covered absolutely everything around there. It fell so deep that you'd see the peaks of house roofs sticking only one or two feet up out of the ground, just like in Pompeii. It's really surreal, and very disconcerting.

      It rained ash for days. The skies were black with it. Even the city, relatively far-removed from the site of the eruption, was powdered with the stuff, and it burned when it touched your skin even though it wasn't all that hot. I had friends who showed up to school with lesions and burn marks on their arms and legs.

      Volcanoes man. They don't mess around.

  3. Is 14 a Black Tiger or something?

    I absolutely love 18, Venice, and 20, our wee chums.

    Great stuff, as we have come to expect from you.

    1. I think no 14 is a very rare black leopard Douglas. Paul O'Grady is on STV on Thursday (will be on stv player later) visiting an orang sanctuary and he apparently falls in love with the wee blighters. And another convert to the anti palm oil league.

    2. Thanks Douglas.

      According to my researches it's actually a black jaguar, so Panda Paws, you were close!

      I've been to Venice a couple of times. The first time it was searingly hot, and frankly rather smelly. The second time was weird. It was wet, and there was a wind and a high tide, and the place was flooded.

      But I've never seen it in the winter...

    3. That's good PP. Someone as popular as Paul O'Grady will draw attention to to a much wider audience than previously were aware of their plight.

      Can only be for the good.

  4. Nice Sunday morning treat.

    1. Actually Marcia, it very nearly didn't happen this week. I'd totally forgotten about it being Sunday and I'd written another post.

      Then just as I was thinking about turning in... I remembered.

      Fortunately I'd been collecting pics all week, so it was just a matter of presenting them.

      Otherwise I have no idea how readers would have reacted!

    2. I wouldn't have reacted at all only because I cannot believe it's Sunday again It seems no time since I was admiring last weeks offering

      Great photos as usual Thanks

    3. It fair rushes round Fairfor. Glad you enjoyed them.

  5. Quite a lot of those human animals this week but none (not even Nicola) can compete with the lovely big cats, the adorable baby elephants and of course my favourite primates.

    And if your diet consisted of hard to digest vegetation, I imagine your waistline might expand too...

    1. Yes, a lot of them sneaked into the picture of Bursa. But I thought it was worth it becasue they were overwhelmed by the lovely trees.

      The the little boy ... and of course Nicola.

      I suppose they have to feature from time to time.

      LOL. I've just never see such a fat little one before. Cute as a button!

  6. The Nicola photo is just begging for comment. I shall resist the temptation, but I'll bet Facebook doesn't.

    1. "It makes a change from FM's questions - there I'm dealing with donkeys and asses" kinda comment :-)

    2. LOL. Perfect PP.

  7. Tris,

    Thanks for clearing that up, I never knew jauguars grew that (apparently) big!

    Only been to Venice once, and insisted in eating a curry,just to be different!

    1. I was in Venice years ago on a day trip from the then Yugoslavia, now Croatia. September but the weather was nice. Our resort in Yugoslavia had all but closed the day after we arrived to had to look around for things to do. Nice to see such a beautiful coat still on the animal, grrrr, with regards to the Black Jaguar.
      Loved the pictre of Daddy lion, very tolerant, have been stuck with the domestic animals little claws a few times and dogs are not any different in a way from cats only it is their teeth you need to bother about. So Dad has my sympathy. Helena

    2. I've never been able to get a decent curry anywhere on the continent, Douglas. I remember someone asked Pet Clark in an interview what was the first thing she did when she got back to London from Paris or Geneva. She said : Buy a curry!

      I went into a Chinese buffet restaurant in Paris (I couldn't find an Indian one) and in that capital of cuisine, there was almost nothing that was good, and I couldn't find any at all in Geneva, so I can sympathise with Petula.

    3. Helena, I've done that trip too. Once by bus through Slovenia (beautiful) and once across the Adriatic in hydrofoil (exciting). I love Croatia. The food is magic and the people are warm and friendly.

      Where were you staying? I was at Umaga, and Rovinia.

  8. It wasn't a great curry, it just wasn't yet more pasta!

    Anyway, Venice is amazing.