Tuesday 26 April 2016


Utterly heartless

Pity it doesn't quite fit with their attitude at the UK elections in May last year when they took a very Tory line on immigration.
Now Munguin's Republic understands that the UK can't accept every single person who is fleeing oppression, war, poverty and destitution or any combination thereof. 
(I mean it's not like Brits would ever have had to flee anything like that, is it? Ask the Highlanders, the Irish (Brits at the time) fleeing the famine, or the folks who had the audacity to not wish to change their religion every time the king changed his! Or more recently ask the economic migrants who, after the Second World War, decided that life in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa seemed a better bet for their family!)
As the UK felt obliged to involve itself enthusiastically in every single war that has caused these hardships, I think it should be equally enthusiastic about helping to deal with the tide of misery that they and their allies have left behind.
And throwing money at Turkey or Lebanon to continue to house these people in massive concentration camps simply won't cut it. Safer than a war zone they may be, but life is hell there too.
We had the chance to save lives we helped endanger, and we chose not to - doesn't say much for us as a nation 
But we don't suggest that the UK do what rich countries are doing. The UK can't afford it, although they always have money for a war, which is strange or possibly even magical. Ask Harry Potter.
But surely, when it comes to children, they should pretend that they have hearts instead of cash registers, hard though that might be.
Last year, clearly before she got her state-funded dresser (strange how the Tories don't seem to mind social security when it benefits them!), Mrs Cameron attended the Save the Children Gala (looking like she'd fallen out of the dressing up hamper...you begin to see why Dave got her someone to put on her clothes for her...total embarrassment). Instead of showing any interest in the children needing to be saved, the Daily Mail went into full blown slurping sycophant mode...
Maxi-mum style! Samantha Cameron dazzles in designer floor-length skirt as she attends the Save the Children Winter Gala (Dazzles as in hurts your eyes. Her lady in waiting has a little more class, although probably less money.)

  • Samantha Cameron wore a vibrant printed skirt at Save the Children ball (yep we can see that!)

  • She attended Alice in Wonderland-themed night without husband David (Oh, hint hint. Marriage in trouble...remember it's the Daily Mail. Brainless readership with lots of lonely time to fill)

  • The 44-year-old mother-of-four dazzled in a daring designer outfit (Always get in the age, becasue that's REALLY NEWS, and the fact she's a mother of four and yet still able to go out for a night on the town! Lucky to have all those servants, huh?)



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  2. Does anyone know when Kezia will actually publish the Labour manifesto for Holyrood2016? I mean...the election is pretty damn near now...

    1. I think it's to be published on Thursday, I heard mention of it on the radio.

    2. I heard Wednesday, but either is shockingly bad. I think all manifesti should be issued 3 weeks at least before the election date so that we know what they stand for when they come knocking at the door and can quiz them on it.

      How can they (any of them) issue leaflets when there is no manifesto to back them up? how do they know what they are promising?

    3. http://wingsoverscotland.com/clarity-and-certainty/

      Just seen this. Wednesday according to Stuart.

      As he points out we might learn then what on earth they are about, but I guess they are hoping it will be too late...

      When did the postal votes start to go in?

  3. Tris

    Lol, I just bought a monitor because I have been struggling with the laptop screen being smaller than a monitor then saw your blog and thought bloody hell I never told Tris about my failing 47 year old eye sight.

    I wish Labour just wouldn't comment on anything now, they are a shambles and Corbyn really needs to get a lot of them gone because he might just be able to win in England the way the Tories are going. Dugdull has no idea what she is doing and will be out of a job soon anyway, Sarwar may well be the next comic relief leader of the branch office in Scotland and please let it be so. But yes Labour are full of hypocrites.

    I think we should have taken the children, I don't know how we would have coped given how badly our own looked after children fare but these children would have at least been a little safer and I believe some may have family here and that would have been a start to end some of their trauma and allow them to start to recover, if anyone ever does from British foreign policy actions like war after war.

    I wasn't surprised by the result to be honest at all, it's England for the English just now down South and that is sad. The sooner we are shot of the UK the better, we need to be able to take our stands on these issues and not be represented by Governments we did not vote for in any numbers at all. Sad day for the UK and for the children but I hope it will have opened some more eyes to this awful union.


    1. Oh... ha ha ha sorry about that, Bruce.

      I have no idea what Blogger is up to today, but no good will come of it.

      I've heard that Sarwar is intent on becoming leader. You just cannot believe the choices that lot make.

      After Jack the Nobleman, who was not a bad leader and not a bad FM, they had Wendy who was clever, but lacked any kind of style, and had useless backup that kept feeding her duff info.

      Then there was Ian "Don't sleep in a Subway" Gray... ( and I couldn't believe that they had chosen him but frankly rejoiced at his hopelessness).

      I couldn't believe the government's luck when along came Johann...a nice woman but oh dear, not a leader.

      The piece de resistance was without a doubt, Irn Bru Man. At exactly the time when Labour needed a left wing leader they put in someone who would embarrass some Tories with his right wing views. He then insulted the whole country by pretending he was not a unionist (eh?) and just an ordinary working man who thought ab'dy should get p***ed at the fitba'. Which government could have asked for more?

      Then Kez, who again is a nice woman but woefully inadequate...

      And they look likely to install someone who was thrown out of parliament in Westminster and doesn't have the bottle to put himself up for a constituency seat in Holyrood because he knows he would lose.

      What a gift.

      I know the UK can't take every kid there is, but how they can turn their backs on them is beyond my comprehension. That, I'm afraid is sub human behaviour. These are extraordinary times even by Middle East standards. If you want to help run the world you should be able to react when there is a crisis.

      It's all very well blaming Merkel. Very handy. But IS is a direct result of what happened in Iraq. We should probably make the odious Blair fork out for these kids. He was, in part, responsible for their plight. But it's the German and Swedish taxpayers, the Greeks, the Turks and Lebanese who are above all paying the price.

  4. Perhaps the Brit Establishment wants to keep these kids vulnerable, we know about that Establishments penchant for children. Keeping them vulnerable makes it easier for the predators in that Establishment to get their sleazy mitts on them.

    1. And it's only a train ride away. To get to Haute de la Geranne it was a flight or a boat trip.

      The horrific thing is that many of these children will have been abused already.

      It makes me weep that we are forced by a bunch of people we didn't elect to treat children in need like that. I see that the SoS for Scotland abstained. How the hell do you abstain on children? What kind of Scot is he?

  5. Britain and her allies, or in truth her masters, created the present crisis, therefore the government has a duty to these children and so many more; but there is no punching above their weight, while striding the world like a Walter Mitty colossus, being charitable or having a conscience.

    1. Absolutely Jim. The punching above their weight is all about being able to blow seven kinds of crap out of the world, as soon as they get permission and firing codes from Washington.

      Don't ask them to punch above their weight when it comes to kids living in there filthy camps. Oh no sir, obviously not one of these Great British Christian values they chunter on about.

      Seriously I'm surprised when any of them go to church that the building doesn't collapse on top of them. Liz and Phil included.

  6. tris

    UK can't accept every single person who is fleeing oppression, war, poverty and destitution or any combination thereof.

    Er ! The problem is not with war etc its with as you see time and time again
    It's young economic migrants who just want ( and I don't blame them )trying
    to make a new life in the Uk......

    Unfortunately that is a zero sum game with the economic migrant gain
    Leading to a loss to the citizens of the U.K. including Scotland ,

    I was in Athens a few months ago also at Piraeus and saw first hand the
    Migrants / refugees not a nice thing to see and in the end skint Greece has
    helped and wealthy Europe has not.

    Paying turkey to keep migrants and at the same time they are taking money
    From migrants to smuggle them across the agean means they get double pay
    Not bad eh ?

    We need to help make thier homelands safe and peaceful and then there
    Would not be a migrants crisis

    1. The trouble is that we have not Niko.

      I accept that some people are economic migrants, but there are many fleeing the devastation of war; many who, living in a country with so many factions are scared for their, or their families' lives no matter whom or what they side with.

      We helped cause the mess that is the Middle East, whether in recent and ongoing wars, or in the past, where people like Churchill was happy to slaughter what he called "heathens". (Just to prove he was a good Christian.

      Absolutely whatever we MUST help children caught up in this and in camps without parents. Who knows what they are suffering.

      Very disappointed to read that 18 Labour MPs didn't turn up for the vote. The Tories could have been beaten if they didn't hate their own leader so much.

      While we are talking about Labour, I was delighted to see Mr Corbyn and some of the Labour team out today protesting with the Junior Doctors. Conrats to the the SNP members who joined them.

      Hunt keeps on going on about cancelled operations... what about the 700,000 that are cancelled each year due to staff/money shortages.

      Hunt says this will be his last big job in politics... to a collective sigh of relief from...well, everybody.

      And finally.. congratulations to these amazing people who fought for 27 years for justice against the establishment cover up of Hillsborough.

      Now let's get the ones that are still alive in the dock and throw the book at them. Pity Thatcher's not here to be tried.

  7. This post contains most of the reasons why we need to leave the UK - The Labour/Tory party, callous indifference to migrants or foreign people and ....the Daily Mail. Grim stuff indeed.

    1. But mostly the Daily Mail. What a foul rag.

      I note that this morning they, alone, were suggesting that the senior policemen involved in Hillsborough were too old to be prosecuted.

      If they had owned up to their foul lying and cheating they'd have been a bit younger when they went inside. I say lock them up till the die.

      And any of the then Cabinet still alive.

    2. It's disgusting that 96 innocent people died and the machinery of the state was mobilised to blame them. Well done to the relatives in refusing to give up. What a pity that not all of the campaigners lived to see the verdict.

    3. Yes. That's the regret many of them will be feeling right now.

      And they are proposing a British Bill of Rights. Don't make me bloody laugh.

  8. O/T. Why do you link to that fascist propaganist Max Keiser? Have you read his recent posts? Come on Tris, that's not you, and certainly not Munguin. Why?

    1. Well, I link to a lot of people that I don't necessarily agree with.

      Max has done some good stuff on Scotland.

      Actually I haven't read any posts recently.

      Perhaps I should.