Thursday 21 April 2016



  1. {What a hoot! Well found Munguin.}

  2. On behalf of all ticks I protest!

    1. I assume you are referring to "Despite their poor reputation among human communities, ticks may play an ecological role by culling infirm animals and preventing overgrazing of plant resources".

      I take your point. Maybe we should send Cameron and his disagreeable colleagues to the plains of the Serengeti where at last they can perform a useful function...?

  3. An oldie but a goldie.


    1. The old ones are the best... or so me granny says!!! :)

  4. tris and the others

    BAD as in snpBAD.............

    adjective, worse, worst; (Slang) badder, baddest for 36.
    not good in any manner or degree.
    having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible:
    There is no such thing as a bad boy.
    of poor or inferior quality; defective; deficient:
    a bad diamond; a bad spark plug.
    inadequate or below standard; not satisfactory for use:
    bad heating; Living conditions in some areas are very bad.
    inaccurate, incorrect, or faulty:
    a bad guess.
    invalid, unsound, or false:
    a bad insurance claim; bad judgment.
    causing or liable to cause sickness or ill health; injurious or harmful:
    Too much sugar is bad for your teeth.

    1. I think 'wicked' is better... as in "Those trainers are wicked; wish I had £150 to buy them", or "The SNP are wicked; wish I lived on Scotland so I could vote for them".

      Bad is goood (if you know what I mean, but it's better if you put "ass" after it.

      Those trainers (or the SNP) [delete as appropriate] are 'bad ass'.

  5. tris

    From Tom Harris of the Daily Hate

    Every day Jeremy Corbyn flaunts his bad judgement is one day closer to his doom

    Apparently Tom gets a higher wage only if he registers in the top range of
    The Daily Hate hatemeter......

    1. I actually can't really believe that an ex Labour MP wrote that.

      First of all he seems unaware of the class war. With Old Etonians related to royalty running the country and perhaps as many as 2 million people going to foodbanks, and being forced to pay for rooms they don't want and wouldn't have if only there was any social housing of the right size, you'd have thought a working class man like Harris would have been aware of class struggles. With people at the top fiddling taxes till the cows come home, while people are sanctioned for being 2 minutes late for a job centre appointment, all the time dependent on crap privately owned "public" transport, he shrugs his well paid shoulders and say "me neither".

      So, this member of the Labour party wants Jeremy Corbyn to fail. Presumably he wants him to be replaced by some crypto-Tory like Hilary Benn or Mrs Balls, so that we won't actually notice the join when the Blue Tories are chucked out.

      I suppose he needs the money (I mean when you have been used to fatcat salaries of MPs along with pretty much limitless expenses to be earning £20,000 for writing a desperate column for the Daily Torygraph).

      I despair.

      Interesting though that for someone who is supposedly doing a terrible job, Corbyn's candidate for London mayor is head and shoulders ahead of Bomber Harris's type of man.

      I wonder if Goldsmith is aware of someone as far down the social scale as old Tom.

    2. Old Tom is a unreformed Blairite........nuff said

  6. Daily Heil Niko, Daily heil.

    Remember that that proprietorial family openly supported Mosley and Hitler.

    They still do, from their tax shelter which Labour did hee haw to address, never mind correct.

    1. Hereditary Lord, a Viscount, I think, who lives offshore.

      Now supporting Nigel Farage instead of Hitler.

      One of the most popular papers in the UK, Scotland included!


      But in actual fact Old Tam works for the equally ridiculous Daily Torygraph, owned by a couple of Knights of the Realm, close friends of Mrs Thatcher, also from an offshore location.