Tuesday 14 June 2016


We're trying to keep out of this as much as we can, but nothing much else is happening and we don't want to bore you with more pictures of Munguin's garden (although we have gone some really interesting photographs from Bugger le Panda to come). 

So in the meantime we thought we'd just rejoice in the daftness of the Sun...

The Sun.  Today's UK Edition.

The Sun: Today's Scottish edition. 
The Sun's proprietor's views on Europe are more fashioned by his influence there (none) than by any concern for ordinary British or Scottish people's lives, and how these would be affected by either Leave or Remain.
It's interesting that once again the Sun takes a different view in Scotland from that which it takes in the UK. 

Above all The Sun likes to be on the winning side, and usually is. Then it can say, patronisingly aping its target readership, that it was "the Sun what done it"!

If it stays true to form, and its own polling isn't faulty, we can look forward to a Brexit in a couple of weeks time.

New adventures...Exciting times. 
Shaun's North British News (the second last one) is up now...see side bar.

Don't miss it. It's hilarious.


  1. And when the proverbial hits the fan and the Leave Crew realize they have been had, then it was "the Sun what done it" will not be a boast but more of an epitaph.

    That of course assumes the Leave Crew do realize they have been had. I am not holding my breath.

    1. Well, I guess that depends on how it goes.

      They seem to obsess about foreigners invading their island and how much money they send to the EU that could be used to build schools and hospitals (forgetting that they can't afford to staff them, and in the case of the hospitals, they would have to import trained people).

      However, there are many things that are wrong with teh EU and they don;t mention them.

      It seems that they think they can best impress the people with threats of hoards of Turks arriving to get their daughters and convert them all to Islam.

      Ho hum...

      Sad reflection on what they think the Brits care about. Sad too that they are probably right.

    2. I'm not sure Cameron et al haven't made an arse of this. The "debate" has been distilled into an argument about immigration. The remain campaign from the outset was about scaremongering and the leave campaign about daring them. They have failed to put a positive case for remain.

      Cameron's days are numbered now. If he had started with a positive viewpoint - virtues of one voice, free trade, human rights, free movement. He could have held the higher ground. But they are trying to scare the voters - perhaps because it worked in Scotland - and nobody believes them. And when they were terrorising our pensioners they had the media with them fully. Even the dafty ma da voted Labour yoyos are not onside here.

      I do so very much hope we are independent soon.

      Alba Gu Brath.

      Saor Alba.

    3. Yes. I agree.

      The only positive notes have come from Greens and SNP. To be fair I think that Corbyn has tried to be a bit positive, but I don't think his heart is in it.

      I just want to be independent. Like you I hope it is soon.

  2. I have always pictured your average Sun reader as a rather overweight 25-40 year old with a worm-scarred shaven head,loads of "Engerlund" ink,the IQ of an intellectually-challenged gnat and a couple of pit bulls in the back garden.

    1. Flattering, hootsman. I'm sure they're not that nice.

  3. The Sun, I wouldn't wipe my hindend with that rag.

    1. I think they use pretty low quality paper and ink. It comes off really easily! They say it's good for cat litter.

    2. I don't think my cats would sully themselves, preferring the field out the backdoor.

    3. The field is probably a better read...

  4. As pro-EU type, I'm getting rather depressed by this whole EUref.

    Still, I've secured my proxy vote. It shall be used. RemainInEu!

  5. There are good arguments both for and against the EU.

    They are probably different in different areas of the UK.

    The main protagonists, Batshit Boris and Dodgy Dave, aren't making any sensible arguments, instead they are paining picture of the horrors of doing what ever it it the other side proposes.

    For some of the UK I reckon that coming out will be disastrous. For other parts it may well be good.

    It's incredibly complex, and for those of us who will stand to lose, what of the promises of Gove, Boris, IDS... Grayling!!! Can we trust them?