Wednesday 29 June 2016


LATEST from Brussels: Nicola emerges 'delighted with progress' from high-level talks arranged with busker she met in Grand Place


  1. tris

    Mind when I got on the omnibus Nicola sat next to me tried to give me
    A welcoming smile......I just turned my back got up and sat on another seat

    Wot a snub eh ???
    Although didn't know she was that tall and wore a donkey jacket umm

    1. LOL Niko.

      It's probably the heels, but we've told you before NOT to talk to strange women on the bus.

      You never know where it will lead.

    2. The britnat media putting down Scotland?! britnats don't like it up 'em! Let britnats pay for britnat propaganda.

    3. I bet she cried herself to sleep after failing to get a smile back from you.

    4. I know I would!

  2. This looks like a real made up wee incident, Kay Burley has no
    time for the Scots well apart from Niko and she should be ignored.
    I see far from snubbing her the real top brass in the EU were seemingly delighted to speak to her.

    1. I think so, Andrew.

      I got some information on her day. It was pretty busy and involved a lot of meetings with VIPs. I guess she may very well have had a wee singsong with a busker as well... She's the sort of woman who wouldn't ignore a guy just because he was busking!

  3. Ah Murdo...

    He's nothing if not gracious...


    1. Erm... so I guess that means he's nothing.

      BTW it is really nice to see you again.

      I wish you would write again... but I know you have other things on.

      A new book would be nice. :)

  4. The bbc has full and fair coverage... Not!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      Apparently they showed a bit of Alyn's speech yesterday, but left out the standing ovation... until they received so many complaints.

      It's incredible that it is allowed to continue like this.

  5. MR Brown left his title on the computer so I inadvertently used it. He says he agrees with what I said but worries should MI5 come for both of us. Never mind I said Hektor will see them off. Helena

    1. Spain has just publicly stated that no discussion can take place between Scotland and the EU about EU membership because Scotland has not yet regained its independence. This clearly suggests that Spain will not now oppose discussions when Scotland does become independent again. IndyRef2 has become even more likely thanks to Spain.

    2. If MI 5 turns up, just mention Munguin's name, Helena. That should see them off. He has connections, you know.

    3. Dan. I wonder if Spain will be the only ones. Given that the situation is different this time round and their friends the Brits have done a bunk.

      There is nothing like intransigence to get the Scottish back up, though and if Spain wants to be awkward, they should know we don't take that sort of thing lying down.


    5. Dr Jim has given a translation of what was actually said on one of the previous posts on Wings, Might clarify the lies being spread by the "ahem" fourth estate. Helena

  6. I thought Jean C Juncker's words to Little England were priceless.
    Why are you still here?
    The English press and it's cohorts north of the border don't like the idea that they are now irrelevant and no one outside Little England now pays any attention to them.

    1. I think David Cameron just came to collect his coffee mug. The UK is now barred from any EU business dealings.

    2. I think they are still there because they seem not to have wanted to go.

      Not a plan in place, not a notion of what to do. I think they are trying to find ways of re-running it.

      Of course in certain parts of England that will go down like lead and up like an atomic bomb...

      Could you just imagine the army of racists if they found out that all the foreigners were't going home?

    3. I think they would have to be Larry. You can't have them in the decision making process if they don;t want to be in the club.

      God knows they were awkward enough when they were a part of it. Who knows what damage they could do now.

      So get yer cup and bugger off.

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  8. Can we all just get back to normal stuff and forget this?

    Nicola cannot keep us in the EU. Maybe we don't want to be in the New-EU ( without rUK). Maybe Marine Le Pen will win next May and the French will go. Maybe the British won't actually leave - the referendum was advisory/ nobody is leading the Tories/ Labour is in turmoil.

    We are all gung ho, and up for it, but its going to be 3 months before we have any idea where the dice are falling. As the months drag on we will see that nothing much has changed. Nothing will change for 2 years anyway even if the UK does press the button. We won't begin to see major changes for many years.

    If - big if - rUK does decide to leave, then we are fairly safe to assume an independent Scotland will get to join the New-EU. But we already knew that in September 2014. We have to vote for independence first.

    Life outside the EU may not be bad for Scotland. whisky and oil sell irrespective of tariff. Rojoy's fisherman are welcome to take their boats elsewhere. The bit of the British economy which will lose out is the City of London. I'm not convinced thats really any big deal here in West Central. I know 3 yessers now who voted leave. The EU might no be a vote winner.

    I still want Scotland to be independent, but we are unlikely to win it on the back of this.

    All we can hope is that people use it as an excuse to switch to our side. That we fully understand as a nation we were lied to.

    Saor Alba

    1. Well, it's a bit difficult to forget about it and move on when it is the only story in town (although I didn't carry a little post about Iceland, my favourite country and their latest win). (Abu suggested i put a tenner on Iceland to win against France. I was a bit dubious, but I softened to the idea and stuck a £5 on) now I'll bite my nails all through the match!)

      I know some yes people who voted to come out of the EU.

      As I said before the referendum, I wasn't that bothered one way or the other.

      I'm inclined to agree with you that we can't discuss anything hard and fast with the EU until the UK decides what it's doing. I'm not convinced that they will actually sign this article 50.

      Apart from Farage, who is pretty mad, they all seem to be rather quiet about it all. Boris is backtracking; Gove has disappeared and got his wife to complain for him. IDS is saying he never said things he said (IDS lying, now there's a shock)...

      I'm sure the stock market will recover anyway, but I suspect that once 50 is signed we'll see companies making moves to the Republic.

      What I want above all is an independent Scotland. How we get there is less important than that we get there.

      Above all, I've never been one for trusting politicians. By and large i find them a slimy lot with their own interests at the heart of everything they do. But I trust Nicola.

    2. In a word SA, no. Scotland must show the rest of the world that, we mean to be a fair and open society, reaching out to our EU friends and the other nations of this world, in preparation of becoming a normal nation again.

    3. Sorry guys. I'm a bit downer today. This is going to draaaag on.

      What would be really nice is if we had a radio station that covered the situation fairly and honestly. I have to pore over blogs and twitter accounts and foreign websites to get any idea whats happening. Its taking up too much time. And mind, we are mostly the converted. We all know that independence is the best thing for us. But it has been since about 1947 - when the Empire began to be dismantled. This waiting and waiting is grating.


    4. Don't worry, SA. I've been sick to death of it since it started...

      There seems to be very little news apart from that.

      I liked the Wings' article on the dilemma facing the Labour Party though.

      And we can all have a bit of a laugh at the farcical people putting themselves forward for leadership in both the English parties.

      It will drag on, and we'll try to find other things to write about.

      I just wish Cameron would get on and sign article 50, the Scotland can start seriously moving.

      Chin up. Keep Calm and Carry on supporting independence.


    5. The question surely is do we call an independence referendum before or after England formally notify Europe?
      I suppose it will depend on who the Tories appoint as our next dictator.
      If it is one of the idealogues then England will be out of the EU tout de suite and that will trigger indyref2.
      If not,and they try to have a neverendum which will leave everyone with uncertainty then it will be determined by how much economic damage is caused.
      It is clear that an independent Scotland will be welcome in the EU and it will just be a matter of terms,which will be influenced by whether article 50 has been activated or not i.e. whether Scotland is determined as the successor state or not.

  9. Funny how "snub" seems now to mean "meet, discuss with, have photos taken with". Don't words change their meaning fast?