Saturday, 11 June 2016


1. Morning... This is my bro.
We're gonna play while you look at our pictures.
2. You thought I was a leaf, didn't you?
3. Gerry's Panda has a mate, or an admirer?
4. I'm a warthog, in case you were wondering. I'm as cute as a button! Actually I'm a bit cuter than that.
5. Frank caught these cygnets, with (I think) their mother perfectly.

6. Reeds and lily pads.
7. Woof.
8. I think this is my dentist.
9. Rossshire
10. Wild flower meadow.
11. Singapore.

12. Kas, Turkey.
13. Norway. Amazing light.
14. Playtime.
15 Penrith.
16. For Danny. Also amazing light.
17. Anyone make a guess?
18. A dodgy business being a polar bear now that the ice is melting.
19. You put your left leg in... Well, it beats chewing the cud!
20. Bet you are all thinking that you've never seen a more handsome donkey, eh?
21. Right, that's yer lot. You should be getting on with your chores.
See you next week.


  1. I dared not hope for another Bison sunset. But Munguin always come through. Very nice!

    A few other comments:

    #11: What you get when an architect takes leave of his senses. Hotel rooms with a view in absolutely any direction you desire.

    #17: My guess would be sky, clouds, rocks, and an ocean or sea of some sort. ;-)) An ACTUAL American guess might be someplace in California. Only because the state has relatively few good harbors for its hundreds of miles of coastline, but famously, lots and lots of big rocks and crashing surf.

    #19: Generally, southern views of north-bound cattle are considered aesthetically problematic. On the other hand, it reduces the urge to laugh when you see those Scottish cattle with the hair that hangs down in their eyes.

    1. Ha ha ha... yes, Munguin is a reliable animal. Of that there is little doubt.

      11: I take it you don't like it? I can't make up my mind. Is it fabulous or is it awful? Difficult. I thought it might be part of the Trump Empire!

      17: Good guess.

      19: LOL. I'd say that was a fair rule of thumb... but not is Scotland. You have have a few nasty critters in your part of the world, but how would you like to ask this animal to move out of your way on a narrow road?

    2. Danny

      and your opinion on recent events in the land of the free

    3. Evening Niko.

      I guess President Obama will have to make another sad and harrowing visit... One job he'll not be sorry to leave behind him in January.

      The right to bear arms is written into the constitution, and the NRA isn't likely to give that up any time soon. It has too many powerful opponents.

      I think the only thing we can do is feel utter revulsion at what that man did, and to try to send our condolences to those who lost people.

    4. Tris points out, the constitutional gun issue always plays an important part.

      On the other hand while this was the largest mass shooting in American history, by death toll it is about 38% of what recently happened in France, and by casualties (dead and wounded) it's 21% of what happened in France. I don't know what the gun laws are in France, but perhaps we should take a larger view of the issue.

  2. 10 is similar to my garden
    17 Is there a beautiful sandy beach to the right of the picture? If so it could be the Butt of Lewis taken from the light-house where the Minch meets the Atlantic but then again it could be anywhere with a coast-line.

    1. If 10 looks like your garden, then I'd suggest you don't need any help from me to get it right.

      Truth is I have no idea where 17 is but your suggestion is helpful (the one that says "anywhere with a coastline). I searched on Google but no answers.

  3. 17. Roch the wind in the clear day’s dawin
    Blaws the cloods heelster-gowdie ow’r the bay,
    But there’s mair nor a roch wind blawin
    Through the great glen o’ the warld the day.

    1. That's perfect, Norway.

      I don't care where it is now.

      For other fans of Scots poetry, here's the rest of it:

      Roch the win i the clear day's dawin
      Blaws the clouds heilster-gowdie owre the bay
      But thair's mair nor a roch win blawin
      Thro the Great Glen o the warl the day
      It's a thocht that wad gar our rottans
      Aa thae rogues that gang gallus fresh an gay
      Tak the road an seek ither loanins
      Wi thair ill-ploys tae sport an play
      Nae mair will our bonnie callants
      Merch tae war whan our braggarts crousely craw
      Nor wee weans frae pitheid an clachan
      Murn the ships sailin doun the Broomielaw
      Broken faimilies in launs we've hairriet
      Will curse 'Scotlan the Brave' nae mair, nae mair
      Black an white ane-til-ither mairriet
      Mak the vile barracks o thair maisters bare
      Sae come aa ye at hame wi freedom
      Never heed whit the houdies croak for Doom
      In yer hous aa the bairns o Aidam
      Will fin breid, barley-bree an paintit room
      Whan MacLean meets wi's friens in Springburn
      Aa thae roses an geeans will turn tae blume
      An a black laud frae yont Nyanga
      Dings the fell gallows o the burghers doun.

      There's a translation here for those who come from across the border or the seas.

    2. Many years ago as a student I used to go to Sandy Bell's (a famous folk pub in Edinburgh).
      Amongst the long hair, leather and Afghan coats and the smells of patchouli oil and - er- other substances, there sat this old gentleman, clipped moustache, cap a pie Harris tweed with a dram by his side,his auld dug flumped in the window bay.

      I wondered wtf? It was, of course, Hamish Henderson and I bitterly regret not talking to him...

    3. LOL. Lost opportunities Conan.

  4. is no 17 Cape Wrath? I agree with Danny - thon houses is Singapore are mad...

    I do like an elephant of a Sunday. Lovely animals and extraordinary intuitive. And what a pair of cuties to start us off.

    With this and Munguin tower gardens yesterday we've been spoilt for flora and fauna recently.

    1. I've no idea PP. It wasn't a quiz. I was genuinely wondering what people's thoughts were... with very few clues.

      Yes, I got some requests for elephants and they are pretty appealing.

      I feel a bit guilty about just putting up pictures of animals, but I'm hacked off with all the news at the moment. It's dominated by the Tory leadership campaign, which might interest me if some of them would just tell the truth, instead of promising apocalypse, either way.

      The rest of the news appears to be that a 90 year old has had two birthdays, on both of which we are obliged to spend an inordinate amount of public money.

      Yes, it's wonderful that she's still going strong at 90 and her husband at 95. That''s what comes from having the very best of everything and never having to wash a dish, scrub a floor or change a nappy. And of course having no idea what it is to wait in an A&E for two hours.

      Still I did get a laugh at Air Miles' blood (some would say bloody) princesses, making a rare appearance in England and wearing the most incredibly ridiculous hats ever.

      Annoyingly the cost of one of these hats would keep a family of four in food for a year. These hats will be worn once.

      Anyway, I'm sure some other political stories will happen along soon!

  5. no. 17. The rocks in the foreground might well be basalt. In which case the west coast of either Skye or Mull, maybe.

    1. As good a guess as any, Norway :)

  6. OT


    I have some pics that I think you might like, so I tried to send them to you at the e-mail address found under your contributor profile on this blog. However, my e-mail was returned saying that the mailbox is unavailable.

    How can I contact you to let you see the pics?

  7. The buildings in Singapore, look to be built for maximum windows and minimum shadow cast. A mix of modernist and brutalist architecture, reminds me of a SciFi scene, along the lines of Blade Runner, except in the sunshine.

    1. I thought it was interesting that they were trying something a bit different without making it a pineapple, or 160 floors high. It's pretty grim, but I've seen a good deal grimmer being built here.

  8. The signets are beautiful. The warthog is pretty cute. So are the elephants, the donkey and the orangutans. Who's that looking down on the pandas from the wall? It looks like Queen Victoria.

    1. LOL. Thanks. I dunno who it is. Gerry? Help!

      The leaf insect is a wee bit miffed at having been left out though... :)

    2. Buddha, I'd have thought.

    3. Ah yeah probably.

      Queen Victoria was a bit unlikely

    4. Just arrived home after a shift at the airport.

      Great photos once again.

      The face looking down at Panda's admirer is one of the Indian godesses. The Buddah occupies another part of the garden.

      Oh, I see you got another shot of my mother in law at no 19.


  9. Lovely photos as usual. That hotel in Singapore looks as though it moves with the wind.